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Sonja Becq

Sonja Becq is a well-known figure in Belgian politics. Sonja is the Vice-President of the Chamber of Representatives and has been active in many areas, especially concerning legislation and foreign relations.Read more

Becq, who has presided over parliamentary delegations to Taiwan in her political capacity, has emphasised the importance of understanding Taiwan's advancements, policies, and interactions with mainland China. Her interactions remind Belgium of its support for Taiwan, which is evident in resolutions endorsing Taiwan's initiatives for regional peace and trade with the EU.

Becq has been vocal on contentious issues within Belgium, notably regarding social and ethical matters. She opposed legislation allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children, expressing concerns about its implications and advocating for alternative approaches to ensure dignity in death.

Becq has been involved in legislative efforts to introduce specific statutes for court interpreters and translators, aiming to enhance the quality standards in legal proceedings.

Critics of Becq's political work, especially religious groups and some doctors have pointed out her views on euthanasia and other moral issues. Her leadership reflects bipartisan efforts to address complex challenges and strengthen bilateral relations domestically and internationally.

Sonja Becq's engagements reflect her commitment to advancing legislative reforms, promoting international cooperation, and navigating sensitive social and ethical debates within the Belgian political landscape


Sonja Becq is born.


Sonja Becq Completes her education and likely begins her professional career, possibly in education or public administration.


Sonja Becq Becomes involved in politics, joining the Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD&V) party.


Sonja Becq Elected as a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, representing Flemish Brabant.


Sonja Becq Serves as a member of the Chamber of Representatives, focusing on issues such as education, culture, and sports, before retiring from active politics.

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The press releases of Vice-President Sonja Becq of Belgium's Chamber of Representatives have led two delegations to Taiwan, one in March 2016 and another in April 2018. Read more
The visits aimed to enhance understanding of Taiwan's progress and relations with mainland China.

Vice-President Sonja Becq of the Belgian House of Representatives is leading a delegation to Taiwan from March 20 to 25, 2016. The visit aims to deepen understanding of Taiwan's progress and relations with mainland China. The delegation meets with high-ranking officials and discusses critical areas such as transportation and social welfare. The visit highlights strong ties between Belgium and Taiwan, including support for Taiwan's regional peace initiatives and economic relations with the EU. Sonja Becq's leadership underscores bipartisan efforts to strengthen bilateral relations.

Vice-President Sonja Becq of Belgium's Chamber of Representatives leads a parliamentary delegation to Taiwan from April 16 to 20, 2018. The visit aims to understand Taiwan's policies, recent developments, and relations with mainland China. The delegation met with Vice President Chen Chien-jen and visited vital government agencies and cultural and economic sites. The visit demonstrates Belgium's support for Taiwan, evident from earlier resolutions in favour of Taiwan's membership in international organisations and bilateral agreements with the EU.


CD&V-Prescriptive Authority Sonja Becq has a bill ready that calls for introducing a specific statute for gerechtsvertalers and interpreters. "Today there is no quality assurance provided by law as a court interpreter or translator for a court to act," she wrote in The Tomorrow on April 16.Read more
Becq highlighted the need for more quality standards in the current legal framework governing court interpreters and translators, underscoring the need for reform through her proposed legislation.

The Belgian lower house lifted the age limit on adult euthanasia after much debate, allowing minors to request it. Christian Democrat MP Sonja Becq expressed concerns about the implications of euthanasia for terminally ill children in opposition to the bill. She emphasised the availability of modern medication for pain relief and urged consideration of alternative options for ensuring dignity in death, stating, "Euthanasia is not the only way to die in dignity." Becq's stance reflects broader opposition from religious groups, including Christian, Muslim, and Jewish leaders, who issued a joint declaration denouncing the law. The legislation sparked divisions within the medical community, with some physicians arguing for improved palliative care instead. Proponents of the law say that it provides necessary safeguards and respects the autonomy of terminally ill minors, despite opposition.

There is a contentious debate surrounding pension savings in Belgium, with calls from the left to redirect some of these funds to bolster the statutory pension system. Sonja Becq, representing CD&V, emphasises the importance of maintaining the current pension savings system while strengthening the first and second pillars of pensions. She asserts, "We must certainly maintain what is there today," advocating for a comprehensive approach to pension reform. Becq's stance underscores CD&V's commitment to preserving existing structures while addressing the pension system's broader challenges.

Who is Sonja Becq?

