Drug Lords Face Justice for Torture Murder:Financial Challenges in Genk

Sarhan Basem

Genk (Brussels Morning) – Mikail Vildirim and Vito Faggio Del Giglio face charges for leading a drug ring and the torture murder of Hilal Makhtout and on other side Sentences and fines are pending.

Mikail Vildirim and Vito Faggio Del Giglio appeared in court for drug trafficking. They were involved in selling cannabis and cocaine on high level in Genk other side being implicated in the torture murder of Hilal Makhtout. The prosecutor views them as the leaders of this drug ring. Seven other men and two women acting as delivery drivers for the drugs also faced charges.

Can Mikail Vildirim and Vito Faggio Del Giglio Afford Compensation for Murder Victim’s Family?

Mikail Vildirim and Vito Faggio Del Giglio involved in the torture and murder of Hilal Makhtout were ordered to pay 28,734 euros to Makhtout’s sisters. Whether they can pay this amount is uncertain due to their likely lack of funds, possible legal enforcement challenges, low prison earnings, potential additional fines from drug trafficking charges and difficulties in earning money after release due to their criminal records. Thus, it’s doubtful they can fully pay the compensation.

The investigation began when police raided a 23-year-old man’s home in Genk on May 30, 2023, finding cannabis, cocaine and 5,000 euros. He claimed the drugs were for personal use but his 21-year-old roommate admitted they were selling them and had over a hundred customers. A phone check showed the 23-year-old was in touch with Mikail Yildirim and Vito Faggio Del Giglio via Snapchat. The prosecutor said these two men led separate but cooperating drug organizations sharing networks, customers and drivers.

Is Mikail Yildirim Being  Targeted in Drug Trafficking Case?

The prosecutor wants to add three more years in prison and a 16,000 euro fine to Mikail Yildirim’s 22-year sentence for drug trafficking. Yildirim’s lawyer Pieterjan Van Musen argues there’s no proof Yildirim used the Snapchat accounts linked to the case as the prosecution didn’t check the IP addresses or phone numbers.They depand on statements from two drivers. Van Musen asks for Yildirim to be cleared noting that Yildirim was under electronic surveillance which wasn’t properly investigated. Yildirim said he’s innocent claiming he’s only being targeted because of his name.

Christophe Darden admitted to selling drugs for his client Vito Faggio Del Giglio. Faggio Del Giglio could face 40 months in prison and a 16,000 euro fine due to previous guilt. The decision will be made on August 2.

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