Record Breaking Attendance At 100th Motor Show

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For its 100th edition, the Motor Show has attracted more than a quarter of a million visitors to Brussels Expo. This was announced by car federation Febiac on Sunday on the final day of the event. The organizer speaks of a “phenomenal success”.

The Motor Show opened to the public last Saturday and closes at 7 p.m. on Sunday evening. In advance, it was aimed at 300,000 visitors, but with more than 265,000, that cape was just not reached.

“This makes the Motor Show still the most popular indoor event in Belgium. We welcomed about 30,000 people a day,” says Gabriel Goffoy, director of Febiac and the Motor Show. “With the current constellation (in six palaces of Brussels Expo, ed.) That is the limit, it must remain pleasant for people.”

Electric Cars

The Motor Show was advertised as “the show of green cars” and it was, says Goffoy. “Of the 400 cars here, 200 have been electrified. Companies in particular are currently interested in electric cars, the purchase price is often still too high for private individuals. “There is a need for structural fiscal support from the government, for example in the construction sector,” pleaded Goffoy.

It was striking to Goffoy that more and more young people are finding their way to the salon. “In addition, private individuals are genuinely interested in the ecological car.”

Climate Activists

The climate activists of Extinction Rebellion deliberately hijacked seven large billboards and 70 posters in bus shelters in Brussels last week, during the Motor Show, to raise awareness of greenwashing by BMW and Toyota. “Posters were also pasted at the Motor Show,” says Goffoy. “We are open to other opinions, as long as it remains peaceful. But you don’t make a difference with a poster on the toilet.”

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