Magasin 4 Closing Celebrations: Alternative Music Temple

Sarhan Basem
Credit: Magasin 4

Until the beginning of February, Magasin can organize 4 concerts at the current location on the Havenlaan. The search for a new, temporary location is now difficult, although Magasin 4 hopes to be able to organize concerts again by September.

It was equally known that Magasin 4 had to leave the current building opposite Tour & Taxis. The concert hall will soon have to be demolished to make way for the future Becopark. Six hundred meters further north of the new park, Magasin 4 will get a new room in 2024. Fans of hardcore, metal, punk and ska can still visit the current location for a few more weeks, until Magasin 4 has to leave the venue in February. The alternative music temple promises three more solid party weekends.

“We had already booked a number of bands for the month of January, but when we were told our closing date, we stopped our normal programming and started to set up our three big closing parties,” says Magasin 4 coordinator Christophe Masson. “We wanted, unlike our birthday concerts, to focus mainly on Belgian bands we love, friends, groups of our volunteers, also groups that are part of the story of the Magasin 4. Those evenings will therefore be less coherent than usual at Magasin 4, but no less festive.”

The closing parties take place on the last two weekends of January and the first weekend of February. The program features roaring names from Brussels and Belgium such as Neptunian Maximalism, The Progerians, Galvanize, Krakenizer, Length of Time and PEGA. Expect noise, punk, electro, metal and psychedelia, but also other Magasin 4 specialties such as black metal and doom.

No Temporary Location Yet

The search for a new temporary location in anticipation of 2024 continues, although it is difficult. Magasin 4 receives help from, among others, the Brussels development company Citydev, but it has not yet yielded any success. Mid-January Magasin 4 will visit one of the options, in Anderlecht.

“Of all the places that were suggested to us, this would be the best location,” said Masson. “The building will be released in April. We hope that we can resume the performances in September. That sounds far away, but it takes time to get everything ready and to be able to book.”

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