Brussels to Host Major Protest Against Far-Right Extremism

Sarhan Basem

Brussels (Brussels Morning) – A large protest against far-right extremism and racism is scheduled for Sunday in Brussels. Traffic disruptions are expected. The march, organized by Belgian Anti-Fascist Coordination, follows recent far-right election gains.

A protest against far-right extremism and racism, in backing of a “unity-based social project”, has been scheduled for Sunday 15 June 2024 in Brussels. The police alerted that traffic disruption was expected.

Just one week after the Belgian and European elections witnessed far-right parties making further progress, hundreds to thousands of people are anticipated to take to the streets of Brussels against their values and objectives. The demonstration is managed by the Belgian Anti-Fascist Coordination (CAB) to protest against the “relentless rise of the far right”.

What Are the Goals of the Brussels Protest?

The mobilisation seeks to offer a “popular response and a contrasting social agenda” to the recent far-right wave in the Belgian, French and European elections. It also calls for a genuine alternative that is social, ecological, and democratic – competent in handling the main challenges of today and tomorrow, organisers say.

“The far right will never require higher wages for all. It will never be the far right that calls for taxing the richest, expanding the number of social housing, or implementing an ecological transition rooted in a logic of social justice, which is essential for our common future.”

Some 20 social movements and associations are part of the CAB, including Young FGTB, Ades network, the Anti-Fascist Front of Liège, MOC Brussels, ASBL Garance, Ecolo J, and Mrax. The group claimed that, when the far right comes to power, it pursues “absolutely disastrous policies”, including against democratic rights, against workers, against the rights of migrants, women and the LGTBQIA+ community. “Everywhere it exacerbates social degradation.”

What Routes Will the Brussels Protest Take?

The march will begin at 13:00 on Sunday at Mont des Arts in Brussels. From there, the march will proceed via Cantersteen, Boulevard de l’Impératrice, Rue de la Collégiale, Place du Congrès, Place Madou, Chaussée de Louvain, Rue de la Loi and Square de Meeûs. The protestors will then arrive at 15:00 at Place du Luxembourg in the European Quarter for lectures and concerts.

Police have urged people to avoid the area around Mont des Arts and Place du Luxembourg, adding that traffic disorders are expected from 13:00 to 18:00. A similar march took place on Monday after the elections, during which no happenings occurred. Still, police en masse surrounded the areas of the march’s route.

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