Malta Digital Nomad Visa: Ultimate Guide (2024 Updated)

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Malta (Brussels Morning Newspaper) – You presumably found this site while looking for information about Digital Nomad visas in Malta. The internet is a massive repository of information that is often spread. Don’t be concerned about it anymore! Because you’ve come to the right place because this article has all of the necessary information in one place. This, too, just takes 4 to 5 minutes to complete. Read on to find out more!

Does Malta offer a Digital Nomad Visa?

Malta has long been known for its welcoming atmosphere for expats. Because of its favorable tax regimes, the island is home to many international firms. It is a little nation with the essence of a cosmopolitan. There are several cafés, pubs, and restaurants to visit. Digital nomads benefit from coworking and coliving places as well. It is presently one of the world’s few countries with countrywide 5G connectivity.

It features everything a perfect island would have, including beaches, sunny days, a peaceful way of life, the tastiest seafood, and fun! Malta offers everything and is an ideal location for remote work.

Malta Digital Nomad cities

The island nation features breathtaking scenery, notably bright blue beaches where you may unwind after a long day of work. Hiking, cycling, and rock climbing are all popular outdoor hobbies. If you enjoy being outside, you will enjoy living as a digital nomad in Malta. Following are a few options for cities to reside in Malta:


Valletta, Malta’s capital and arguably one of its most important cities is a digital nomad’s dream. Its small alleyways offer a unique blend of modern life and a deep past. Valletta, which is located on the Mediterranean, boasts stunning views of the Three Cities and Sliema. Valletta has something for everyone, with centuries-old churches, a historical library, museums, bustling cafés, and bistros overlooking the river.

It’s also a fantastic shopping destination. Merchant Street is lined with retail establishments, souvenir shops, and jewelry stores. Nothing is out of reach if you live in Valletta.


Sliema’s scores are high on our ranking as one of the greatest locations in Europe for digital nomads. It is more contemporary than Valletta, yet it still offers all of the capital’s beautiful vistas and facilities. This city is built on a narrow peninsula, thus it has a lot of sea views. Along the promenade, there are several great restaurants, cafés, and pubs where you can soak up the sun and pay heed to the waves. This city also contains everything you could possibly require.


Mosta, in Malta’s northern area, is a fantastic city for digital nomads. Despite its modest size, it has a dense population. There aren’t many visitors staying here, so you may get a taste of Maltese life. Mosta’s most noteworthy landmark is the Sanctuary Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady, also known as the Rotunda of Mosta, which is located in the city’s center. This massive church boasts the world’s third-biggest unsupported dome. 

Requirements for Digital Nomad Visa in Malta

If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible for a nomad residency visa in Malta:

  • Third-country national
  • You earn €2,700 every month (gross of tax)
  • Have an employment contract with an employer based in a nation other than Malta, or
  • You are a partner or shareholder in a foreign-registered corporation, or
  • Provide freelancing services to clients who have permanent premises in another nation and with whom you have contracts.
  • You must have a valid travel document.
  • Have health insurance in Malta to cover any dangers.
  • Possess the ability to present a rental or purchase agreement

How to apply for Malta Digital Nomad Visa?

If you are interested in the program, the initial step is to fill out an application to Residency Malta Agency, together with all necessary papers. Also, mention your stay period and whether you want to stay in the nation for 91-180 days or 181-365 days.

A National Visa will be given if you want to reside in Malta for up to 180 days. If you want to stay in the nation for longer than 365 days, you will be issued a Residence Permit. The application process for a Malta Nomad Residence Permit is simple and quick. The permits are typically issued within 30 days.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Tax 

You will not be liable to personal income tax as a nomad residency visa holder because you are already taxed in your home country. You will, though, be liable to consumption tax, as do all Malta citizens.

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Hopefully this article helps you in getting just the right information for what you were looking for. Malta is an amazing place to reside with low cost of living. So, it is definitely recommended that you stay there. 

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