Work for the construction of Becopark on the canal will start soon

Sarhan Basem

Brussels, (Brussels Morning)-  The works for the construction of the Becopark will start in September. This is reported by federal Brussels fund Beliris, which is responsible for the construction, in a letter to local residents. From August, additional investigations and studies of the sewerage will be carried out on the Materialenkaai near the Becodok, in preparation for the construction of the new park. Beliris also shows the exact layout in a folder.

The actual construction of the park will start in September, reports the letter posted by a local resident on Skyscrapercity . The neighbourhood will be invited for information sessions about the work.

The builder Beliris starts with demolition work, the construction of a sewerage system and the paving. This is followed by the construction of two sports fields, a sandbox, stairs, stands and the planting of the tall trees.

In a second phase, the old harbour sheds will first be demolished and the soil contamination will be tackled, then a skate park will be built and the landscaping will be completed.

It is estimated that the park will take approximately two years to build, after which it will open to the public in 2024, said BRUZZ . After that, another five years will be needed to treat the polluted water. Beliris was not immediately available on Thursday to explain the remediation  

The folder for local residents shows the planned zones within the Becopark. For example, a wide promenade along the canal, with a cobblestone border that recalls the industrial past, and multi-sports areas for basketball, volleyball or football.

The former warehouse Ackermans, which also bears witness to its industrial past, will be completely renovated. There will be a catering business and an entertainment room. The building will also have terraces that will form a new connection between Havenlaan and the canal.

In the shade of the trees there will be a public garden with benches and picnic tables and a play area for young and old with a sandpit, table tennis tables and a kicker table. The skate park at the foot of the Suzan Daniel Bridge has been designed in consultation with the Brussels skaters.

Finally, there is a large sunbathing lawn with a wooden terrace next to it. Events will also be organised here from time to time.

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