Things to Do in LigeCity of Belgium

Sarhan Basem
Ghent old town promenade panorama in afternoon light. Belgium - long exposure

Belgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper)When in Brussels, you need to visit the Grand Place, the oldest building in the city. It is a great place to shop and eat delicious Belgian chocolate. The city also has many elegant arcades and local flea markets. Stroll the open park and quiet streets of the Old Town to discover the real beauty of the city. You can also support this website by purchasing an ad if you want to see more useful information.

The City Center has many attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. The Maritime Museum is a must-see attraction for kids, especially if they’re traveling with their parents. A zoo is another place to visit. Visiting the Royal Botanical Garden is a fun activity for kids. It’s also the perfect location for a picnic. There are plenty of places for lunch and dinner, including an ice cream parlor and a bakery.

The Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military History is a must-see. This museum is open Tuesday to Sunday and is EUR10 for adults. EUR8 is the price for children between six and 19 years old. Afterwards, you can visit the Atomium, which is a huge replica of an atom and is definitely worth a visit. The museums offer guided tours and plenty of opportunities to purchase souvenirs.

During your trip to LigeCity, you can also check out the art galleries. The Liege Museum of Art is located in the Feronstree district and is a popular place for art lovers. The museum is housed in a concrete building, but the art collection is displayed beautifully inside. You can find medieval paintings, ancient weapons and contemporary works of art. You can even buy beautiful jewelry or a piece of jewelry.

If you are planning to visit Brussels, you must not miss out on the historic Grand Palace Gallery, which is an elegant shopping area in the center of the city. This gallery is home to many specialty shops and some of the oldest chocolate shops in the city. The Grand Palace Gallery is a beautiful place to visit, especially during the night. During your visit to LigeCity of Belgium, you should try the beer. You can drink the local beer in 30 different varieties, including pilsner and other brews.

You can visit the Atomium, which is a sphere that represents a magnified iron crystal. It is a landmark that is worth seeing, and is a fascinating attraction for children. The Museum of Natural Sciences has a fascinating collection of dinosaurs and the evolution of humankind. This is one of the best things to do in LigeCity of Belgium. It will captivate you for days and make your stay memorable.

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