List of Michelin-Star Restaurants In Brussels

Dr. István Ujhelyi MEP

Brussels (Brussels Morning) There are 24 Michelin Star Restaurants In Brussels and a good reason to go: excellent food, gorgeous settings, and stellar local produce make for a seductive dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant near the Champs-Elysées or a more upscale restaurant in the backstreets of the city, Brussels has something for you. And, as with any major city, reservations are required, and it’s best to book ahead.

Despite its reputation for chocolate and beer, Belgium also has world-class food. You can sample delicious dishes from fine gourmet restaurants in Brussels, including many Michelin-starred establishments. Some of the most famous of these include Sovenir in Gent, Humus x Hortense in Sainte-Croix, and L’Air du Temps in Liernu. While most people think of star restaurants in Paris and New York, the city has more than its fair share of Michelin-starred restaurants.

One of the most popular restaurants in Brussels is Comme Chez Soi. This two-Michelin-starred restaurant is located in the heart of the city. The food is sensational, and the cozy, art nouveau interior adds to the ambiance. The name “Come Chez Soi” is a tribute to chef Lionel Rigolet. Its name means ‘Come Home’.

With 16 Michelin Star Restaurants in Brussels, the city has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in Europe. The city also has more one-star restaurants per capita than Paris. The most notable two-star eateries are Chalet de la Foret and Seagrill, which both have been rated by Michelin as among the world’s best. The latter is currently under construction, but lunch at Chalet de la Foret will set you back EUR 65.

If you’re traveling from afar, the best restaurants in Brussels are located near the city’s main square. You can find Michelin-starred restaurants in Brussels by visiting the city’s downtown area. For example, Fin de Siecle is a neighborhood bistro with a cozy atmosphere and fantastic food. The staff is friendly and helpful, and portions are reasonable. Menu items include mussels, beefsteak, shrimp in garlic sauce, and vegan pasta. Getting a table is easy. A complimentary mint tea is a nice touch as well.

There are Michelin-starred restaurants in Brussels. However, if you’re on a budget, it’s best to choose a neighborhood bistro in Brussels. A neighborhood bistro is a charming place that is affordable and offers a warm, homey feel. Moreover, the staff is extremely friendly and makes valuable suggestions. The portions are big and the prices are reasonable. The mussels and beef steak, as well as the vegan pasta, are some of the best options. A nice touch is the complimentary mint tea.

The city’s restaurants are highly regarded, with many attracting one or two Michelin stars. Nevertheless, it’s possible to find Michelin-star restaurants in Brussels that don’t necessarily need Michelin-star status. A great option for eating out in Brussels is a cozy neighborhood bistro. These places are comfortable and have great food. If you have a budget, a small restaurant like Le Rabassier may be more affordable for you.

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, Brussels is a great place to go. The city’s culinary scene is diverse and offers cuisine from across the world. The food in Brussels has no public health crisis, so you can enjoy a fantastic meal while visiting the city. The best restaurants in Brussels are the ones that serve fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are not afraid to experiment. If you’re in the mood to spend your money, a good Michelin-starred restaurant may be right for you.

Come to chez Soi: This two-star restaurant is located in an old butcher shop. It’s a good place to dine with friends or family. Its menu is diverse and includes Italian, French, and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to its Michelin-starred status, these restaurants are open to visitors of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. A visit to the city’s restaurants and bars in Brussels is a great way to experience the city’s cuisine.

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