Colorado Supreme Court Blocks Trump’s 2024 Bid: Will This Hinder His Presidential Ambitions?

Kseniya Sabaleuskaya
Supreme Court Chambers State Capitol Building Denver Colorado where constitionality of the state laws are decided created june 22 2022

The 14th Amendment was invoked as the court barred Trump from Colorado’s primary; Trump’s strategies to reclaim public favor

Belgium (Brussels Morning Newspaper)Ā In a landmark decision, the Colorado Supreme Court has barred former President Donald Trump from participating in the 2024 presidential elections, citing his alleged role in the Capitol insurrection of 2021. The court invoked the 14th Amendment, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, asserting that individuals engaged in insurrection or rebellion are disqualified from holding certain offices, including that of the President.

The court’s ruling specifically applies to Colorado’s Republican primary scheduled for March 5, 2024, leaving the broader implications open to speculation. The decision has sparked a wave of mixed sentiments among the public, raising questions about the potential impact on Trump’s overall candidacy.

While the ruling may be a significant setback for Trump in Colorado, critics argue that his political ambitions might still be salvageable. The 14th Amendment provides a provision for Congress to lift such disqualifications by a two-thirds majority vote in each house, leaving a window of opportunity for Trump to contest the decision.

Undeterred by the court’s decision, Trump appears to be actively working to restore his public image. Recent efforts include strategic appearances by members of his family in crucial settings. Notably, on December 21, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, accompanied by her husband Jared Kushner, visited Israel to engage with families affected by kidnappings, garnering mixed reactions from the public.

Despite the attempt to project Trump’s stance on international issues, the move faced criticism for being perceived as “shameless self-promotion” and an opportunistic political maneuver.

As the 2024 presidential elections approach, public sentiment remains divided. Recent popularity polls indicate a decline in Trump’s favorability, with 42% supporting him and 52.8% expressing disapproval. However, Trump’s history of resilience and his party’s continued dominance in the Senate suggests that he may not be easily dismissed.

With Trump’s determination to overcome obstacles and the uncertainty surrounding the 14th Amendment’s provision for Congress to lift the disqualification, the 2024 presidential race remains unpredictable. The Republican Party’s stronghold in key states and Senate seats further underscores the potential for Trump to stage a comeback, making the upcoming elections a pivotal moment in American political history.

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