5 Shocking Risks Of Feeding Dog ‘Human Food’ 

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Brussels (Brussels Morning Newspaper) – Pet owners may want to give their dogs a little bite from their delicious foods. If your dog is begging you for a small bite from your desert, it is not a good idea to feed them. Human foods are generally not safe for your dog. However, there is an exception here as you can give carrots, peanut butter, and raw chicken. According to some experts, it is best not to feed anything to your dog that comes from your table. These foods can turn out to be harmful and lead to organ damage and overall complications in nutrition.

Risks Of Feeding Your Dog Human Food

Pet owners must be responsible when they feed their lovely pets with food. It is necessary to understand that human food can turn out to be fatal for your dogs. Here are a few risks that may occur if you feed your door some human food:

1. Digestive Problems

There is no doubt that the digestive system of a dog is very much different from human. When it comes to typical human food it is very rich in fats and vitamins. Your dog cannot properly digest these elements and it leads to many digestive problems. Moreover, it can lead to vomiting and even diarrhea. In some severe cases, your dog may get pancreatitis. Many human foods contain an unhealthy amount of sodium. Make sure that you don’t feed your dog anything that contains sodium.

2. Few Table Foods Are Toxic

Human food contains plenty of ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Chocolates, raisins, grapes, and nuts can be dangerous for your furry friends. If you are not sure what ingredient your food contains, it is best not to share it with your pet. Sometimes people keep leftovers from restaurants to eat the next day. When you are not sure about how the food is made you cannot hurt your dog unknowingly. Once you feed your pet a spoonful of your food, their body may react differently. Some processed food items contain artificial flavors and preservatives. These ingredients can be harmful to your pet.

3. Leads To Weight Gain

Many pet owners feed table scraps to their pets without knowing the consequences. You may think that a bite or two will not make much of a difference but it is wrong. If you give them regular human meals it can lead to weight gain. All these small and regular bites can add up to the calories. It is not good for a pet to gain so much weight. With increased weight a lot of health problems start coming in. You will never like your dog to have problems like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Make sure that your pet doesn’t consume more than 10% of calories daily.

4. Promotes Unwanted Behavior

When you keep feeding your pets from your food table it promotes unwanted behavior. Your pet will feel that if they beg for one bite you will feed them more. Dinner guests will not like the idea of your dog hovering over the plates and disturbing them. Your dog will start to rely on these bites more often than before. Moreover, some pets stop eating their food as they like to fill up on human food items.

5. Obstructions and Lacerations

Human foods are made up of a variety of ingredients. As the digestive system of a dog is different from human it can create a lot of complications. Many food items can cause obstructions in the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, it can also lead to internal lacerations that are threatening to a dog. 

When your dog feeds on cooked bones it will likely get stuck inside the gastric system. If they swallow large chunks without chewing properly it can lead to a bigger threat. For example, fruit pits and seeds can cause a lot of blockage in the digestive system. Yeast can tear the lining of the stomach and intestines.

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Which Foods Are Fatal For Dogs?

Pet owners must keep in mind which foods are harmful to their dogs. It can create a lot of complications and may lead to death. You will not be surprised to know that alcohol can put your dog into a coma. While beer can make them pant more heavily than usual. Mushrooms are toxic and can lead to either shock or death of your lovely pet. Don’t try to feed fish or cooked bones to your pet as it can result in seizures or even death.

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