What Are 10 Best Budget Hotels In Rome?

Sarhan Basem

Rome, (Brussels Morning Newspaper) Are you heading to Rome for your vacation? If you are looking for affordable and nice hotels in Rome, you are right. You cannot spoil the budget of your trip by booking an expensive hotel in Rome. It is best to choose your hotel wisely as this will allow you to stay comfortably without paying a lot of money. If you are on a quest to find a budget-friendly hotel in Rome, you can consult this guide. We will list the best budget hotels in Rome that offer comfortable hotel rooms. The hotels we have selected are among the most popular budget hotels. The hotels below have been selected from our list of recommended hotels in Rome.

10 Best Budget Hotels In RomeĀ 

Here are our 10 recommended budget hotels that will allow you to enjoy a relaxing stay in Rome. Read more to know about our short reviews for each hotel.

1. Marta Guest House

Marta Guest house is located in the neighbourhood of Vatican & Prati. It offers a friendly environment to all the visitors. The cosy accommodations have clean and modern rooms. Each room is designed with a unique style and has antique furnishings. The unique tiled floors and high-quality air conditioning systems make the guest house a perfect pick for visitors.

Room Price For Two PeopleĀ 

Ā The average room price for renting a room for two people is ā‚¬80

2. Hotel des ArtistesĀ 

If you are looking for a hotel with an artistic flair, then this hotel is the ideal choice. The three-star hotel is located north of Termini Station. It offers rooms adorned with modern and unique art. You can book private rooms and also choose a hostel option. The hotel room is situated in a central location and is just a 20-minute walk to all the historic centres of Rome.

Room Price For Two PeopleĀ 

Book a hotel room at the Hotel des Artistes at just ā‚¬110

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3. Suore di S Elisabetta

If you want to book a hotel near the South of Termini Station, we suggest you consider Suore DI S Elisabetta. It is located next to the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. It is a great budget stay in Rome and offers 45 little guestrooms. The rooms are furnished well and are clean as well. You can book affordable rooms with a private bathroom. A rooftop terrace is an ideal place for you to hang out.

Room Price For Two PeopleĀ 

Suore di S Elisabetta offers a room starting from ā‚¬85

4. Hotel GrifoĀ 

The three-star Hotel Grifo is designed with visually appealing terraces. The private terraces are shared between two rooms. You can enjoy endless amenities and enjoy a comfortable stay. The rooms are equipped with wallpaper and tiled floors. The guests can enjoy their stay in spacious private bathrooms and enjoy a free breakfast and Wi-Fi.

Room Price For Two PeopleĀ 

The average room price for a hotel room in this hotel is ā‚¬98

5. Welrome HotelĀ 

Welrome Hotel is located near the train station. It is a family-run hotel and offers a list of extra amenities. If you are looking for convenient service, you should book a hotel in this room. Each of the hotel rooms is equipped with a Roman monument. The hotel rooms are designed with tiled floors and unique artwork. You can enjoy air conditioning, TVs, and mini-fridges in the comfy rooms.

Room Price For Two PeopleĀ 

Welrome Hotel offers convenient rooms at just ā‚¬110

6. Hotel NavonaĀ 

Hotel Navona is a two-star hotel located in one of the most central addresses. Suppose you are looking for accommodation in Rome city centre located at the block east of Piazza Navona. It is a five-minute stroll to the north of the Campo deā€™ Fiori. The Navona has 51 rooms, and all the rooms vary in size and price. If you are looking for an economical room, you should book at this European hotel. The light-coloured walls make the interiors of the hotel rooms unique.

Room Price For Two PeopleĀ 

You can book a room at the Hotel Navona starting from ā‚¬128

7. Hotel MimosaĀ 

Hotel Mimosa is a one-star Hotel Mimosa and is one of the favourite budget hotels for budget travellers in Rome. The hotel rooms come at affordable rates. The guests can communicate with friendly staff and can enjoy the best services. It is situated on the second floor of the ancient Roman building. The hotel offers 11 guest rooms that are attached to a brightly-lit lobby. The painted walls and unique artwork makes the hotel rooms appealing to the eye.

Room Price For Two PeopleĀ 

The guests can book a room at the Hotel Mimosa for just ā‚¬91

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8. Hotel PandaĀ 

The Hotel Panda is located in the heart of an area. Several fashion boutiques and other shops surround it. It is one of the best hotels in Rome and offers clean rooms. The staff is welcoming and friendly. Best Air conditioning systems are installed in each room to give you a comfortable stay during the summers.

Room Price For Two PeopleĀ 

Hotel Panda offers budget-friendly hotels starting from just ā‚¬91

9. Hotel Lancelot

The hotel is located in the hilly area of Rome. It is a modern small hotel that offers budget-friendly hotel rooms to travellers. If you are travelling on a budget, you should consider booking a room at this hotel. The hotel rooms are designed with comfortable furnishings.

Room Price For Two People

The hotel room booking at this hotel starts from ā‚¬85

10. Colors Hotel

It is a 2-star hotel that offers all the basic facilities to the travellers. The colourful and fresh decors of the hotel rooms make this hotel the perfect choice for budget travellers. You can enjoy your free time at the roof terrace and a warm cup of tea.

Room Price Of Two People

The room price for Colors Hotel is ā‚¬65

Wrap Up

You can consult this guide to find out about the best budget hotels in Rome. The hotels we have mentioned offer affordable rooms and will help you to stay within your fixed travel budget.

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