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Belgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper)A detailed climate map for Brussels will provide you with the weather conditions for any day of the year. The city’s climate is warm and temperate, with moderate temperatures and moderate rainfall. Even the driest month in Brussels is often wet. The Koppen-Geiger climate classification for Brussels is Cfb. The average temperature is 10.7 degrees Celsius (32°F), with an average rainfall of 807 millimetres per year.

Brussels weather description in general

A general weather description for Brussels shows that the city has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The temperatures are moderate all year round, with rainfall slightly higher than the Netherlands but lower than the UK. The wettest months are mid-summer and early winter. The driest months are March and April. The humidity level is moderate. You can explore the city on foot in the warmer months. For museums and art galleries, a moderate level of rainfall is ideal.

The best time to visit the city is during the summer months. The temperatures remain mild throughout the summer months, and many visitors will opt for a visit during this period. If you’re planning on dining outdoors, you may want to bring along your walking shoes, as flip-flops will get stuck on the cobblestone foot paths. The city’s summertime temperatures are ideal for dining al fresco. The only time the sun will shine is during the Christmas holidays, when temperatures can rise to a scorching 37°C.

The average temperature in Brussels is 39 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of March. People describe the weather in Brussels as cold, breezy and chilly. The hottest month in the city is July, with highs of 81 degF and lows of 61degF. The driest month is February, with an average temperature of 29 degrees Fahrenheit. A sleety winter is also typical for the city.

A typical climate in Brussels is temperate, with temperatures ranging from one degree C in the winter to 23 degrees Celsius during the summer. The temperatures are moderately humid, but they can be chilly in certain areas. It is important to consider these factors when choosing a time to visit Brussels. The average humidity level is moderate, while the temperature is not overly hot. The humidity levels are moderate. There are no extremes in Belgium, but the country’s climate is still interesting to explore.

The average temperature in the city of Brussels is between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius. The city experiences significant rainfall. The Koppen-Geiger climate classification for Belgium is Cfb. The average temperature in Brussels is 11.0 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is 816 millimeters or 32.1 inches per year. There are two main seasons in the city. The winter is dry, while the summer is humid. The drier season is January.

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