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Roosmarijn Beckers

Roosmarijn Beckers has established a noteworthy presence in the Flemish political landscape as a member of Vlaams Belang since June 18, 2019. Beckers cultivated a diverse professional background that underscores her commitment to education and entrepreneurship before embarking on her political journey.Read more
Roosmarijn initially embarked on her career as a teacher, imparting knowledge in history, art, and music from 2009 to 2011 under the aegis of the Ministry of Education. The role highlights her passion for nurturing young minds and dedication to integrating the arts into educational discourse.

Beckers further demonstrated her versatility by transitioning to entrepreneurship, where she served as an assisting wife in a self-employed venture from 2011 to 2019, showcasing her adaptability and business acumen. Roosmarjin’s academic credentials, with a master's degree in history and teacher training in history, art, and music from KU Leuven (2008 and 2009, respectively), provide a solid foundation for her political endeavours, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to the humanities and educational excellence. Beckers fight cancer with determination. She stressed the significance of vigorous medical care and how her condition has changed her viewpoint as a politician, making her less tolerant of non-essentials. Beckers noticed a more favourable shift in Vlaams Belang's connection with other parties compared to her past political experiences, highlighting more friendly engagement and support from colleagues across the political spectrum, especially given her health.

Roosmarijn is an active politician for Vlaams Belang. Vlaams Belang swept the 2019 elections. The party was the second largest in Flanders, winning 12.6% Flemish, 0.9% Walloon, and 8.3% federal, earning 23 and 18 seats. The political party has its website and webshop, where its supporters find different merchandise, including clothes, pins, and a scarf or “sjaal vlaams belang.”


Roemer Beckers was born in Hasselt, Belgium


Roosmarijn BeckersGraduated with a degree in law from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


Roosmarijn Beckers Elected as a member of the Flemish Parliament for the CD&V (Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams) party


Roosmarijn Beckers Became the Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature, and Agriculture


Roosmarijn Beckers Appointed as the Mayor of the city of Leuven

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Press Releases

Vlaams Belang has called for the resignation of Sint-Truiden Mayor Veerle Heeren (CD&V) in a press release following allegations of a "shameless vaccine self-service policy. Read more
" Documents leaked revealed that Heeren and her family, cabinet employees, and neighbours received vaccinations in March when only the elderly were eligible. The leaked documents suggest potential tampering with reserve lists by consultancy company Probis, responsible for the vaccination rollout. Vlaams Belang faction leader Chris Janssens criticised Heeren's "implausible justification" and called for her resignation, emphasising the moral reprehensibility of her actions during high COVID-19 deaths. Flemish Member of Parliament Roosmarijn Beckers labelled the self-service policy as unacceptable clientelism and echoed the call for Heeren's resignation. Initiatives have been submitted to the Flemish government for disciplinary proceedings against mayors involved in such irregularities. The press release was issued on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

Vlaams Belang, through Flemish Member of Parliament Roosmarijn Beckers, expressed its position regarding the headscarf ban in community education in Belgium on December 26, 2019. The press release followed a decision by the Court of Appeal in Antwerp on December 24, 2019, overturning a previous ruling allowing eleven girls to wear headscarves at two community schools. The decision diverged from the coalition agreement on October 1, 2019, which promised philosophical neutrality for teachers and students in provincial and community education. Minister Ben Weyts responded to the court's ruling that there was "no reason to change the decree for the time being," indicating a desire to move past the issue. Vlaams Belang criticised the stance, pointing out the legal uncertainty and potential chaos arising from the court's decision, which applied only to specific cases. The party called for the Flemish government to amend the decree governing religious symbols in community education, offering its support to achieve the required two-thirds majority in parliament. Beckers' involvement underscores Vlaams Belang's commitment to enforcing philosophical neutrality in educational settings and highlights the ongoing debate around religious symbols in Belgium's schools.

Flemish Member of Parliament Roosmarijn Beckers from Vlaams Belang highlighted the critical issue of preschoolers' frequent absences from school in a press release dated Saturday, January 27, 2024. Beckers emphasised the importance of nursery school education for early literacy, numeracy, and exposure to new content, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. A significant discrepancy exists between registered attendance and actual presence sufficient for direct admission to mainstream primary education despite high enrollment rates for three to five-year-olds in the Flemish Region. Beckers called for more research into the reasons behind absences and advocated for initiatives to encourage parental compliance with compulsory education laws. She pointed out that preschool education lays the foundation for a child's future learning and development, making every missed day a lost opportunity. The press release noted regional variations in attendance, with specific concerns in Limburg, Antwerp, and the Brussels Capital Region, underscoring the need for targeted interventions to improve preschool attendance rates.


