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Vera Celis

Vera Celis is a Belgian politician who represents N-VA. Vera Celis taught biology and geography at the Sint-Aloysius Institute in Geel before entering into politics.Read more
Celis has served as a member of the Commission for Education and Equal Opportunities since her election to the Flemish Parliament in 2009. Celis has served on the party board and party council, and as mayor of Geel since 2013. The Flemish minister Liesbeth Homans retired in 2014, leaving Celis as the Flemish representative in the Antwerp electoral district. ,

One important news about Celis was the visit of the Romanian Ambassador to Geel (Antwerp province) which was reported in the Newsletter of the Embassy of Romania in Belgium, dated November 18, 2013. The Ambassador had a meeting with Vera Celis, the Mayor of Geel, to discuss the preparation of the Special Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium in September 2014. Mayor Celis stated she was open to visiting the country and wanted to learn more about the Romanian educational system.

Vera Celis’ contributions to the public forum often centre on several political and socioeconomic challenges confronting Belgium, particularly issues involving Flemish interests, conservative principles, and economic policies. Celis regularly participates in discussions and debates about immigration, law and order, regional autonomy, and economic reform, which are important issues for the N-VA. Celis was an outspoken supporter of laws that strengthened national sovereignty, fostered Flemish nationalism, and advanced conservative values in Belgian politics.

Celis' remarks and actions often bring attention from followers and opponents, and her views cause controversy or debate in the political arena. The politician often appears in news articles, interviews, and opinion pieces explaining her viewpoints on many subjects, contributing to the greater discourse on Flemish politics and Belgian society as a prominent member of the N-VA.


Elected as a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives for the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) party, representing Limburg.


Re-elected to the Chamber of Representatives.


Vera Celis remains active in politics, representing the interests of her constituents and contributing to legislative efforts at the national level.

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Press Releases

A press release for Vera Celis and King Phillip happened on May 26, 2016. Read more
Mayor Vera Celis and the head of Catholic education welcomed King Phillip when he asked to visit the school because he was interested in adult education. King Phillip spent an hour conversing with eighteen students from various specialities, making it clear that her main goal was to get to know the students. The bicycle maintenance and digital photography divisions were the ones the king chose to visit.

Mayor of the City of Geel, Vera Celis, came to pay her respects on the 60th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence on August 06, 2022. Her Excellency Symone Betton Nayo, Ambassador of Jamaica to Belgium, accompanied her. Jamaica commemorates its 60 years of independence. Reggae Geel does not exist without Jamaica. Reggae Geel and the City of Geel have been giving Jamaican music a stage for 42 years.


Vera Celis responded to the power outage issue last September 17, 2015, “Last year we were spared because of our Seveso companies (which work with hazardous substances, ed.) and our industry.Read more
Other criteria may have now been used. We are going to look at which streets are exactly at which risk. We will take measures based on that. Because, for example, the hospital does have an emergency generator, but it only works for a few hours. Fortunately, we already took some measures last year, even if we fell. then out of the plan.” Kempen residents are at a higher risk of going without electricity during the winter than last year. The shutdown plan that has been suggested makes it clear. The black-out towns of Turnhout, Mol, and Geel escaped last winter, but they are at greater risk if an imminent blackout occurs.

Vera Celis delivered a speech during the exhibition's opening for Fred Bervoets on October 6, 2015, “What particularly appealed to me and made me think were some of the answers you gave in interviews that I read. One of those questions was: why an exhibition in Geel? How does a person end up in Geel? Your answer was one of gold for me: I have something to do with that city, Jan Hoet, Middle Gate, family nursing, I admire that. A number of my colleagues and students have ended up in psychiatry and then you get respect for the helping hand!” It is an exhibit for the arts created by Bervoets.

Vera Celis gave a speech and said, “The incumbent parties often lose something - they are the target of criticism. We are satisfied that we remain the largest party and that the coalition remains intact.” Celis said it on October 15, 2018, when the coalition partners CD&V and N-VA lost one or more seats, but with 20 of the 33 seats, parties have the opportunity to maintain the existing alliance together. The new partnership was finalised, and Vera Celis (N-VA), the current mayor, kept her position.

