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How to apply for European Union jobs in Brussels

Belgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper)If you want to work for the European Union, there are several ways to find a job in Brussels. The most traditional way to get a job at the EU is to pass the concourse. This is not an application for a specific position, but rather a generalist position. After passing the concourse, you are added to the reserve list for one year, which is used by the different institutions.

The European Parliament is the most important body of the EU, with approximately 8.000 employees. Around 5.000 of these are based in Brussels. They also employ about 2.800 assistants. The Council of the EU, the third-largest institution, has around 3.000 employees in Brussels, and the majority of the vacancies are filled by permanent officials. However, if you have experience in your field, you should have no problem finding a job at the Council of the EU.

The Commission civil service website has detailed information on vacancies at the EU, including information on upcoming competitions. The EPSO website has links to EU institutions and externally published vacancies. You should be aware that your application will be processed under Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and the Council. This regulation applies to the processing of personal data provided by applicants, as well as the free movement of personal data.

There are also a number of other opportunities to work for the European Union. For instance, you can join one of the Blue Book traineeships. During your Blue Book traineeship, you will receive an allowance of approximately 1.200 Euros per month. These positions are often paid, and you will receive a travel allowance and accommodation reimbursement. You can apply for a Blue Book traineeship by following the instructions in the Commission’s website.

As with any job, applying for an EU job requires a high level of commitment. There are also several benefits to working at the EU. The EU is a global organization, with over 40 million people throughout the EU. During your first few years, you can apply for the job you want. In some cases, you will have to live and work in Brussels, and you can choose to work in a country that you’re familiar with.

It is important to remember that you have to be a member of a union. Having a European passport will be necessary to work in Brussels. Once you’ve completed your residency, you’ll have to submit your application to the EU. This is a very rewarding and gratifying opportunity for those who love politics. The best way to get a job at the EU is to be proactive.

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