Antwerp Euroterminal Introduces Belgium’s First Shore Power Link for Seagoing Vessels

Sarhan Basem

Brussels (Brussels Morning) – Antwerp Euroterminal unveils Belgium’s first shore power link for seagoing vessels, set to operate by 2026. This eco-friendly solution, exceeding EU standards, aims to reduce emissions and noise pollution at the port.

Antwerp Euroterminal has reported the installation of the first shore power link for seagoing vessels in Belgium. The connection will deliver electricity to docked vessels at the port in a quiet and environmentally friendly way.

What Standards Does the Shore Power Installation Follow?

The first-ever, unique shore power for seagoing vessels in Belgium will be operating at Antwerp Euroterminal in 2026. According to the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the installation is made following the international ISO standards. Shore power allows moored vessels to connect to a local electricity grid through a socket on the quay. It underestimates CO2, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter emissions, yields enhanced local air quality and reduces environmental noise. Two fixed shore power connections for con-ro vessels and car carriers are being installed at the Antwerp Euroterminal.

AET is the biggest multipurpose terminal in Europe and one of the 24 terminals of the Grimaldi 

Group. Even though the European commitment to offer shore power for container vessels by 2030 doesn’t involve ro-ro or con-ro vessels, the AET chooses to provide it.

This move pushes them the first-ever terminal at the port of Antwerp-Bruges—and also in Belgium—to offer a selected future-proof shore power facility for seagoing vessels constructed beyond current EU directives and regulations.

Who Is Involved in Installing and Operating Shore Power?

High-voltage Onshore Power-As-a-Service (HOPaS), a tech and service consortium including Techelec, Whitewood, and Yuso, will install, invest in, and operate the onshore power solution at AET. The facility further foresees two shore relations with a capacity of 5MW, especially for Grimaldi’s brand-new ro-ro vessels.

What Investments and Subsidies Support Shore Power Initiatives?

The authorised initiatives will require a €25–€30m investment, to which the Flemish Agency for Innovation (abbreviated VLAIO) permitted a €4 million subsidy.

Three wind turbines established at the terminal site and operated by Wind aan de Stroom originally produced 100% green electricity.

Besides, the extra capacity will be induced by solar panels on the roof of the terminal’s multi-level parking garage, and two other windmill turbines have been planned to be installed at the terminal.

What Environmental Benefits Does Shore Power Offer at Antwerp?

The green energy developed will be stored in an extensive battery system to optimize the use of generated electricity. Annick De Ridder, the board of directors president at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, noted that shore power is an efficient effort to lower emissions and is crucial for any sustainable ambition as a world port.

Yves De Larivière, the CEO at Antwerp Euroterminal, counted that the firm already has plugs for its cars and e-bikes and will shortly have them for trucks as well. Plugging vessels will be a substantial step forward. The solution also opens the door to a new dimension in the eco-friendly technique of Grimaldi and AET.

Andrea D’Ambra, associated with the Grimaldi Group, said that the firm was excited about its new project. She said that it would permit vessels to use green energy for port stays and allow the group to continue making progress toward decarbonising activities. =

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