What Are 10 Best Budget Hotels In Paris?

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Paris (Brussels Morning Newspaper) Paris has so much to see and admire. If you are planning to visit Paris soon then you should consider booking a good accommodation to stay in. Many people don’t want to spend a lot of money on their accommodation because they want to stay on their budget. Paris is a fashion hub and is known for its fine cuisine. There are plenty of fantastic hotels in Paris that won’t disturb your budget. In this post we have gathered a list of the best budget hotels in Paris

10 Best Budget Hotels In Paris

Several affordable Paris hotels offer a lot of comfort and luxury to the guests. Here are the 10 most stylish hotels in Paris that will not break your bank. 

1. Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter is a budget hotel that opened in 2009. It has also extended across France and many other cities in the past decade. The hotel chain has expanded to Rio, Los Angeles, and Belgrade. Every room at the hotel is designed with fine architecture. The clean rooms and endless amenities offer a lot of comfort to the guests. The top French designers have designed the 170 bedrooms at the hotel. 

Room Price For Two People 

Mama Shelter offers a luxury hotel starting from £92.

2. Hoxton Paris

Hoxton Paris opened in Paris in the summer of 2017. It is one of the most affordable hotels in Paris. The guests can sip wonderful cocktails at the bar and dine at the restaurant. Hoxton Paris has 172 rooms and is designed with long corridors. The hotel has friendly and cooperative staff. The cozy florals and velvet interiors make the rooms visually appealing. Rooms are designed with elegance and have an impressive interior design.

Room Price For Two People 

Book a lavish room at the Hoxton Paris for just £247.

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3. Generator Paris

Generator Paris hotels are located all over Europe. The guests can enjoy themselves at a fantastic rooftop bar. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi all through the property. The hotel rooms are equipped with private rooms and quad beds. If you want to book for a hotel on a tight budget, you should book a room at the Generator Paris.

Room Price For Two People 

The guests can book a private room at the Generator Paris starting from £93.

4. Okko Hotels

Okko Hotels is a relatively new chain of four-star hotels in Paris. The hotel rooms have a cool concept of small rooms balanced with a lavish interior design. There is plenty of space at the hotel to relax and enjoy. The hotel is near to the main attractions of the city. 

Room Price For Two People 

The average room price for two people at the Okko Hotels is just £91.

5. Idol Hotel

Idol Hotel is designed with a disco theme. The rooms are well decorated with the necessary amenities. Guests can listen to classic tunes like “Ma Cherie Amour,” “Light My Fire,” and “Lady Soul.” The interior decor of the hotel is loud and shamelessly bold. The hotel is a fun place to stay on an affordable budget.

Room Price For Two People 

Idol Hotel offers a comfortable room starting from £113.

6. Solar Hotel

Solar Hotel offers an eco-friendly environment and is transparent with everything. Guests can enjoy an organic breakfast while getting free Wi-Fi all over the area. If you have kids along, renting a bike will become easy. You can explore the city as the hotel is near plenty of attractions. Each room is simple that features white walls and vibrant color splashes for the curtains. Travelers can relax on the balcony and sort their waste by recycling.

Room Price For Two People

The average cost for a room at Solar Hotel will be £111.

7. Hotel Jeanne d’Arc

Hotel Jeanne d’Arc is located in the heart of Marais that is popular as a hip district. It is a three-star hotel that is popular with many travelers. You will be delighted to know that it is a real gem and you can have a comfortable stay. The hotel has around 34 rooms, and the décor is very elegant with a few neutral tones. Guests can enjoy tea and coffee-making facilities in their rooms. Your breakfast will be simple, but the menu is very diverse.

Room Price For Two People

Book your hotel room at the Hotel Jeanne at just £103.

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8. Hotel Port Royal

Hotel Port Royal is comfortable and convenient for your stay. It is located near the Sorbonne and the Jardin des Plantes. Each room is simple, and the décor isn’t very stylish. If you like simplicity, this hotel has a lot to offer. The staff is helpful, and you get shared toilets and showers as soon as you land there. It is one of those Paris hotels that offer a clean and hygienic environment.

Room Price For Two People

The room price for a couple at Hotel Port Royal will be £60.

9. Camping De Paris

If you want to create some fond memories with your kids in Paris, choosing camping De Paris will be perfect. You will get comfortable beds and wooden floors in safari-style tents. If this isn’t, enough guests can book a gypsy canvas or a cozy cabin. No doubt, it is one of the best budget hotels in Paris for families.

Room Price For Two People

You can book a tent or a room at this hotel for four people. The price starts at £95.

10. Hotel Passy Eiffel

Hotel Passy Eiffel is located in the elegant residential 16th arrondissement. You can stroll around the area as it offers perfect sightseeing. There are plenty of suburbs nearby, and it’s a short walk away from Trocadero. Guests can take a trip to the river from the Eiffel Tower. The hotel has comfortable rooms and a little courtyard. There is a spacious lobby and a bar area where guests can enjoy plenty of cocktails. Hotel Passy has a total of 49 rooms that have a modern design.

Room Price For Two People

Book a lavish hotel room starting from £163.

Wrap Up

Paris, the city of lights, is popular for its style and sights. You don’t need to go out of budget as there are plenty of pocket-friendly hotels in the city. Our review for the 10 best budget hotels in Paris will help you to pick a hotel that fits your requirements!

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