5 Best Places To Live In Bosnia and Herzegovina (2024)

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Bosnia (Brussels Morning Newspaper) – Bosnia and Herzegovina boast of natural parks, waterfalls, and emerald green rivers. It is a hidden gem that will you will love to explore. There are plenty of historical towns while the cities combine contemporary architecture beautifully. Every location offers a different atmosphere for travelers and residents. If you are planning to settle in Bosnia and Herzegovina feel assured the cost of living is low. When it comes to food and transport costs they are minimal too. Locals are warm and welcoming and they will help you settle in this new country conveniently.

5 Best Cities To Live In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Are you planning to move to Bosnia and Herzegovina? Here are some good places to live:

1. Sarajevo

Many ex-pats like to relocate to the capital Sarajevo. There are plenty of organizations that offer employment opportunities to the residents. If you are an entrepreneur focusing to set up a business in commuting or technology, choose this city. You will be surprised to know that it has a huge tourism economy. Moreover, it remains to be one of the most popular holiday destinations. The city boasts of rich history.

There are many museums, Mosques, Catholic Cathedrals, and Synagogues. You can look at the modern walls and skyscrapers surrounding the city. Art lovers can enjoy the cultural scene as many popular Film Festivals and International theater festivals are taking place.

2. Banja Luka

Banja Luka is one of the second-largest cities in Bosnia. It used to be an important military center that is governed by a pasha. This city has many industries that include fruit, vegetable canning, and brewing. Many machines, tools, appliances, and clothing are manufactured here. Banja Luka has a safe environment and offers many sports activities. Many people call it the city of youth and residents can enjoy kayaking and rafting on the Vrbas River.

The culture is quite different from other cities. Residents and travelers can enjoy visiting many galleries and events throughout the year. There is a National and Children’s Theatre of Republika Srpska and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The historical core boasts communities and temples.

3. Tuzla

Tuzla is the third-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has an industrial setup and may not be a visually appealing destination. However, it is a lovely town that offers inexpensive living. The city is wealthy as the major economic source is salt production. If you are moving to Tuzla from the UK, you will find plenty of job opportunities in marketing, engineering, and the economy.

You can also build up a strong career at the United Nations. Are you a history lover? Don’t forget to visit Pannonian lakes while the City fountain is located in the center of the city. The best part is that you can find fresh water for free. While living in Tuzla you can enjoy the scenic views of nature.

4. Zenica

Zenica is another good city if you are relocating to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an industrial city that is located near Sarajevo on the Bosna River. Many walls and mountains surround the entire city. You can explore the City Museum and the Art gallery is a treat for art lovers. There is a mosque and many shopping facilities for shopping lovers. While living in Zenica you cannot afford to miss the Austrian Fountain.

 The main city square is now open to New Year’s concerts and music festivals. There are plenty of trade fairs and the overall environment is safe and quiet. For some time now the transportation system has become more modern. With increased farming production there is a large number of products available.

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5. Mostar

Mostar is one of the most visited and popular destinations in Bosnia. You will be surprised to see a mixture of Bosniak and Croat cultures here. Neretva River is surrounding the entire city from various areas. It happens to be one of the fifth-largest cities in the country. Residents cannot miss out on the monument that is Stari Mostar. The old bridge sits across the river and has recently become the host of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

If you are looking for some good job opportunities Mostar offers many of them. You can choose to work remotely in the first class working space. Whether you choose to become a project director or a school teacher is your choice. Do you like to relax in a good environment? Don’t worry as Mostar provides you with a perfect atmosphere.

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