Sonja Becq is a Belgian politician and former Member of Parliament. She was born on December 8, 1957, in Duffel, Belgium. Becq pursued a career in law and criminology, graduating from the University Faculties of Sint-Aloysius and the Catholic University of Leuven.

Becq’s political career began in 1995 when she was elected as a Flemish representative for the Halle-Vilvoorde electoral district. She served in that role until 2004. Becq held various government positions, including deputy chief of staff in the cabinet of Flemish Prime Minister Yves Leterme from 2004 to 2007.

Becq was elected to Parliament in June 2007 and remained in that position until 2019. She was known for her work on pensions, justice, and equal rights for men and women during her time in parliament. Becq served as the Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Representatives from September 2019.

Becq has been involved in social and professional organisations outside of politics. She worked as a lawyer at the Brussels Bar and held positions in organisations such as KAV and Familiehulp. Becq was appointed as the chairman of Samana, an organisation for the chronically ill and informal caregivers of the Christian Mutuality, in 2020.

Sonja Becq is married and has three children. Her parents, Louis Becq and Simonne Van den Bergh, were active in social and political life in Meise, where she grew up. She has been a municipal councillor of Meise since 2001 and was the OCMW (Public Assistance Commission) chairman and first alderman from 2007 to 2018.

Sonja Becq is a seasoned politician with a background in law and criminology. She has held various positions within the government and has been active in social and professional organisations throughout her career. Becq’s dedication to pensions, justice, and equal rights has earned her recognition among Wetstraatwatchers and constituents.

Sonja Becq biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Sonja Becq
Full Name Sonja Becq
Birthday December 8, 1957
Children Three
Spouse Chris Dirkx
Position Member of the Chamber of Representatives
Political Party CD&V (Christian Democratic and Flemish)
Education Degree in law and criminology from the University Faculties of Sint-Aloysius and the Catholic University of Leuven
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Head of the KAV Study Department ?-1989
General Secretary KAV 1989-1993
Cabinet advisor Jean-Luc Dehaene
Personnel Director of Family Assistance — -1995
Flemish Representative 1995-2004
Deputy Chief of Cabinet 2004-2007
Municipal councilor Meise 2001-present
OCMW chairwoman Meise 2007-2012
Member of Parliament 2007-2019
Chairman of Justice Committee 2009
Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Representatives 2010-2019
Alderman Meise 2013-2018
Chairman Samana 2020-present

What is the Political Party of Sonja Becq?

Sonja Becq is a Flemish Christian-Democrat (CD&V) party member. The Christian Democratic and Flemish Party (CD&V) is a centre-right political party in Belgium rooted in Christian democratic ideology. CD&V promotes democracy, social justice, solidarity, and environmental sustainability while advocating for a society that is based on Christian values. The party emphasises the importance of Christian values, supports social welfare policies, values family and community, adopts a pragmatic approach to economic policy, promotes environmental stewardship, and advocates for European integration. CD&V’s ideology combines Christian democratic principles with a practical approach to governance, focusing on social welfare, solidarity, and environmental sustainability while promoting economic growth and individual freedom within a framework of Christian values.

Sonja Becq was involved in drafting a law proposal to broaden the scope of the criminal transaction, which shows how important she was in pushing for its extension. Sonja Becq and Raf Terwingen wrote the proposal together on December 13, 2010, for Servais Verherstraeten. Becq’s participation in the law proposal, highlighting the CD&V’s push for expanding criminal transactions, demonstrates the party’s support for diamond traders’ interests. It was later transformed into Amendment 18 to the Law on Miscellaneous Provisions on March 2, 2011, despite the initial proposal being introduced as a law proposal to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives in February 2011. The transformation occurred after the CD&V secured the support of the Socialists (PS) on the extension of the criminal transaction, indicating political manoeuvring to advance the interests of diamond traders.

There are concerns regarding the party’s priorities and the chance of conflicts of interest between representing the Belgian people and advocating for specific industry interests, even though its involvement is seen as successful within the CD&V and the Diamond Club.

Becq has held various positions within the CD&V party, including serving as a Flemish Member of Parliament, municipal councillor for Meise, and vice-chairman of the House. Her tasks within the party included drafting legislation, participating in party meetings and strategy sessions, engaging with constituents, and representing the party’s interests in parliamentary debates.

