Brussels city lights up Christmas lights until 2024

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As is the annual custom, the city of Brussels turned on the Christmas lights on Wednesday evening at the initiative of Alderman for Economic Affairs Fabian Maingain (DéFI). Brussels By Lights wants to make the city and its streets “warm, attractive and surprising” during the end of the year and holidays, according to the aldermen. It is the eleventh edition of Brussels By Lights.

The festive lights were not only lit in the Vijfhoek on Wednesday, this was also the case in the sub-municipalities of Laken, Haren and Neder-Over-Heembeek. “It’s a great opportunity to enhance the personality of the neighborhood and make it even more attractive,” says Maingain.

According to Maingain, the Brussels City teams have once again proven to be “very creative”. For example, a brand new interactive geocaching trail has been set up in Brussels and Brussels residents or visitors can discover the shopping streets in the center during two trails that each take an hour and a half. Participants start at Anspachlaan 65, where the former Delhaize-Anspach used to be. The meeting point is a giant cat called Eikosis, at the intersection between the pedestrian zone and the Kiekenmarkt.

The festive lights will be lit until December 31. In concrete terms, this concerns 21 kilometers of light figures and 10.5 kilometers of strings of lights. All this has a total consumption of 84 kilowatts. The lighting will always be switched on at approximately 1:00 PM and will be switched off at 1:00 AM.

Installing the festive lighting took a total of six weeks. The demolition will take at least as many weeks.

You can also enjoy the festive lights outside the city center. For the first time in a decade, for example, the Vekemanswijk in Neder-Over-Hembeek will also receive new Christmas lights. A ‘Game of Illusions’ will take place on Bockstaelplein in Laeken, where visitors can control what is projected onto the House of Creation through interaction with sensors on the ground.

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