Dragon Root’s Pungent Bloom in Hesselt: A Fascinating, if Unpleasant Scented Spectacle

Sarhan Basem

Hesselt (Brussels Morning) – Luc Meert’s dragon root plant blooms with a pungent odor attracting flies for pollination and while it’s unpleasant to humans he finds it fascinating and even enjoys the unique scent.

Luc Meert told that if you venture onto the Heksenberg in Kiewit you might encounter an unusual olfactory experience. Because Luc Meert’s impressive dragon root is about to bloom. This fleeting event lasts just one to two days during which the plant emits an odor reminiscent of rotting meat and eggs. However, this pungent aroma serves a vital purpose attracting flies for pollination.

What is the Unique Scent of Luc Meert’s Dragon Root Plant and How Does He Feel About It?

Owner Luc Meert acknowledges the smell describing it as disagreeable to human noses but a magnet for insects. “It does indeed smell” he concedes. “It stinks to people but it attracts a lot of insects.” Despite its off-putting scent Meert finds the phenomenon fascinating. During its brief blooming period, the dragon root becomes a hub of activity teeming with various living creatures an extraordinary sight to behold. Meert even admits to a certain fondness for the smell suggesting that perhaps it’s not as unpleasant as it seems to him.

Luc’s dragon root plant standing tall at 1.5 meters is a source of wonder for him as a devoted gardener. The plant’s arrival in his home was a delightful surprise. A few years ago he acquired it at a plant market without much prior knowledge about its characteristics. The dragon root plant requires several years to bloom after being planted in the ground. It was only upon watching a news segment about a dragon flower that Luc recognized the unique and extraordinary plant he had introduced into his home. It must be truly captivating for him to observe the gradual growth and eventual blooming of this remarkable plant.

Luc finds the dragon root plant both beautiful and strange because it’s not like a regular flower. The flower is long and thin and when it blooms it turns a dark purple color. The smell it gives off is unique too. Despite the unusual scent Luc enjoys having it in his garden. Depending on which way the wind blows you can smell it from far away. Luc jokes that they don’t want to bother the neighbors with the smell but if you want to see it be ready for the unique scent.

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