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One day before the new testimony of Antonio Panzeri, who agreed to cooperate with the Belgian authorities to clear up the Qatargate scandal, Eva Caili’s lawyer estimates that the Italian former MEP will sign whatever they give him in order to save his family.

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos stated on the main news bulletin of ANT1 that the Greek politician is not worried about Pancheri’s testimony, whom, however, she accused of having “a purpose, because his daughter and wife were arrested. He is under extradition in Belgium. That’s why and he is willing to sign anything they give him.”

As for his principal, he assured that “he had no professional relationship with him, he had a bed bug in his house and he was heard saying that he would give money here and there, Kayli’s name was nowhere to be found”.

However, he estimated that possibly Pancheri “in order to save his family and himself to sign responsibility to whoever is asked of him. And what does this mean? He is capable of involving political figures from other countries, but without having evidence”.

Asked about which countries political figures Pancheri can involve, the lawyer answered: “from Italy and France, I don’t know if he will reach Greece. It depends on how they want to use him. He is being manipulated so that he does not go to prison himself and his family. He will sign whatever they ask of him. Of course protecting his right hand, Ms. Arena.”

The well-known criminologist also responded to the publication of Corriera de la Serra, that a compromise proposal was made to Eva Kaili.

“I cannot confirm that there was pressure to compromise. What happened is that people who were close to her at the time told her that under the Belgian system it was in her best interest to confess because she would get a lighter sentence. But because she has not committed the crime, he can’t confess anything,” he noted.

“Parts to make me, they are not going to confess to acts that I have not done”, Eva Kaili’s words were quoted by her lawyer.

As for Panzeri’s alleged confession, he said that the Italian former MEP “confesses because he is the mastermind” and repeated that he only speaks Italian and that he would not be able to communicate with Kaili.

“She had a partnership with her husband, ten years before she met him. He never asked her for anything,” he added, stating that neither Pancheri nor Eva Kaili’s partner testified that they asked her for anything.

Asked about her husband, the lawyer said, “As far as her husband is concerned, he is the father of her child. She told the court, ‘I feel betrayed.’ She feels he trusted him and betrayed her because he brought trouble to the house.” She called the money a “monster”. He is investigating how this money was found in her house. The investigator so far has no evidence to be able to tie the crime of bribery.”

The NGO of Madalena Kaili

Finally, when asked to comment on Politico’s article about Maddalena Kaili’s NGO, which is reportedly asking to be removed from the EU Transparency Register, the lawyer called it inaccurate and argued that, “the removal from the list did not happen, but the European Union itself deleted it because the company had no activity. Elontech has not received a single euro from the EU.”

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