Court Backs Peaceful Pro-Palestine Protesters at Ghent University

Sarhan Basem

Ghent (Brussels Morning) – The Ghent court upheld activists’ right to protest at Ghent University dismissing safety concerns. Activists celebrate the legal validation while the university considers mandatory eviction.

The court in Ghent said no one has to leave the Ghent University building right now. The activists supporting Palestine have been there for over a month. The university asked the court to make them leave because they said it wasn’t safe. But the judge disagreed and said the activists have the right to protest peacefully. The judge explained in detail why the university’s reasons weren’t strong enough. The judge mentioned there was no violence or damage. He also said universities should allow peaceful protests and discussions.

Can Ghent University Justify Evicting Pro-Palestine Protesters After Court Ruling?

The court in Ghent said Ghent University couldn’t prove there were calls for hate violence or discrimination or that the protest was unreasonable. The judge talked about the complex international situation and said the incident the university mentioned on May 24 was different from what’s happening now. The court emphasized that people from the university can still work in the building and classes can go on for students not involved in the protest. The judge didn’t see enough evidence to support the safety concerns.

We’ve been through a lot lately with ups and downs. We’ve stayed strong in our cause believing in what we’re fighting for. Despite the challenges we kept going supported by our community. Today,we’re happy to say our hard work has paid off. Our actions have been legally recognized showing that what we’re doing is right and protected. This is a big step for us showing that our efforts are not only valid but also praiseworthy. With this legal support we’re more confident in making a positive impact and creating change.

 We want to thank everyone who supported us. Your belief and encouragement have been crucial. Together we’ve shown that determination and unity can lead to great things. As we look ahead, we’re hopeful and excited for what’s to come knowing that our mission now has the legal backing it deserves.

What Are Ghent University’s Next Steps After Court Upholds Pro-Palestine Protest?

The activists are super happy after winning the case. Rudi their spokesperson said they feel validated and supported by the court. He mentioned how this victory gives them more energy and determination to keep fighting for their cause. Rudi described the day as full of different feelings like excitement worry, and finally happiness. The court’s decision has given the activists a big boost and they are more motivated than ever to continue their work. They see this win as not just a legal success but also an emotional milestone that strengthens their dedication to their cause.

Ghent University is thinking about what to do next after the court’s decision. They had given the activists a deadline to leave but the activists didn’t. Today there was a mix-up in the building when people thought there was an evacuation but it was just a police exercise. The activists felt it was police intimidation but also saw it as practice for a real evacuation. The university is now starting the process for a mandatory eviction. Previous talks between the university and the activists didn’t work out.

The people protesting want the university to stop working with some Israeli companies. The university already stopped working with Israeli schools because of the activists and a human rights group. But the protesters think this isn’t enough because they’re worried about future partnerships. They also want the university to have stricter rules about the environment. The protest started a month ago on May 6. The protesters think that the university’s connections with Israel support conflicts in Gaza and bad treatment of people in Palestine. The university let the protest happen, but they tried to remove the protesters two weeks ago. They stopped that to talk but now a judge said they have to leave.

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