DFDS Leads the Way in Sustainable Shipping with Ammonia-Powered Vessels in Ghent

Sarhan Basem

Ghent (Brussels Morning) – DFDS is investing in eco-friendly vessels including ammonia-powered ships, to reduce carbon emissions and support the European Green Deal making significant strides in sustainable shipping.

DFDS runs a special service between Ghent and Gothenburg called the “Green Corridor.” They ship ammonia in a sustainable way, which is a big deal globally. This helps cut down 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

What are the key initiatives and investments made by DFDS to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable shipping practices?

DFDS is spending a lot of money to make their ships eco-friendly for the “Green Corridor” service. They’re either upgrading their current ships’ engines or buying new environmentally friendly ones. This shows that DFDS is serious about reducing their carbon footprint in the shipping industry.

The “Green Corridor” is all about making transport in North Sea Port more eco-friendly. They’re focusing on using trains and waterways instead of roads to cut down on carbon emissions and traffic. Daan Schalck, the CEO probably wants to expand this idea to make the port more sustainable and help the local economy grow.

Daan Schalck the CEO of North Sea Port wants to make the “Green Corridor” even greener by using clean electricity at the Ghent port terminal. This means all the terminal’s tools and equipment will run on renewable electricity. They’re also setting up shore power at the terminal so ships can plug into the grid instead of running their engines which cuts down on emissions and noise a lot.Schalck is all about adding electric trucks to the port’s logistics. These trucks will charge up using the shore power setup so they can move goods to and from the port and nearby factories without needing fossil fuels. This helps the port stay green and encourages using clean energy for transportation in the area.

Why did DFDS choose ammonia over hydrogen for their ships and what are the implications for the shipping industry?

DFDS decided to go with ammonia instead of hydrogen for their ships because ammonia requires less storage volume compared to hydrogen. This makes it a more practical choice for maritime transport as it takes up less space on the vessels. Hydrogen on the other hand needs larger volumes and specific handling infrastructure presenting logistical and technical challenges.

Schalck is really happy that DFDS chose ammonia for their ships. It’s a big deal for the shipping industry’s push for sustainability especially with the European Green Deal. This shows that the shipping industry is serious about cutting carbon emissions and moving to cleaner fuels. DFDS a major shipping company with lots of trips to and from Ghent, is leading the way by using ammonia powered ships which is a big step towards greener shipping.

Choosing ammonia for the ships doesn’t just help right now but it also shows that the industry knows it needs to help the environment. This move is a big step towards using practices that are good for the environment and could encourage more progress in making maritime transport cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

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