Becq’s successes within the CD&V party include her election to various governmental positions, her advocacy for specific legislative initiatives such as the extension of the criminal transaction, and her contributions to advancing the party’s agenda on issues such as social welfare and justice reform. Stay updated with the latest developments in the CD&V Party News.

What is the Official Title of Sonja Becq?

Sonja Becq’s official title was Municipal Councilor of Meise from 2001 to the present, where she actively contributes to local governance and community development initiatives. She has served as the Chairman of Samana from 2020 to the present, in addition to her role, demonstrating her commitment to supporting chronically ill and informal carers through advocacy and leadership. Becq is very important at the local and national levels because she speaks out for the welfare and well-being of her constituents and the community.

Some of Sonja Becq’s official titles are listed below.

  • Head of the KAV Study Department (? – 1989): Becq is the leader of the KAV (Christian Workers’ Movement) Study Department, involved in research, analysis, and policy development within the organisation. She oversaw research activities, conducted studies, and provided insights to inform the organisation’s policies and strategies.
  • General Secretary KAV (1989 – 1993): Sonja is the Chief Administrative Officer of the KAV, responsible for managing day-to-day operations, coordinating activities, and implementing organisational goals. She managed administrative functions, supervised staff, and facilitated communication between different departments within the organisation.
  • Cabinet Advisor to Jean-Luc Dehaene: She was an advisor to Jean-Luc Dehaene, providing counsel, research, and support on various policy matters and governmental initiatives. Offered expert advice, conducted research, and assisted in formulating and implementing policies within the cabinet.
  • Personnel Director of Family Assistance (? – 1995): Head of personnel management within the Family Assistance organisation, overseeing recruitment, training, and employee relations. Managed personnel-related functions, ensured compliance with employment regulations, and supported the organisation’s workforce.
  • Member of Flemish Parliament (1995 – 2004): Sonja is an elected representative serving in the Flemish Parliament, responsible for representing constituents’ interests, participating in legislative debates, and shaping policies at the regional level. Advocated for constituents, engaged in legislative processes, and addressed regional issues through policy development and enactment.
  • OCMW Chairwoman of Meise (2007 – 2012): Chairperson of the OCMW (Public Assistance Commission) in Meise, responsible for overseeing social welfare policies, programs, and services. She led the OCMW, developed welfare initiatives, allocated resources, and ensured support for vulnerable populations within the community.
  • Member of Parliament (2007 – 2019): She is an elected representative serving in the Belgian Parliament. She represents constituents’ interests, participates in legislative debates, and shapes national policies. She advocates for constituents, engages in parliamentary processes, and addresses national issues through policy development and enactment.
  • Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Representatives (2010 – 2019): Sonja was Vice-President of the Chamber of Representatives in the Belgian Parliament, holding a leadership position and assisting in managing parliamentary proceedings. Sonja provided guidance and support to fellow members of parliament, chaired meetings when necessary, and represented the Chamber in official capacities.
  • Alderman of Meise (2013 – 2018): Sonja is a member of the municipal executive board in Meise, responsible for specific administrative functions and policy areas. She managed designated municipal affairs, implemented local policies, and collaborated with other aldermen to govern the municipality effectively.

What was the First Position of Sonja Becq in the Flemish Government?

Sonja Becq’s first position in the Flemish Government began with her election as a Member of the Flemish Parliament, representing the Halle-Vilvoorde electoral district in the inaugural direct polls held on May 21, 1995. She kept her job as a Flemish representative until June 2004, even though there were elections on June 13, 1999.
Becq was a trailblazer in healthcare reform during her time in office, notably initiating health insurance legislation in Flanders. Its landmark decree on health insurance underscored her commitment to addressing critical healthcare needs and ensuring access to essential medical services for all residents of the Flemish region. She contributed significantly to shaping healthcare policy and improving constituents’ well-being across Flanders through her legislative efforts and advocacy.

What are the Accomplishments of Sonja Becq?

Sonja Becq’s accomplishments are listed below.

