6 Best Places To Live In Romania (Don’t Miss #5)

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Romania (Brussels Morning Newspaper) – Romania is a tourist country and offers stunning beaches and the Carpathian Mountains. There are lush forests, rolling hills, and farmlands all over the country. The country is known as the home of Dracula. Romania is a safe country to live in and attracts ex-pats from around the world every year. This country has a rich history and a unique atmosphere. If you are moving to the UK, then Romania might be a great country to move to.

Best Places To Live In Romania

Romania has a lot of great places and offers a variety of entertainment options. The rich local culture attracts visitors from around the world. It is one of the top tourist attractions and is also attracting ex-pats. Here are some of the good places to live in Romania.


Timișoara is the largest city and is located in western Romania. It is the third biggest city in the country and has been declared the European Capital of Culture. The city has a vivid cultural life and an expanding social and economic status. If you are an investor and want to find some good places for investment, then this city is the perfect place to choose. The city is a major business hub and offers a lot of job opportunities for people moving to Romania. You might have to face a high cost of living if you move to this city.

2. Brasov

Brasov is one of the major Transylvania cities in Romania. This place is conveniently located and is the perfect place for all nature lovers. It is a great location for all travelers and ex-pats alike. You must visit Peles Castle and Bran Castle if you are in this city. It is a popular place and is home to Dracula’s palace. If you love winter sports, then it is a great place to live in. Brasov has an idyllic and romantic atmosphere and is an ideal place for couples. It Is the cultural hub of Romania and offers quality life and cleanliness. The city needs improvements as there is a lack of green areas.

3. Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is often called Romania’s Silicon Valley. It has a prospering technological development and is gaining popularity as the business hub of Romania. The city has a history of IT-related job opportunities. Cluj-Napoca is safe for all young spirits. You can spot a variety of stunning historic buildings, museums, and serene nature. Plenty of international events and rich nightlife will welcome you the moment you enter the city. Cluj-Napoca is one of the best places to live in Romania as it offers an excellent quality of life.

4. Oradea

Oradea has a great reputation and has gained importance in Romania. The local council has developed the city in so many ways. There is economic growth in the city as a lot of investment has been made by the European Union. The locals are satisfied with the high quality of life.

5. Constanta

Constanta is an attractive city that is situated on the Black Sea. The city offers fresh food and sandy beaches. It is attracting tourism because the city has many scenic places and great night life. You can find a lot of jobs here as the city has been developed in the commercial sector. Constanta is a great place for people looking for permanent residence. There are plenty of other coastal resorts that are nearby this city.

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6. Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and is the most famous city. It is a densely populated one and offers everything that an ex-pat expects. You are likely to find almost everything in Bucharest as the city offers almost everything. The capital city of Romania has endless exotic restaurant options. You can also visit the dance studios and maintain fitness at the well-equipped gyms.

There are a lot of career options for all the people looking for different types of job fields. The residents of different countries are attracted to this city as it offers the best of everything. There are many prominent universities in Bucharest. It is also well connected to the countries in the world. The city lets you travel with ease and you can go to different locations for your vacations and trips.

There are a lot of convenient means of transport like the metro system, trams, and trolleys. You can also enjoy going on bike tours and exploring a wide variety of different adventurers. It is a great place for all sports enthusiasts.

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