East-West Europe: Why Human Development Gap Between Two?

Sarhan Basem
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Brussels (Brussels Morning Newspaper)  After 15 years of the European Union’s big bang enlargement, everyone expects the division between old and new to fade away. However, the media reports and academic commentary tell another story. Since the Polish parliamentary election in 2015, things have become different. The refugee crisis has increased the rift and is widening the gap. All these factors are becoming a good challenge when it comes to the cohesion of the EU. There is no doubt that the development gap between east and west seems to grow even further. The disputes and differences in political ideas are adding fuel to the fire.

The East-West Divide

EU believes that there is a significant difference between the east and west even after the enlargement. The greatest gap between these two exists due to the socio-economic sphere. When it comes to the East they are plagued by a reduction in the social contract. However, the high social inequalities and lower social security are bigger issues. There is little progress when it comes to addressing all these issues since the 1990s.

When it comes to the field of Environmental pollution there is a lot of difference between the two. In recent years environmental rehabilitation is gaining some momentum. As far as economic efficiency is concerned these countries are making big progress. All these efforts have narrowed the gap between western and eastern economics. It seems that there is a lot of difference in GDP per capita along with creativity and capitalization. The business routines and other changes are still inventible.

Complex Historical Patterns

The East-West divide in Europe is still not very clear and stable. It may not appear as simple at present. Many cross-cutting influences have divided these nations. Both Europe and European civilization are the outcome of three millennia of economic, social, and cultural changes. All these factors are leaving imprints on various parts of the nation. When it comes to the spread of Christianity it first spread in Balkans and later the Italian peninsula and Ireland.

Later it invaded many parts of Western Europe. However, it couldn’t conquer many parts of Islamic Iberia for many centuries. Feudalism is being developed and flourishing at the same time. Therefore it was leading to the building of a weaker structure in the Mediterranean and East Central Europe. Urbanization gives a dominant impact in the Mediterranean. It is soon reaching out to the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cohesive Forces

For a certain period, there are plenty of differences between the western and eastern parts. However, the forces will become stronger than ever. Both these nations have common memories and victories, but their economic and political ideas remain different. Some countries speak similar languages while others may have different ones altogether. Many experts believe that everyday civilizations include hygiene, shopping, and other activities.

Europe shares a lot of common problems which the EU will solve within many years. If the European Union works together they can come up with various solutions. All these problems include social, economic, and political patterns. There is an increase in economic efficiency when it comes to welfare and social justice. Political problems are very challenging to handle especially when it comes to balancing freedom. There are many other major problems that the EU will have to face when it comes to making choices. Another question arises as to whether they should EU become an alliance of states or not. European Union has to make a quick choice when it comes to becoming the international leader. Perhaps the EU should use a soft power strategy to keep things under control.

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Clash Of Civilizations

East and West are having a lot of issues due to the clash of civilizations. The political strategy is inclined towards the clash as the civilizations are not compatible. Many experts may believe that this clash is taking place within two parts of Europe. However, the conflict is taking place in every part of Europe. It is more of a dramatic clash between the western and eastern civilizations. All these factors are emerging since many civilizations now.

As human beings, we should understand how to make goals and strategies effectively. Our fundamental norms have drastically changed. Both east and west should try to reinvent themselves in a better way. They both have to find a place for themselves in the heart of Europe. This seems to be a difficult and challenging process. Therefore both east and west have to work on these diverse issues and find a proper solution.

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