One of Rosmarijn Beckers' speeches was delivered during Vlaams Belang's annual New Year's reception in Heusden-Zolder on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Marking the beginning of the election year with fervent speeches from Flemish Member of Parliament Roosmarijn Beckers, Flemish faction leader Chris Janssens, and chairman Tom Van Grieken.Read more
The party boldly declared itself as the sole alternative to the status quo during the event, held at Watt 17, criticising the ineffectiveness of traditional political parties. Van Grieken's speech resonated with the audience as he proclaimed, “The system is afraid because it feels that real change is coming. If you want a different and better policy, you need a different and better party: Vlaams Belang!” Beckers, addressing the attendees, highlighted critical issues in education, including plummeting standards and a significant teacher shortage, reaffirming Vlaams Belang's position as offering a tangible and improved choice for the Flemish electorate. Roosmarjin stated in her speech, “We must improve students' motivation by making learning more fun; at that moment, the Flemish thought importance has already been raised, and The problem has been pushed under the rug for all these years.”

Who is Roosmarijn Beckers?

Roosmarijn Beckers, born into a Flemish nationalist family, is the progeny of the former Vlaams Belang politician Marleen Govaerts. Roosmarijn was born on October 23, 1986, at Sint-Truiden, Belgium. Roosmarijn advanced her academic pursuits at the Catholic University of Leuven, securing a master’s degree in history. Her scholarly investigation delved into the experiences of Roma gypsies during the Holocaust, culminating in a thesis that reflected her academic interests. Beckers taught history as a teacher before entering the legal world as an assistant with her husband’s law firm. She is married and the mother of three children.

Becker’s political journey began in 2003 when she aligned with the Vlaams Blok party, which later rebranded as Vlaams Belang. Her commitment to the party’s cause propelled her into the municipal council of Sint-Truiden by 2006, where she represented Vlaams Belang. Internal discord within the party and perceptions of misogyny in its leadership prompted her to retreat from the political arena a year later temporarily.

Beckers vacated her position in 2006 on the Truiense municipal council, transferring her role to her mother. Vlaams Belang recognised Beckers as a promising young talent poised to propel the party forward during such a period. Internal conflicts within the party prevented her candidacy. The situation was further complicated by scandals involving Govaerts, leading to allegations under the Negationism Act. The party withdrew Govaerts from supra-local electoral lists, prompting her to serve independently in the Truiense municipal council for the remainder of her term. Beckers opted out of a position on the supra-local lists.

Tom Vangrieken, the chairman of Vlaams Belang, facilitated Beckers’ return to the party in 2019. She was successfully elected to the Flemish Parliament, where she revived Vlaams Belang’s inactive local branch. Her health issues have increasingly challenged her efforts in the area, adding another layer of complexity to her political engagement and responsibilities.

Beckers explored affiliations with the New Flemish Alliance party during her hiatus but found it lacking. She re-entered the political landscape in 2019, spurred by encouragement from Tom Van Grieken and her disillusionment with her previous party allegiance. Roosmarijn’s election marked her return to the Flemish parliament to represent the Limburg constituency. Beckers has dedicated herself to advancing issues about education and infrastructure, leveraging her position to effect change and address the needs of her constituents.

Roosmarijn Beckers biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Roosmarijn Beckers
Full Name Roosmarijn Johanna Elisabeth Beckers
Birthday October 23, 1986
Place of Birth Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Status Married
Number of Children 3
Position Flemish Member of Parliament
Political Party Vlaams Belang
Education Teacher training History Art Music, KULeuven (2009) Master's degree in history, KULeuven (2008)
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Committee on Agriculture Alternate member situation since October 9, 2019
Committee for Mobility and Public Works Alternate member situation since October 9, 2019
Committee on Combating Violent Radicalization Alternate member situation since December 18, 2019
Committee for Education Permanent member situation since October 9, 2019
Ad hoc Committee for the Evaluation and Further Implementation of the Flemish Corona Policy Permanent member October 21, 2020 - December 31, 2020

What is the Political Party of Roosmarijn Beckers?

