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Sam Vaknin 88 Articles
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. is a former economic advisor to governments (Nigeria, Sierra Leone, North Macedonia), served as the editor in…
Angelos Kaskanis 59 Articles
Dr. Angelos Kaskanis is Brussels Morning Political Advisor/Editor. His field of research is Security Studies and the impact of International…
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Sophia Akram is the Brussels Morning London correspondent. Based in London, Sophia is a journalist with a portfolio rich in…
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Hamburg-based Arvea Marieni is the Brussels Morning Sustainable Development Columnist. She has years of experience as an Innovation Strategic Adviser…

Euro, convergence and taxation in Croatia

Croatia’s plan to join the eurozone could be more costly than anticipated. Meeting the convergence criteria could resemble Poland’s 1990 Balcerowicz plan: …

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6 Best Places To Live In Albania In 2024

Albania (Brussels Morning Newspaper) – Albania is a small country but is famous for many things. The capital of the…

The threat of Islamic terrorism is still real, and Europe must act accordingly

Belgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper) In the past few years, we have been just sporadically hearing about the terrorist attacks by…

Burkina Faso marks the end of French military operation

Belgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper) Burkina Faso marked the end of the French military operation in the country aimed at helping…

How I Knew I Had Uterine Cancer? (Early Signs And Symptoms)

Brussels (Brussels Morning Newspaper) – Uterine cancer, also known as endometrial cancer, is a type of cancer that affects the lining…

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Austria?

Choosing a career path can be challenging for a job seeker in Austria. There are so many career choices, but…

Snap Election in Moldova: Comfortable victory of pro-European liberals

Brussels (Brussels Morning) The long-awaited, dreaded parliamentary election in Moldova took place on 11 July 2021. While pro-Russian figures had attempted to avoid it, the Moldovan political right had been…

By Eliška Pohnerová 9 Min Read


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MEP Fredi Beleri returns to prison after EU parliament session

Strasbourg (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - MEP Fredi Beleri, elected by Greece's ruling party, returned to Albanian prison after attending the EU Parliament. He is serving a sentence for vote-buying…

By Sarhan Basem 3 Min Read

Malta’s MEPs outline key focus areas for their term

Valletta (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - Malta's six MEPs are prioritizing national interests, focusing on youth, environment, economy, and local issues. They aim to address pressing challenges and improve EU-Malta…

By Sarhan Basem 4 Min Read

Chinese Industry urges EU to revise BEV tariff decision

Brussels (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - A Chinese industry body has recommended the European Commission to revise its unlawful conclusions in the anti-subsidy probe into Chinese battery electric vehicles (BEVs),…

By Simona Mazzeo 4 Min Read

Joe Biden congratulates von der Leyen, discusses Ukraine support

Brussels (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - US President Joe Biden talked with Ursula von der Leyen after her re-election as head of the European Commission. One of the subjects of…

By Andrea Calvello 4 Min Read

Giorgia Meloni pledges continued cooperation with  Ursula von der Leyen

Rome (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni states she can still work with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen despite Meloni’s group voting against von…

By Sarhan Basem 3 Min Read

BREAKING NEWS: Air raids hit Yemen’s port of Hodeidah

Several air strikes have targeted Yemen’s coastal city of Hodeidah, as reported by the Houthi-affiliated Al-Masirah TV.

By Sarhan Basem 1 Min Read

European Commission and Palestine announce financial backing and reform strategy

Brussels - (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - The European Commission and the Palestinian Authority arrange emergency financial backing and the regulations for a recovery and resilience programme. The European Commission…

By Simona Mazzeo 4 Min Read

EU high representative and Latvian minister call for continued aid to Ukraine

Riga (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - EU High Representative, Josep Borrell Fontelles and Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Baiba Braže, agreed that persistent support to Ukraine and preventing Russia will…

By Giuseppe de vita 4 Min Read

EU Commission president reaffirms solidarity with Cyprus amid 50-year occupation

Brussels (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - Ursula von der Leyen voiced her support for Cyprus on account of the 50th anniversary of the Turkish attack on the island on a…

By Andrea Calvello 4 Min Read

No Greek MEPs run for EU Parliament VP positions this year

Strasbourg (The Brussels Morning Newspaper) - For the first time in 20 years, no Greek MEP ran for vice president of the European Parliament, shifting focus to influential positions within…

By Simona Mazzeo 3 Min Read
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