Strikes at Brussels Airlines canceled after agreement with pilots

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The pilots of Brussels Airlines will not stop work this month after all. The unions and management reached an agreement to reduce the pilots’ workload. The airline and the BBTK union confirmed this on Tuesday.

“This agreement improves the work-life balance of our pilots and at the same time ensures the competitiveness of Brussels Airlines,” the airline said in a short statement. “This also means that all actions taken by our pilots are no longer an issue.”

At the end of November, the pilots had filed a strike notice and threatened strikes from December 11. These actions have now been canceled, Olivier Van Camp of the socialist trade union BBTK also confirms. Van Camp talks about “measures to make the work schedule more bearable”. Pilots would have more peace of mind when they have to combine certain connections. They also receive three wild cards per year to “use on difficult connections”. According to the trade unionist, this is “a good agreement” that means “a huge improvement in terms of safety”.

The cabin crew of Brussels Airlines had also threatened to strike in December, but at the end of November the unions had already agreed not to strike in that case. The management came up with a proposal that, according to BBTK, includes financial guarantees and agreements regarding working conditions, rest and guaranteed income in the event of illness. The cabin crew will be consulted about this this month.

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