The political party of Roosmarijn Beckers is Vlaams Belang. Vlaams Belang, often abbreviated as VB, is a political party in Belgium operating within the Flemish and Brussels Capital regions. It is characterised by its Flemish nationalism and right-wing populist stance. The party is generally acknowledged to hold far-right political views. Recent debates have highlighted diverse viewpoints, according to Flemish Parliament News, showcasing the vibrant democracy within the Flemish legislative body. Roosmarijn Beckers was elected to the Flemish Parliament in 2019 from Limburg. She is on the Committee for Education in the Flemish Parliament and is in charge of many education cases, mostly related to primary education. Sint-Truiden is where Roosmarijn and her family call home.

What is the Official Title of Roosmarijn Beckers?

The official title of  Roosmarijn Beckers is member of the Flemish Parliament. Roosmarijn Beckers has a distinguished political career, participating in several Flemish Parliament groupings. Beckers worked in various fields before entering politics.  She demonstrated her dedication and versatility as a self-employed assisting wife from 2011 to 2019. Her previous career was teaching for the Ministry of Education from 2009 to 2011. The experience shows her dedication to society and lays the groundwork for her political involvement in educational affairs. 

Roosmarijn Becker’s official titles are listed below.

  • Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Policy: Roosmarijn Beckers has served as an alternate committee member since October 9, 2019. The role involves her in discussions and policy-making processes related to agriculture, fisheries, and rural development, ensuring these sectors are well-represented and supported in the Flemish Parliament.
  • Committee for Mobility and Public Works: Beckers has been an alternate member of such a committee since October 9, 2019, which focuses on issues related to transportation, infrastructure, and public works. Her involvement signifies her interest in improving Flemish mobility and infrastructure systems.
  • Committee for Education: Beckers has actively contributed to discussions and policy developments in the education sector as a permanent member since October 9, 2019. Her teacher background and academic credentials underscore her deep interest in improving the Flemish education system.
  • Committee on Combating Violent Radicalization: Beckers became an alternate committee member on December 18, 2019. The committee is dedicated to addressing and mitigating the impacts of violent radicalisation, highlighting her commitment to maintaining security and social cohesion within the community.
  • Ad hoc Committee for the Evaluation and Further Implementation of the Flemish Corona Policy: Beckers was a permanent member of such a temporary committee from October 21, 2020, to December 31, 2020. Beckers’ role involved her in evaluating and guiding the implementation of policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Flanders, demonstrating her responsiveness to urgent public health crises. 

What is the Educational Background of Roosmarijn Beckers?

The educational background of Roosmarijn Becker includes completing her education at KU Leuven, where she first achieved a Master’s degree in History in 2008, followed by completing her teacher training in History, Art, and Music in 2009. The educational journey provided her with a comprehensive understanding of historical contexts, alongside an appreciation for art and music, equipping her with the skills to educate and inspire in these subjects.

What are the Accomplishments of Roosmarijn Beckers?

The accomplishments of Roosmarijn Beckers are listed below.

  • Addressing Reading Skills Among Flemish Students: Beckers took part in a motion to conclude a current affairs debate on May 17, 2023, focused on the results of the 2021 PIRLS study into reading skills among Flemish students. The engagement reflects her dedication to improving literacy and reading proficiency, foundational skills for academic success and lifelong learning.
  • Discussion on PISA 2022 Results: Beckers was involved in a motion to conclude a current affairs debate held in plenary regarding the PISA 2022 results and the declining quality of education in Flanders on December 6, 2023. Her participation in the discussion underscores her concern for the educational standards in the region and her interest in addressing the challenges highlighted by the international assessment.
  • Extension of Recognition for Centrum Islamonderwijs Vlaanderen (CIO): Beckers participated in a motion related to the interpellation held on January 18, 2024, by Kristof Slagmulder to Minister Ben Weyts. The motion concerned the extension of the recognition of the non-profit organisation Centrum Islamonderwijs Vlaanderen (CIO) as a recognised body for Islamic education in Flanders. The involvement indicates her engagement with matters related to integrating and regulating Islamic education within the Flemish educational system.

What Biggest Challenge Roosmarijn Becker is Facing Today?

The biggest challenge Roosmarijn Becker is facing today is her battle with cancer. Roosmarijn Beckers, a 36-year-old Vlaams Belang politician from Sint-Truiden, has shared her harrowing battle with cancer for the first time on World Cancer Day. Beckers revealed her struggle with the disease in an emotional interview, emphasising her determination to fight for her children’s sake. Beckers remains focused on her recovery and the importance of early cancer screening despite the physical and emotional toll of her treatment, which included significant weight gain and hair loss. 

