Suspicious Object Discovered in Anderlecht Charleroi Canal Safely Defused by Authorities

Sarhan Basem

Anderlecht (Brussels Morning) – A suspicious object was found in the Anderlecht Charleroi canal, prompting a swift response from authorities who successfully defused the suspected explosive device.

Around 11 a.m. on Thursday morning an inland skipper navigating the Brussels-Charleroi canal near Anderlecht noticed a suspicious object protruding from the water resembling a possible explosive device. Sensing the urgency the skipper promptly alerted the local police who swiftly responded to the scene. Recognizing the potential threat authorities immediately enacted safety protocols summoning the expertise of the DOVO mine clearance service.

What Measures Were Taken to Neutralize a Suspected Explosive Device Found in the Anderlecht-Charleroi Canal?

Upon arrival the combined forces of law enforcement and bomb disposal experts meticulously assessed the situation. They cordoned off the area creating a secure perimeter to mitigate any potential risks to nearby residents and businesses. Part of the Vaartdijk a key thoroughfare near the Travie packaging company was closed to ensure the safety of the public.

As the investigation unfolded authorities meticulously analyzed the suspicious object implementing precautionary measures to safeguard against any potential detonation. The collaboration between the police and DOVO underscored the gravity of the situation and the unwavering commitment to public safety.

Throughout the operation updates were communicated to local media outlets with the Brussels South police zone providing regular updates to BRUZZ ensuring transparency and keeping the public informed about the ongoing efforts to neutralize the potential threat.

After 1 p.m. in response to the potentially hazardous situation the police made an official announcement declaring that the suspected explosive device had been successfully defused by the expert intervention of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit DOVO. This intricate operation likely involved meticulous planning specialized equipment and highly trained personnel to neutralize the threat without causing harm. Despite the successful resolution of the immediate danger authorities refrained from divulging additional information underscoring the sensitivity and complexity of the situation. The decision to withhold details could stem from a variety of factors including the ongoing nature of the investigation concerns for public safety or adherence to security protocols.

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