Vera Celis delivered a speech in front of her local citizens, “These companies are indeed all companies that are strongly anchored in our region. This often concerns petrochemicals or pharmaceuticals, but there are others: I am thinking of CIPAL, the IT inter-municipal company of the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg, or the biotechnical company Genzyme that produces a protein therapy for Pompe genetic muscle disease in Geel. Over the years, a strong relationship has been built up between the board and the industry or business community here.” Geel extends a warm welcome to investors, managers, and inhabitants. The biggest businesses had locations there for a considerable amount of time. Vera Celis, a Flemish MP and mayor in her first term as a "citizen mother," wants to retain and attract businesses.

Who is Vera Celis?

Vera Celis was born in Turnhout on August 6, 1959. Vera Calis is an N-VA politician from Belgium. Celis spent a long time teaching biology and geography at the Sint-Aloysius Institute in Geel. She temporarily left the position to fulfil her political mandate. Celis had little political experience but contributed to the N-VA’s growth in Geel. Vera Celis was elected to the Flemish Parliament after placing sixth on the N-VA electoral list for the Antwerp electoral district on June 7, 2009, in the direct Flemish elections. She served as an interim Commission for Economy, Economic Government Instruments, Innovation, and Science member in the 2009 to 2014 session and the Commission for Education and Equal Opportunities.

The politician participated in the Geel municipal elections in 2012 when she was elected Mayor of the city in 2013, and the N-VA emerged as the winning party. She was re-elected to her seat in the 2018 municipal elections. Celis serves on the N-VA Turnhout district board and is a party board and party council member. She succeeded Flemish minister Liesbeth Homans as Flemish representative for the Antwerp electoral district at the end of July 2014 following the direct Flemish elections on May 25, 2014. Vera Celis was ranked 32nd on the Antwerp N-VA list in the May 26, 2019, Flemish elections. She came just short of being re-elected, with 9,727 preference votes.

Vera Celis biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Vera Celis
Full Name Vera Celis
Date of Birth August 6, 1969
Place of Birth Turnhout, Belgium
Occupation Teacher in Geography and Biology Politician
Political Party New Flemish Alliance (N-VA)
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Flemish Member of Parliament 2009 to 2019
Municipal Councilor (Geel) 2013 to present
Mayor (Geel) 2013 to present

When did Vera Celis Become Part of the Flemish Parliament?

Vera Celis became part of the Flemish Parliament in 2009. Vera Celis was a teacher before she entered politics. She joined the New Flemish Parliament (N-VA) and was elected as a Member of Parliament. The New Flemish Alliance is a nationalist and conservative political party based in Belgium. The right-wing faction of the centrist-nationalist People’s Union (VU) founded the party in 2001. 

The main goals of the centre-right N-VA party were to redefine Belgium as a confederal nation and advance Flemish autonomy. The process involves gradually giving each of the two Belgian communities more autonomy in the hope that lead to Flemish independence. A significant part of the N-VA’s early program was borrowed from the defunct VU, described as a broad-based party rooted in Flemish nationalism.

The Flemish Parliament (Vlaams Parlement) is formerly called the Flemish Council or Vlaamse Raad. It is the legislative body in Flanders for matters within its jurisdiction, both as a geographic region and as a cultural community of Belgium. Wallonia and the French Community have separate legislatures, the French Community’s Parliament and Wallonia’s Parliament.

The Flemish Parliament selects and oversees the Flemish Government, approves the Flemish budget, and enacts decrees, which are Flemish laws that apply to everyone living in the Flemish Region and to Flemish institutions in Brussels. The House of the Flemish Representatives houses the Flemish Parliament’s employees and members, and the parliament meets in the Flemish Parliament building in the heart of Brussels.

What is the Political Party of Vera Celis?