Becker discovered her condition by noticing lumps in her breast, which, despite initial reassurances, were later confirmed to be cancerous. Beckers’ journey through chemotherapy has been gruelling, marked by profound weakness and contemplation of giving up. Roosmarijn Beckers, grateful for the “ijskap chemo” or ice cap chemotherapy at the University Hospital, managed to retain her hair, sparing her the need for a wig. Her cancer diagnosis came as a shock despite the absence of symptoms. She emphasises the importance of early screening, sharing on Twitter how the ordeal sometimes made her feel decades older. 

The support from Roosmarijn family, the medical community, and fellow cancer survivors has bolstered her spirit. Beckers faces the possibility of entering early menopause and continues to grapple with the fear of leaving her children behind as she prepares for an operation to remove her breast using the DIEP flap technique. Her experience has reshaped her outlook, making her more empathetic towards others’ suffering and reinforcing her commitment to environmental stewardship and healthy living. Beckers’ story is not just one of personal struggles but a call to action for greater awareness and preventive measures against cancer.

What are the Important News about Roosmarijn Beckers?

The important news about Roosmarijn Beckers is listed below.


  • Father of Roosmarijn Beckers, Rik Beckers, aged 63, was discovered deceased in his Sint-Truiden residence on June 20, 2019. The former provincial councillor and local Vlaams Belang department treasurer was found dead in his home in Sint-Truiden. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, prompting an investigation by the public prosecutor’s office. Rik Beckers was the father of Roosmarijn Beckers, currently serving as a Flemish MP for Vlaams Belang and was married to former representative Marleen Govaerts. The police were notified of his passing at approximately 3 p.m.
  • Roosmarijn Beckers (Vlaams Belang), aged 35, was absent from the Flemish Parliament on Monday, September 19, 2022, due to the revelation of an aggressive tumour in her breast. The news came to light as Prime Minister Jambon delivered a brief statement. Beckers expressed her need for chest reconstruction in the future, but the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 situation has led to extended waiting lists for such procedures. The announcement of Beckers’ health condition adds a personal challenge to her political responsibilities.
  • Roosmarijn Beckers, a Flemish Member of Parliament and the leader of Vlaams Belang in Limburg, recently shared insights into her political journey and personal battles in an interview with Sintruin Begot on December 6, 2023. Beckers, who entered politics in 2006 following her mother, Marleen Govaerts, had stepped back from the political scene for a decade due to internal party conflicts and health issues. She made a significant return in 2019, thanks to Vlaams Belang chairman Tom Vangrieken, and has since been actively working on revitalising the local party department. Beckers remain determined and resilient despite facing a challenging battle with cancer. She emphasised the importance of being assertive in seeking proper medical treatment and how her diagnosis has influenced her perspective as a politician, fostering a lesser tolerance for non-essential matters. Beckers noted a positive shift in the relationship between Vlaams Belang and other parties compared to her earlier political experiences, highlighting a more amicable interaction and support from colleagues across the political spectrum, especially in light of her health condition.

What are the Political Ideas of Roosmarijn Beckers?

The political ideas of Roosmarijn Beckers highlight the importance of prioritising critical issues over trivial ones, particularly after her cancer diagnosis, advocating for a direct and no-nonsense approach in political discourse. Beckers’ personal experience with cancer highlighted the necessity of patient assertiveness in seeking appropriate medical care. Initially advised to delay further examinations upon finding a lump, Beckers insisted on a biopsy, underscoring the importance of being proactive in healthcare. The stance aligns with Minister Vandenbroucke’s policy to centralise breast cancer care in accredited centres, ensuring quality treatment. Beckers took a decade-long hiatus before returning, observing significant changes in the political landscape during her absence.

Roosmarijn Beckers’ political ideas are centred around the protection of children’s rights, particularly emphasising the importance of a child knowing their biological parents. She opposes anonymous sperm donation due to potential health risks that arise from unknown medical histories. Beckers advocates for regulated surrogacy to prevent the exploitation of women, especially individuals in vulnerable situations, highlighting her concerns over the commercialisation of childbirth in some countries. Roosmarijn’s views find parallels with those of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, especially in the context of child rights protection, challenging the portrayal of Meloni’s stance on LGBT couples and surrogacy in the media.

Roosmarijn Beckers acknowledges her differing personal style from some of her Vlaams Belang colleagues, such as Filip De Winter, noting her aversion to conflict and offensive communication. She affirms her support for the party’s positions, highlighting Vlaams Belang’s acceptance of internal dissent and the ability to express disagreements during debates. Beckers points out that the openness to diverse opinions within the party framework distinguishes Vlaams Belang from other parties, where adherence to the party line is often more strictly enforced.