EC launches Horizon Impact Award 2022 contest

Shiva Singh

Brussels (Brussels Morning) The European Commission today announced the launching of its Horizon Impact Award 2022 contest for EU-funded projects.

The awards are for projects that have impacted societies across the bloc, with the EC stressing that they represent acknowledgment of the most impactful projects.

Following the successful pilot editions in 2019 and 2020, the Horizon Impact Awards for 2022 will feature monetary prizes that have been increased to 25,000 euro, with the number of winners now expanded to six.

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, noted that “we want to highlight the importance of ensuring that research, innovation and science translate into concrete benefits for the citizens and society.”

The Horizon Impact Award scheme, she noted, “puts the spotlight on projects and the people behind them that have contributed towards transformative impacts on the economy, society and policymaking – leading to advancements across different fields.” She looked forward “to seeing many excellent examples of how EU-funded research contributes to shaping a better world.”

The EC reiterated that the awards will highlight achievements that have demonstrable value for society as well as the people who made them possible.

The contest is open only to projects from the 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 that will be completed before the contest closes. Proof of impact must be provided, the Commission makes clear.

The contest will be open until 8 March this year, with the winners to be announced later an awards ceremony in Brussels later in the year.

The awards programme is intended to highlight the socio-economic benefits of EU investments in innovation and research as well as inspiring beneficiaries to create more value for society.

Winning projects in 2020 contributed to the EU’s green push, created new technologies, had positive impacts on the environments and society, and helped to preserve Europe’s historical and cultural heritage.

According to the Commission, winners from 2019 developed a new drug, helped the prevention of child abuse, improved internet browsing security, created new technologies, contributed to the protection of coastal areas from the effects of climate change.

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