  • Initiator of Health Insurance Legislation in Flanders: Sonja Becq played a pioneering role in initiating and advocating for health insurance legislation in Flanders, aimed at enhancing access to healthcare services and addressing critical healthcare needs.
  • Longstanding Service as a Flemish Member of Parliament: Sonja Becq actively represented her constituents from 1995 to 2004, participated in legislative debates, and shaped regional policies and legislation.
  • Leadership in the Flemish Government: Becq demonstrated her ability to lead and effectively govern at regional and local levels, serving in various leadership roles within the Flemish Government, including as Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Representatives and Chairman of the OCMW in Meise.
  • Advocacy for Social Welfare Policies: Becq advocated for social welfare policies aimed at supporting vulnerable populations as Chairman of the OCMW in Meise and a Member of Parliament, addressing social challenges, and ensuring equitable access to essential resources and assistance programmes.
  • Promotion of Gender Equality and Justice Reform: Becq championed initiatives promoting gender equality, justice reform, and social justice throughout her political career, advocating for policies that uphold the rights and dignity of all individuals within society.
  • Engagement in Local Governance and Community Development: Becq contributed to community development efforts as a municipal councillor in Meise and an active participant in local governance, including housing policy, spatial planning, heritage preservation, and public health initiatives.
  • Contribution to Parliamentary Committees and Debates: Becq actively participated in parliamentary committees, such as the Justice Committee and the Social Affairs Committee, where she engaged in legislative debates, proposed initiatives, and collaborated with fellow parliamentarians to address critical societal issues.

What are the Important News about Sonja Becq?

The important news about Sonja Becq is listed below.

  • “Sonja Becq about surname file: People wonder what we are doing” is news about the ongoing discussion concerning the “surname file” in the House. Minister Annemie Turtelboom proposed an amended bill, which faces opposition from CD&V, including MP Sonja Becq, citing concerns about its complexity and impact on individuals. The proposed legislation grants parents the freedom to choose a surname for their child, but disagreement defaults to the father’s name. CD&V advocates for a more limited choice, emphasising simplicity. Becq criticises the proposed changes, highlighting confusion and complexity, suggesting the issue needs to be fully understood and that solutions must alleviate, not exacerbate family difficulties.
  • “CD&V is critical of the revision of flight routes” is news about CD&V Member of Parliament Sonja Becq criticising Minister Galant’s adjustments to flight routes above Zaventem, arguing that the revised plan disproportionately burdens the northern edge with additional night flights. The minister reinstated old routes over Brussels after a court ruling in April invalidated the Wathelet plan and cancelled routes over Brussels, prompting Becq to criticise the unfair distribution of flights and the exclusion of specific aircraft. Becq calls for Minister Galant to address these concerns and revise the list of permitted aircraft accordingly.
  • “Path to Mandatory Parenting Plan in Divorce Proceedings Advocated by CD&V” is news that CD&V proposes legislation requiring parents to outline child care arrangements post-divorce to promote amicable settlements and mediation. Member of Parliament Sonja Becq’s bill prioritises children’s and parents’ interests in divorce cases based on irreparable disruption, fostering better arrangements. Divorce consultants welcome the initiative, anticipating positive impacts on families navigating separation and divorce.
  • “Sonja Becq becomes chairman of Samana” is news about Sonja Becq, unanimously confirmed as national chairman of Samana vzw, bringing her extensive experience and dedication to advocating for the interests of chronically ill individuals and informal carers. Becq’s career path, from practising law to working in parliament, shows how much she cares about the well-being of everyone. She has degrees in law, criminology, and philosophy. Her tenure as a Member of Parliament and her attention to themes of care and volunteerism underscore her passion for addressing crucial societal issues. Becq wants to use her experience as chairman to change how people volunteer today and keep the value of human connection alive in Samana’s work.
  • Becq (CD&V): “A disappointment, but I am grateful” is news about Sonja Becq, representing CD&V, expressing gratitude for her political career following her loss of a parliamentary seat. Becq made important contributions to health insurance and LGBT rights laws after moving from being a Flemish Member of Parliament to working at the federal level. She is sad to have lost her seat, but she intends to make the most of her newfound free time by spending it with loved ones, especially her grandchildren.

What are the Political Ideas of Sonja Becq?

The political ideas of Sonja Becq align with her party’s ideology, which pertains to democratic principles centering on social justice, solidarity, and subsidiarity in policymaking. Vice-President Sonja Becq of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives met with President Ma Ying-jeou to discuss Taiwan-Belgium relations and support for Taiwan’s international involvement. 

The discussions highlighted cooperation in various sectors, such as politics, economics, transportation, and social services. Emphasis was placed on Taiwan’s role as a peacemaker in international affairs, particularly in the East and South China Seas. Discussions on Belgium’s nuclear energy policy suggest an interest in energy sustainability. Sonja Becq’s actions indicate a commitment to diplomatic relations, peace promotion, and bilateral cooperation.