Blankenberge Riots: 5 Brussels Residents In Court

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On August 8, 2020, a major fight broke out between young people and the police on the beach of Blankenberge. Five Brussels people involved must answer to the Bruges court from Monday.

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That writes The Latest News. It concerns five young people from Brussels who were involved in the big brawl on the beach of Blankenberge on a hot summer day. It was very busy at the time, but because of corona rules, the police still wanted to keep their distance. There was a strong reaction to that. Around 5 p.m. in the afternoon, all kinds of objects, including umbrellas and sun loungers, flew around. Fifty young people from Brussels were involved in the brawl. The police eventually intervened with more than a hundred officers. Nine of them were slightly injured.

A total of 17 young people were arrested that day. Three of them were brought before the examining magistrate of Bruges two days later, on suspicion of armed rebellion and deliberate assault and battery. They remained detained. A week later, a fourth man from Laken was arrested. Another, underage suspect was sentenced to a service by the juvenile judge. None of the other youths are currently in jail.

After a judicial investigation by the public prosecutor’s office of West Flanders, five suspects must finally appear before the Bruges correctional court on Monday. They are Dave B. (21), Alseny D. (20), Moise B. (23), Mame N. (21) and Theofilo P. (21). They would also be members of Brussels youth gangs. Several police officers will be filing civil proceedings at the trial.

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