Hasselt PXL University Lowers Meal Prices to Promote Healthier Student Eating Habits

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Hasselt: (Brussels Morning) To promote healthy eating PXL University lowered the price of its daily nutritious meal to 4.40 euro, making it more affordable than sausage rolls. This encourages students to choose the healthier option over less nutritious fast food.

University mentioned that we wanted students to eat healthily but when we raised the prices of sausage rolls more students started buying them a lot. This was the opposite of what we wanted as our main aim was for students to have a healthy diet. So because more students started buying sausage rolls it’s been hard to promote healthy eating. Rampelberg and his team want to teach students about the benefits of a healthy diet. They’re working on providing more nutritious meals to help students make healthier choices and get back to their goal of promoting student health.

How is PXL University Encouraging Healthier Eating Habits Among Students?

To tackle the popularity of less healthy choices like sausage rolls PXL lowered the price of their daily menu from 6.40 euros to 4.40 euros. The school’s social fund covers the 2 euro difference making it more affordable. This price drop also applies to school staff making it affordable for everyone on campus. So while prices for burgers and pasta stay the same PXL made the daily menu much cheaper to stand out. They want to make healthy meals more attractive and available to everyone at the school. This way they hope more students and staff will choose nutritious options promoting health and well-being on campus.

Now students can choose a healthier meal for 4.40 euros instead of just buying a sausage roll for 2.90 euros. This is to give students a better option compared to fast food places encouraging them to eat healthier without it being too expensive

Which type healthy Meal provided by University?

The healthy meal has three main parts. First there’s a protein source like fish or chicken for nutrients and muscle health. Then there’s a carb like potatoes or pasta for energy to keep students active and focused. So apart from the protein and carbs the meal also has warm veggies for vitamins and minerals. There’s also a free salad bar where students can add fresh veggies and toppings to make the meal even healthier and more varied to suit different tastes and diets.

Romina Binens from PXL University College says students can get a cheap and healthy lunch for less than 25 euros a week. They offer healthy, varied and sustainable food choices. External guests can eat there too but they pay more than students.

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