How to Find Expat Jobs in Brussels

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How to Find Expat Jobs in Brussels

expat jobs Brussels

There are several ways to find expat jobs in Brussels. First, you can check out the many international NGOs in the city. WANGO is a website of Belgian NGOs. If you want to work in the European Union, EURES is your best bet. This online resource is affiliated with the European Commission. In addition, you can apply for a number of government jobs in Brussels. For more information on these jobs, you can visit EURES’ website.

A work permit is required to work in Belgium. This document is needed to work in the country. It is important to know that a work permit is required for a job in Belgium. You can apply in your home country if you speak the local language. In case you do not speak the native language, you can also look for a job in your home country. If you want to work in Belgium, you can register with an English-language job site. These sites provide listings for various types of jobs in Belgium.

If you’re looking for an expat job in Belgium, you should know that you can enter the country on a tourist visa. This visa lasts for three months. After you find a job, you must apply for a work permit in your home country. Changing a visa is not easy in Belgium. You’ll have to apply for a new one each time. A work permit is required when you’re hired by a foreign company.

If you’re planning on working in Brussels, you should look for an expat job before you move. While a work permit is not required for an expat in Belgium, it’s always wise to get one before you move. However, if you’re from a country outside of the EU, you’ll need a work permit to work in Brussels. Luckily, many employers will help you obtain a work permit for your employment in Brussels.

Despite its attractive location, Belgium offers a variety of job opportunities for expats. You can apply for an internship at a multinational company or a local company. An internship is an excellent way to build your CV. If you’re not sure how to apply for an internship, consider looking for a job with a global company. If you’re not ready to move to Belgium, you can find an internship in Brussels.

Once you have an internship in Belgium, you can start preparing for the interview. During an interview, it’s essential to be prepared with your resume. Ideally, you’ll be prepared to answer questions in French or German. It’s best to prepare for the interview by identifying what positions you’re interested in. Besides, you can also look for a job in your field. Be sure to make the most of your experience in the interview.

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