Ghent University Hospital Deploys UV-C Robot ‘Sam’ for Rapid, Chemical-Free Disinfection

Sarhan Basem
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Ghent: (Brussels Morning) Ghent University Hospital uses a UV-C light robot named “Robot Sam” to quickly and chemically-free disinfect rooms killing viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air.

In hospitals when someone has a contagious virus like coronavirus or norovirus they clean everything very carefully to keep everyone safe. They start by getting rid of things that can’t be reused like linens to stop the virus from spreading. Then they clean all the surfaces that people touch a lot like bed rails, doorknobs, and counters using strong disinfectants that can kill the specific virus. After cleanin, they use strong disinfectants on surfaces and let them sit for a while to make sure all the germs are killed. They also clean medical equipment following hospital rules. They make sure the room is well-ventilated to remove any remaining germs in the air. Any waste from cleaning is disposed of safely to prevent the spread of infection. Checking regularly and sticking to strict cleaning rules are super important to keep the healthcare place safe and prevent the virus from spreading.

How Ghent University Hospital Uses UV-C Robot ‘Sam’ for Rapid, Chemical-Free Disinfection?

At Ghent University Hospital they’re using a robot named “Robot Sam” to clean rooms in a new way. Instead of waiting 24 hours for chemicals to work Robot Sam uses UV-C light to kill viruses and bacteria on surfaces. This special light disrupts the DNA and RNA of germs stopping them from spreading and making them harmless. Using UV-C light with Robot Sam is better than regular cleaning. It’s faster doesn’t need chemicals and can clean tricky spots well. This helps hospitals stay clean lowers infection risks and makes sure patients are safe and things run smoothly.

UV-C light is like a strong light that can clean surfaces and air by harming the germs’ RNA and DNA. Pascal De Waegemaeker says that using a robot with UV-C light makes sure everything is  clean because it can reach all spots and clean the air in a room. Using UV-C light can be risky for people if they are exposed directly. To stay safe the cleaning team controls the robot from far away using a tablet. This way they can clean well without putting themselves or others in danger. UV-C light is for killing germs if used carefully.

Sam is a fast cleaner takes only 20 minutes. No need for chemical so cleaning is eco-friendly. Sam starts cleaning the complex and rooms this week. The robot costs 58,000 euros. Hospital plans to get more digital helpers later. Hospital says Sam won’t replace cleaners. They’ll still clean. Sam helps improve quality. Cleaning faster means new patients can come in quickly. It gives cleaners time for other tasks.

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