Innovative Wine App “Winevizer” Revolutionizes Wine Selection for Professionals and Consumers

Martin Banks

Belgium (Brussels Morning Newspaper), Sébastien Demoustiez, a dynamic Belgian entrepreneur, has unveiled an ingenious solution set to transform the wine industry not only in Benelux but also worldwide. With the launch of “Winevizer,” a groundbreaking wine app, Demoustiez aims to empower wine professionals and indirectly benefit consumers by providing comprehensive wine information at their fingertips.

The core functionality of Winevizer revolves around a simple yet powerful QR code system, granting users access to an extensive wine database. This innovative tool allows professionals and enthusiasts alike to navigate through various wine options based on their taste preferences, key characteristics, and suitable food pairings.

At the helm of this revolutionary venture, Sébastien Demoustiez, in his mid-30s, underscores the importance of informed decision-making in the wine selection process. He emphasizes how Winevizer equips users with vital information about each wine, ultimately enhancing the dining experience for consumers while streamlining operations for sommeliers and waitstaff.

Describing Winevizer as an interactive and intelligent digital application tailored specifically for restaurateurs and wine vendors, Demoustiez takes pride in its Belgian roots, emphasizing its creation through human ingenuity rather than artificial intelligence.

Available at a modest price point starting from €250, Winevizer can be seamlessly integrated into tablets, offering users detailed insights into a vast array of wines. Demoustiez highlights the app’s capability to conduct precise searches, enabling users to explore wines by region and discover optimal pairings for various dishes, be it meat, fish, or game.

However, Demoustiez is quick to clarify that Winevizer is not intended to replace the expertise of sommeliers or the personalized service offered by wine merchants and bars. Instead, it serves as a valuable tool to augment their knowledge and streamline customer interactions, ultimately elevating the overall wine experience.

As Winevizer gains traction within the industry, Demoustiez envisions it as an indispensable companion for restaurants and wine merchants, aligning seamlessly with the evolving demands of the modern age. With its user-friendly interface and wealth of information, Winevizer stands poised to revolutionize the way professionals and consumers alike engage with wine selection, marking a significant step forward in the wine industry’s digital evolution.

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