Vera Celis’s political party is the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), a conservative and Flemish nationalist party in Belgium. Celis supports the N-VA’s goals, emphasising Flemish interests, conservative principles, and measures to advance economic growth and national sovereignty. Members of other Belgian political parties, particularly individuals with opposing ideologies, such as federalist or progressive parties, are competitors or alternatives to Celis in politics.

Celis’s allies are other N-VA members and friends who share her beliefs about conservative ideals and Flemish nationalism. She has adversaries within and outside of her party, like politicians in Belgium, who represent a variety of viewpoints and conflicting interests. Celis’ ideas within the N-VA focus on problems, including regional autonomy, immigration, law and order, and economic change, which are congruent with the party’s program.

Some of Celis’ previous responsibilities within the party were developing party policies, running successful election campaigns, and speaking on behalf of the N-VA in different venues. She worked for the N-VA both early and late in her career. Celis’ contributions and dedication to the organisation’s agenda impacted her reputation within the party and in Flanders’ larger political environment despite her successes and disappointments. Important information about the N-VA Party News is interesting to know.

How did Vera Celis begin her career?

Vera Celis began her career as a teacher in Geography and Biology at the Sint-Aloysius Institute in Geel. She left that role temporarily to pursue her political calling. Celis had limited political expertise, but she contributed to the N-VA’s growth in Geel. Vera Celis was elected to the Flemish Parliament on June 7, 2009, after placing sixth on the N-VA electoral ticket in the Antwerp electoral district. Celis served as a replacement member of the Commission for Economy, Economic Government Instruments, Innovation, Science Policy, Work and Social Economy and as a permanent Commission for Education and Equal Opportunities member in the 2009 – 2014 legislature.

Vera Celis participated in the Geel municipal elections of 2012, when the N-VA emerged as the winning party, and was elected mayor of the city in 2013. The politician was re-elected to her seat in the 2018 municipal elections. She serves on the N-VA party board and council, and the N-VA Turnhout district board. A direct Flemish election was held on May 25, 2014, which saw her take over the Flemish representative for the Antwerp electoral district from Flemish minister Liesbeth Homans. She was ranked 32nd on the Antwerp N-VA list on May 26, 2019, with 9,727 preference votes, and she came just short of winning another term.

What is the Official Title of Vera Celis ?

The official title of Vera Celis is MP or Member of Parliament. The Flemish Parliament Building in Brussels is the home of the parliamentary body, representing the Flemish Community and the Flemish Region. The Flemish Community comprises the 124 members of the Flemish Parliament. Six of its members are elected from the Brussels Capital Region’s electoral district, while the remaining 118 are chosen from the Flemish Region. The Flemish Parliament is not allowed to exercise regional authority in Brussels, therefore, the six members are allowed to vote on issues about the community.

Other titles of Vera Celis are listed below.

  • Municipal Councilor (2013 to present): Vera Celis was re-elected to her seat in the 2018 municipal elections. Celis serves on the N-VA Turnhout district board and is a party board and party council member.
  • Mayor (2013 to present): Celis ran in the 2012 Geel municipal elections when the N-VA won the most seats, and she has served as mayor since 2013.

When did Vera Celis Become the Mayor of Geel?

Vera Celis became the Mayor of Geel in 2013. The N-VA won the most seats in the 2012 municipal elections in Geel. Forty-five guests from Geel, Belgium, were welcomed by Tydavnet in County Monaghan on June 13, 2013. The group was led by the newly appointed Mayor, Vera Celis. The relationship of St Dympna (Davnet) united Tydavnet with Geel in the province of Antwerp. The party stayed with host families in the parish, a few of whom had been there before. They took a flight from Brussels to Dublin airport, where Cllr Paudge Connolly met them for a tour of Leinster House, and had lunch at the members’ restaurant. The Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who had a full day in the Daíl, was grateful to meet briefly with them during the visit.

