Giovanni Bordonaro Is New Chairman PVDA Brussels

Sarhan Basem
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Giovanni Bordonaro (31) is the new president of the PVDA Brussels-Capital Region. Bordonaro has been party leader of the PVDA in the Anderlecht city council since 2018 and has been part of the party since 2013. “We are ready to be part of the municipal majorities in 2024.”

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Bordonaro (31) is the father of a three-year-old daughter and has been active within the party since he was 22. As party leader in Anderlecht, he became known in recent months for his opposition to Good Move.

Municipal Elections 2024

“With our 200 deputies we have agreed: before 2024 we are ready to be part of municipal majorities,” it says in a press release. “We want to create positive experiences: working with the people, forging a link between political life and that of citizens and associations.”

The new chairman wants to further strengthen the departments that are already well established in various working-class neighborhoods, such as Anderlecht, Molenbeek, Sint-Gillis, Brussels-City, Vorst and Schaarbeek. “We have also launched branches in Uccle, Jette and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert,” says Bordonaro. “We want to deepen our roots, but also expand throughout the region.”

Housing And Mobility

In addition, Bordonaro will continue to focus on the party’s existing spearheads, such as housing and mobility. “We cannot fight uncertainty and more purchasing power without solving the housing issue. We need to take ambitious measures, such as a binding rent ceiling and a 30 percent share of social housing in all new private housing projects,” said Bordonaro.

As far as mobility is concerned, the party mainly wants to focus on good accessibility. “I want a city where public transport is an efficient and pleasant way to get around,” said the new chairman. “A city where young people who go out at night, or people who work at night, can come home by public transport, via night routes.”

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