Secure Garage Proves Ineffective Against Car Vandalism

Sarhan Basem

At the beginning of this week, thieves broke into a dozen cars in the Lepage Q-Park car park in the center of Brussels, looking for specialized electronics. The owners previously complained to the company about a lack of security, but Q-Park reportedly did not respond. “Do I pay 150 euros per month for this?”

Dozen Cars Were Vandalized in The Lepage Q-Park

At least a dozen cars were vandalized in the Lepage Q-Park car park in the center of Brussels during the night from Monday to Tuesday. It seems to be a specialized gang looking for technical material such as chips from a hybrid car. Valuable items such as expensive shoes or a music system were left untouched by the vandals. Tools are said to have been left behind in one of the vehicles.

The police of the Brussels Capital Ixelles zone received a call, but the thieves had already disappeared upon arrival. Other car owners whose windows have been smashed can still report to the police, a police spokesman said.

It turned out pretty well for car owner Tom*. His lease car is being repaired and only his fuel card, which he has blocked in the meantime, has been stolen. Another car owner says that his car has been damaged several times since spring 2022. This Thursday morning was the last time.

What bothers both is the inaccessibility of Q-Park. Tom had been wanting to warn the company about the defective pedestrian access door for some time. Initially, that door was only open to people with a subscription code or a day ticket, but according to him, the system has not worked for months. “Do I pay 150 euros per month for this?”

‘The Drop’

According to Martin van Berkel, who – like a hundred others – owns a parking space at QPark, the garage has not had a doorman since the corona pandemic. The door was then opened so as not to overload the call center with questions about entrance tickets, says Van Berkel.

With all its consequences: especially in the last year there were burglary attempts or windows were smashed. “This last time was the final straw,” he says.

*Tom’s real name is known to the editors.

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