The Greens are back!

Eleonora Evi MEP

Brussels (Brussels Morning) Italy’s recent local elections in early October yielded some surprising results, notably the emergence and overall showing of Europa Verde. In Milan, for example, the party obtained 5.11% of the votes, resulting in the election of three municipal councillors, a clear and important signal of the desire for change.

Europa Verde-Verdi contested the local elections in Italy’s major municipalities as well as in small and medium-sized towns, from the country’s North to the South. The election outcome attests to the fact that the party is gathering momentum and support, a reflection of the growing concern among people of all ages about the state of planet Earth. They are speaking out, united in a shared awareness that going green is no longer just an option – it has become an unavoidable necessity.

The cities of Bologna and Naples elected one councillor each, while the municipalities of Cassinetta di Lugagnano and Casacanditella went one better and elected two green mayors, Domenico Finiguerra and Alessandro Monaco. Finally, our political force will be both visible and audible, a vibrant presence able to make its ecological voice heard loud and clear, thanks to the many council members who were elected to serve in city governments across the nation, where they will help direct and shape the choices for a principled urban future.

In the town of Frascati, Europa Verde won 8.35% of the votes and in San Benedetto del Tronto, it obtained 6.7%, of the total vote. In Fasano, Puglia, four councillors were elected.

Behind these percentages, the emerging picture is that of a country that is finally deciding to switch gears, to welcome the wave of green change that has swept over other parts of Europe, where the Greens govern such major cities as Lyon, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Hanover, and Dublin.

However, Italy’s election results also reveal other dynamics: at work: for example, the eclipse of the 5 Stars Movement, which practically disappeared off the radar screen, despite Conte’s efforts to the contrary and the downsizing of the sovereignists. 

Europa Verde has become the preferred choice of informed citizens who prioritise the much neglected ecological demands that have been repeatedly and shamefully ignored. The 5 Stars Movement, whatever its intentions, has constantly failed to live up to its proclamations and sustain the trust of the electorate. Take one example – just think of the vote in Europe on the CAP, the common agricultural policy.

Europa Verde is the only truly ecological party in our country. Many have tried to imitate us, but the citizens have recognised the genuine original and rewarded us with their vote, knowing that their demands, far from being betrayed, will be fully realized in our programmes and our actions.

These elections fill us with pride and satisfaction, but above all, they tell us that we are on the right track and they will spur us on to do better and accomplish more.

The results respond to the work of reconstructing a green presence in Italy. The work does not stop now. It will find new life, new purpose and new direction as we move forward to the national programmatic conference.

The presence of the Greens in city councils will be fundamental to achieving the ecological transition so vital to sustaining our urban areas. In marshalling change and modernisation, we are committed to protecting the health and quality of life of our citizens, safeguarding urban values that balance with environmental needs, while launching an energised and green-purposed economy.

The Greens have arrived and, the seeming indifference of some TV programmes and commentators, today, the citizens know and acclaim that we are here.  .

The return of Europa Verde can only be good for our democracy and the politics of the country. The seeds have been planted: now all that remains to be done is to let them sprout and grow.

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Eleonora Evi is an Italian politician. She has been elected as a member of the European Parliament in 2014 and re-confirmed in 2019. She joined the Greens/EFA group in December 2020 together with her colleagues Rosa D'Amato, Ignazio Corrao and Piernicola Pedicini.