Must-Known Drone Laws in Croatia (in 2024)

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Croatia (Brussels Morning Newspaper) The EU Drone regulation is responsible for maintaining the drone laws in Croatia. They have set some rules for the remote pilots that everyone must follow. If you are traveling to Croatia anytime soon or you living there, it is necessary to know about the drone rules. Drone flyers are fond of clicking wonderful photos and keeping a large collection of videos. 

When you are visiting a visually appealing location, it is difficult to stop yourself from saving it as a memory. The good news is that it is allowed to fly a drone in Croatia. All you need is to register as an operator in any European country. Your drone license will be accepted in every country.

General Rules For Flying A Drone In Croatia

Many drone rules are now standardized in many countries. However, each country is allowed to retain its own rules as well. If you wish to fly a drone in Croatia, you must have a permit for aerial photography.

Croatia is a part of the European Union and you have to be careful while flying the drone. This is why you must adhere to the rules set by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Additionally, Croatia has set some rules that are country specific. Here are some rules that you need to follow for flying a drone:

  • If you are flying a drone in controlled airspace, it is necessary to maintain a 5km distance within the radius
  • The drone flyer has to stay 50 meters above the surface
  • You are not allowed to fly more than one drone at a time
  • Drone users cannot fly in those areas where an emergency response is taking place
  • You cannot fly a drone near airports, hospitals, or other such places
  • Drone pilots must have insurance before flying it

How Can You Operate a Drone In The ‘open’ category?

You can operate a drone in the ‘open’ category under the following conditions:

  • The done has either one of these class identification labels that are 0,1,2,3 or 4
  • If you have purchased a drone that is before 2023 January, it may not have an identification label
  • You can use a drone that is less than 25kg (55lbs)
  • The remote pilot has to keep the drone at a safe distance from people
  • You cannot operate a drone in crowded places. However, if it has a class identification label things will be different
  • There are separate rules for flying in A1, A2, and A3 categories. Your drone has to be lighter than 250 grams in all cases
  • The remote pilot has to maintain a visual line of sight. If you cannot manage it yourself, you will get assistance from the UA observer
  • Drone pilot cannot operate the drone above 400 feet
  • Your drone must not carry any dangerous materials that are harmful to humans

General Rules For Flying A Drone At Night In Croatia

You may fly a drone at night under the following conditions:

  • The drone operator has registered the drone correctly
  • Your drone is equipped with proper lights and can be seen clearly in the airspace
  • Lights on the drone should be visible and bright for the remote pilot during the flight
  • You cannot fly a drone near or around the airport
  • It is necessary to protect the privacy of other people
  • The maximum altitude will be 120 meters in uncontrolled airspace. This rule applies in the open category

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Is It Necessary To Register Your Drone In Croatia?

Drone flyers must get their drone registered. However, if the drone is less than 250 grams, you may not need to register it. Drones that fall under the category of EU Toys can leave the registration process. If you are using a drone for private and commercial reasons it will be necessary to have drone insurance.

 If your drone doesn’t have sensors that collect personal data, you will not need to get it registered. Once you register your drone in one of the European countries it will be accepted in all of them. When the drone registration is complete your drone will be marked with a clear label. It will help the authorities have a remote identification of the drone.

Moreover, the drone flyer is obligated to have a drone license. It depends on what category you are trying to fly your drone in. Depending on each category the drone pilot can get an EU drone license. These rules and licenses are accepted in all European countries.

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