One of the Mayor’s activities was the official ground-breaking ceremony for the Stormwind farm at business park Liessel was headed by mayor Vera Celis, the mayor, and aldermen Bart Julliams, Leen Beke, and Marleen Verboven, and Jan Caerts, managing director of Storm. Three wind turbines totalling six megawatts, make up the wind farm. Four thousand seven hundred homes satisfy their electrical needs with the green power produced by it. Commissioning of the wind turbines is scheduled for fall 2014. Celis has served as mayor since 2013. She was re-elected to her seat in the 2018 municipal elections.

What are the Important News about Vera Celis?

The important news about Vera Celis is listed below.

  • “Mayor Vera Celis’ term was extended” is a news broadcast on October 15, 2018. N-VA established its position as the largest party in 2012, winning 14 of the 33 seats. The majority was reduced in scope. N-VA and CD&V. ultimately won ten seats. The result was a loss of four seats for N-VA or nearly 10%. CD&V settled for one less and a coalition was formed between the parties. Alliance partners N-VA and CD&V lost one or more seats, but with 20 of the 33 seats, they formed a coalition.
  • “The CEO of CERcuits met Mayor Vera Celis and other city councils” is the news broadcast on October 16, 2020. CERcuits expressed its gratitude to the city of Geel for the opportunity, and they anticipated working closely to expand their network of creative digital entrepreneurs. CERcuits was established to help electrical engineers, researchers, developers, and buyers create, test, and validate ceramics for their projects or research to bring them into mass production. The electronics industry is seeing a resurgence in demand for ceramic and other non-organic circuits. Its substrates have become increasingly complex and integrated due to growing integration, environmental regulations, and increased integration.
  • “The Geel Hospital’s Rehabilitation Garden was officially launched” is the news involving Vera Celis on July 15, 2021. Mayor Vera Celis was one of the important guests, together with Jan Flament (CEO of Geel Hospital) and Jean-Pierre Willems (General Director of Spronken Orthopedics). The Garden helps patients to heal completely and move forward. There are stairs, an inclined plane, and a variety of surfaces to replicate the home environment. The rehabilitation garden in Geel is open to the community and people recuperating from various medical procedures, such as surgeries, accidents, chemotherapy, etc.

What are the Political Ideas of Vera Celis?

The political ideas of Vera Celis are aligned with the program and ideology of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), a Flemish nationalist and conservative political party based in Belgium. The N-VA is known for its defence of conservative principles, policies advancing national sovereignty and economic development, and backing of Flemish interests. The N-VA’s more general foreign policy impacts Celis’ attitude on foreign affairs, such as the Ukraine War. A European cooperation program emphasises diplomacy, national security, and ally assistance. It is difficult to thoroughly examine Celis’ political beliefs or viewpoints on particular topics, nevertheless, in the absence of her explicit remarks or stances on these topics.

Celis has substantially impacted the political scene, especially as the Mayor of Geel from January 2019. Celis directs local administration, presides over the municipal government, and advocates on behalf of Geel’s residents. Her dedication to helping her community and attending to its needs defines her leadership style.

Celis held some positions within the N-VA before she was appointed Mayor, contributing to the party’s agenda and supporting legislation that matched its programme. The programme consists of Flemish nationalism, conservative values, and economic prosperity. Celis’s time as mayor and her association with the N-VA highlights her commitment to civic engagement and her influence on Flemish politics despite her lack of information regarding her personal history and political convictions.

Vera Celis is in line with the party’s platform, which supports Flemish nationalism, conservative principles, and measures to advance economic growth and national sovereignty, given that she is a member of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). Celis favours policies that emphasise the value of Flemish interests and identity while strengthening regional autonomy for Flanders within the framework of the Belgian federal government.

She supports conservative ideas, including traditional social values, fiscal restraint, and minimal government involvement in the economy. Celis assigns top priority to matters, such as law and order, immigration reform, and free-market economic policy. It is difficult to offer a thorough examination of Celis’ political ideas in the absence of particular remarks or opinions on a range of political matters. More data from trustworthy sources are required to fully comprehend Celis’ particular political preferences and viewpoints.