Man Attacks Car Inspectors, Faces Charges in Hesselt

Sarhan Basem

Hesselt (Brussels Morning) – A man in his thirties attacked car inspection facility employees  after his vehicle failed inspection, resulting in severe injuries and permanent damage.

On August 19, 2022, a man in his thirties arrived at the car inspection facility in Alken likely anticipating a routine check. However, upon inspection it became apparent that his vehicle didn’t meet the necessary regulations resulting in the issuance of a red card a setback he evidently found infuriating.

Man’s Aggressive Behavior at Car Inspection Facility

 The Tongeren prosecutor described how his frustration escalated into aggression, with the man physically attacking an employee. Witnesses recounted how he struck the employee in the face and forcefully pushed them causing them to stumble perilously close to a work pit. As the situation intensified the man fled the scene upon hearing that the authorities had been contacted. However, he didn’t depart without issuing ominous threats suggesting he would return to handle the situation like real men  implying a willingness to resort to further violence to resolve the matter to his satisfaction.

On August 22, 2022, the man in his thirties accompanied by two others returned to the car inspection facility. Initially it seemed their purpose was simply to retrieve paperwork left from the previous visit. However, the situation quickly escalated into another violent confrontation. Eyewitnesses described how the man launched a vicious attack on the station master striking him in the head with force. He spat in the station master’s face further escalating the intensity of the altercation.

Victim’s Iniuries and Compensation Following Car Inspection Facility Attack

The victim’s lawyer explained that due to the attack the victim suffered severe injuries and is now unable to work for over three months. He has permanent injuries including anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress syndrome making him 10 percent unfit permanently. The victim is supposed to receive compensation of 66,000 euros through insurance but hasn’t received any yet. The lawyer is requesting a reservation for this compensation. The lawyer is asking for a provisional amount of 750 euros for the victim’s colleague who was also affected. To ensure safety security officers were deployed after the incident and the lawyer is requesting reimbursement of the approximately 25,000 euros spent on security costs.

The Tongeren prosecutor is pushing for a two-year prison term and a 1,600 euro fine. They condemned the violence as unnecessary emphasizing that the car inspectors were just doing their job to ensure road safety. The prosecutor highlighted the woman’s criminal history including prior convictions for assaults, defiance and threats.

The man’s lawyer Master Philip Daeninck, acknowledged the facts and requested community service instead. He recognized that although there is no excuse for what happened the man was emotionally distressed as his father was dying at the time. This doesn’t justify his actions but sheds light on the difficult circumstances he was facing.

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