Genk’s Green Transformation: Evence Coppeelaan Revitalized for Safety and Community

Sarhan Basem

Genk (Brussels Morning) – Evence Coppeelaan in Genk underwent extensive eco-friendly roadwork transforming it into a walker and cyclist-friendly street promoting safety and community involvement. Positive feedback from locals showcases its success. 

The road work on Evence Coppeelaan in Genk is almost done making it a big deal for the city. The Flemish government started this project to not only improve the roads but also focus on being eco-friendly and safe. This all began after a serious accident on the old city road showing the urgent need for changes. 

Has Genk Achieved the Gold Standard in Eco-Friendly Urban Development with Evence Coppeelaan Transformation?

The project has been extensive including making the city more pleasant friendly for walkers and bikers and adding green areas. By focusing on these aspect, they aim to create a nicer and more accessible city area promoting community involvement and happiness.

They’ve widened the sidewalks added bike lanes and improved the landscaping making the road safer and more welcoming. They’ve also made changes to how traffic flows and redesigned intersections to reduce congestion and make it safer for everyone.

Local residents have given positive feedback liking how Evence Coppeelaan has become a lively and walker-friendly street. With the final construction phase happening now finishing this big project is a major step in Genk’s city.

A few years ago Evence Coppéelaan was a busy four-lane road without much space for cyclists and walkers. It’s 1.2 kilometers long and links the city center to C-Mine. Flemish Minister Lydia Peters (Open VLD) mentioned that This spot was considered risky. We focused on making it safer. This is the standard we want for our broader roads in the future.

Genk’s Green Makeover: Residents Thrilled with Eco-Friendly Revamp

Evence Coppéelaan has been transformed into a two-lane road for cars with a spacious cycle path winding through the middle. There’s also a service road where grass grows between the pavers keeping it green Alderman Karel Kriekemans (CD&V) mentioned “We aimed to keep the service roads and parking areas green during the construction.” Local residents are pleased with the quiet and green street. Silvana and Rosanna, local residents, mentioned that the construction will continue until the year’s end but are excited about the outcome. They enjoy walking there especially the route to Vennestraat which has become very pleasant.

The Flemish government funded two-thirds of the reconstruction. Flemish Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) stated, “This is the most significant greening project in Flanders. We must prioritize adding greenery, accommodating pedestrians and cyclists, and managing water effectively.”

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