How Do Teeth Implants Work? Its Benefits And Types

Sarhan Basem
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Have you ever wondered what having a perfect set of natural-looking teeth would be like again? Don’t fret if the thought of wearing dentures throughout your life makes you uneasy! There’s a fantastic solution available to restore your teeth, both cosmetically and functionally, dental implants.

So, you might be wondering, How do teeth implants work? Let’s break it down for you in simple terms.

The Procedure: How Do Teeth Implants Work?

  • Surgical Implantation: The dental implant procedure typically involves several steps. To begin with, your dentist will carefully place a small titanium post into your jawbone. This post acts as a strong foundation for replacement teeth. But don’t worry; you won’t feel a thing – it’s done under anesthesia
  • Osseointegration: After the post is implanted, you’ll need some time to heal. During this healing period, a remarkable process called osseointegration occurs. The post will fuse with your natural jawbone, creating a sturdy base for the new teeth
  • Abutment Placement: After the successful osseointegration process, the dental implant is then affixed with a small connector known as an abutment. The abutment functions as a linking point for the replacement teeth
  • Attaching the Crowns: Now comes the exciting part, attaching the replacement teeth! Your dentist will craft custom-made crowns that closely resemble your natural teeth. These crowns are then securely fixed onto the abutment, giving you a flawless set of teeth that both look and function just like your original ones

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Hopefully, you get the answer to the query: How do teeth implants work? The benefits of dental implants vary, and here’s why they are an excellent choice for tooth restoration:

  • Natural Look and Feel: Dental implants provide the closest thing to having your natural teeth back. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll have teeth that look, feel, and function just like the real ones
  • Long-Lasting Solution: Dental implants offer unmatched durability and longevity. With proper care, they can last a lifetime, making them a fantastic investment in your oral health
  • Improved Confidence: Say goodbye to self-consciousness about missing teeth! Dental implants will restore your smile, boosting your confidence and self-esteem
  • Seamless Integration: Since dental implants fuse with your jawbone, they become a permanent part of your mouth, eliminating any worries about slipping or shifting as with dentures
  • No Food Restrictions: Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants permit you to enjoy all your favorite foods without restrictions. So go ahead and indulge in that steak or crunchy apple
  • Oral Health Support: Dental implants play a crucial role in preserving the health of your jawbone and neighboring teeth. By halting bone loss and maintaining the natural alignment of your teeth, they effectively contribute to the overall well-being of your oral structure

Types of Dental Implants

Various types of dental implants to suit individual needs are mentioned below:

  • Endosteal Implants: These are the most commonly used dental implants. Shaped like small screws, they are surgically placed directly into your jawbone
  • Subperiosteal Implants: Subperiosteal implants are an ideal option for patients with shallow jawbones. They are placed under your gum, either on or above the jawbone, avoiding the need for bone-rebuilding procedures.

Conclusion: How Do Teeth Implants Work?

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for anyone seeking natural-looking teeth restoration. Now that you know the answer to the question: How do teeth implants work? You can confidently explore this option with your dentist. Say hello to a beautiful, confident smile that will last a lifetime! Don’t wait any longer; take the first step towards reclaiming your radiant smile with dental implants today.

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