Doctor Appeals Conviction for Attempted Murder of Music Teacher’s Wife in Antwerp

Sarhan Basem
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Antwerp: (Brussels Morning) Doctor obsessed with music teacher attempts to murder his wife receives 10-year sentence appeals unsuccessful due to overwhelming evidence of premeditation and intent to harm.

The doctor was really into her daughter’s music teacher but he didn’t feel the same way. She got so obsessed that she started bothering his family with messages and even showed up at their house in the middle of the night. The neighborhood made a WhatsApp group to deal with it. The family had to move because it was too much to handle. Since the teacher didn’t love her back she decided to harm his wife. She carefully stole the teacher’s house key during a music lesson and broke into the house twice in May 2019 when the man was at work and his wife was home alone. The doctor knew from earlier chats that the wife liked to sleep in.

How Murder Attempted  by Doctor?

The doctor who tried to poison the music teacher’s wife is now appealing her ten-year prison sentence. She was convicted of attempted murder for trying to harm the wife using ether-soaked cloth, syringes, and a lethal amount of insulin. The doctor claimed she only wanted to talk to the woman but her explanation didn’t convince the court. She had all these dangerous items with her including a face mask, gloves and shoe covers which made her actions seem very suspicious. Now she’s trying to appeal the sentence but it’s a tough case to defend given the evidence against her.

On May 8 she heard the victim call out a name and quickly left. Three weeks later she made it to the victim’s room. When the music teacher’s wife woke up there was a struggle but she managed to escape without serious harm. Alen said she just wanted to talk but her story didn’t sound believable. She had a cloth with ether, syringes, and a lot of insulin that can be hard to detect. Alen claimed she had these to shock the woman into listening. She insisted she thought the insulin was harmless water but she was also wearing a face mask, gloves, and her son’s shoe covers

Doctor Appeals 10-Year Sentence for Attempted Murder of Music Teacher’s Wife

The doctor pretended to be at work left her phone there then went to the woman’s place in disguise. The judge saw how determined she was. The court found that she saw the victim as an obstacle. Alen will be in prison for ten years supervised for another ten and banned from holding public office for a decade. Despite her clean record and job skills the judge criticized her actions as cold and sneaky. The appeals court didn’t arrest her right away due to her background but acknowledged the seriousness of her actions. The defendant showed no regard for the victim’s life. She was obsessed with a music teacher who didn’t feel the same. She lacked moral boundaries in carrying out her plan and is a danger to society. The court was troubled by her use of medical knowledge and online research.

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