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Nicole Nketo Bomele

Nicole Nketo Bomele's news coverage covers various topics, including politics, socioeconomic changes, historical legacies, and community activism. Nicole’s diverse background and active engagement in multiple spheres of public life position her as a prominent figure in shaping the discourse on critical issues facing Brussels and beyond.Read more

Bomele's decision to leave the PS for DéFI in 2018 and her subsequent election as a DéFI Brussels MP in 2019 demonstrates her dedication to progressive ideals and willingness to challenge the status quo. Initiatives to address urgent issues, such as her proposal for a memorial to honour the COVID-19 victims in the Brussels Region, have marked her active participation in the Brussels Parliament. The proposal underscores her dedication to commemorating and acknowledging the impact of significant events on society.

Bomele's involvement in discussions surrounding colonial heritage and racism highlights her advocacy for social justice and equality. Her collaboration with other parliamentarians to address the contested colonial legacy in Brussels reflects her efforts to foster dialogue and reconciliation in the face of historical injustices.

International relations, media ethics, and community development are all areas in which Bomele's varied experience as a journalist, diplomat, and community organiser shines a light. Her experiences living in Congo and Belgium and her academic background in public affairs and international relations inform her approach to tackling complex social and economic challenges.


Nicole Nketo Bomele was born in Kinshasa, Congo


at age nine, Nicole Nketo Bomele and her family moved to Belgium


Nicole Nketo Bomele graduated from Universite catholique de Louvain with a degree in public and international relations


Nicole Nketo Bomele worked as a diplomat at the Congolese Embassy in Madrid


Nicole Nketo Bomele returned to international relations, serving in the Congolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later as a diplomat for the Congolese Embassy in Brazzaville


Nicole Nketo Bomele returned to Belgium, where she worked for a variety of associations and organizations


Nicole Nketo Bomele has served as a Community Councilor in Anderlecht


Nicole Nketo Bomele founded Anderlecht en couleurs, a multiracial youth organization


Nicole Nketo Bomele ran as a member of DéFI in the Belgian local elections


Nicole Nketo Bomele was elected as a member of the Brussels-Capital Region Parliament

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A proposed resolution to organise Heritage Days in the Capital Region was unanimously approved by the Equal Opportunities Committee of the Brussels Parliament, according to a press release dated May 2020 in Brussels. Read more
The resolution, which Véronique Lefrancq (cdH) proposed, aims to honour historical, artistic, and cultural heritage with a focus on women's contributions. Nicole Nketo Bomele (DéFI) is among the six MPs who co-signed the resolution, emphasising the need to address the underrepresentation of women in history, culture, and the arts. The news highlights Nicole's participation in advocating for annual structural regional support to honour women's heritage.

Host Jean-Jacques Deleeuw was joined by Nicole Bomele of DéFI and Hicham Talhi of Ecolo, two experts, Vanessa Lhuillier and Alexandre Niyungeko, and an episode of "Les Experts," which aired last year. Bomele, a member of the Brussels Parliament, is accompanied by Talhi, who serves as vice-president of the same parliament. They cover various topics, including the controversy surrounding Roger Nols's bust, freedom of the press in Belgium, ritual slaughter, and the employment of Ukrainian refugees.


Nicole Nketo Bomele's transition from the PS to the Amarante list in the Anderlecht section of Défi for the upcoming municipal elections was reported on July 18, 2018. She emphasised, "During the riots that we experienced in Saint-Guidon in 2008, the image of the commune was tarnished and I wanted to organise a positive event.Read more
That's how I set up the Anderlecht en Couleurs festival." The shift underscores her commitment to addressing municipal challenges, such as cleanliness, security, and housing access. Bomele's decision reflects her dedication to improving the living conditions in Anderlecht and her belief in the values and priorities of the Défi party.

Nicole Nketo Bomele (Défi) and Kalvin Soiresse Njall (Ecolo) presented a proposal on the contentious colonial legacy of Brussels on June 30, 2020, in Belgium's commemoration of the sixty-first anniversary of Congolese independence and intensified discussions regarding racism and colonialism. Their initiative featured prominently in news coverage and aimed to engage all stakeholders in finding consensus-driven solutions. Bomele, a former diplomat and journalist with roots in Congo, emphasised the importance of fostering a positive community environment, stating, "We must provide an answer that everyone can agree with." Her active participation in addressing structural racism and discrimination underscores the significance of her role in shaping Brussels' future.

Nicole Nketo Bomele, Brussels DéFI MP, is actively advocating for the creation of a memorial in tribute to the victims of COVID-19 in the Brussels Region that happened on May 14, 2020. Stressing the importance of remembering the thousands of victims, she emphasises, "It is absolutely essential not to forget this tragic page in the history of our country and that of many of its families." Bomele envisions the memorial as a place of contemplation, emphasising its anonymity to allow individuals of all backgrounds to reflect and come together in remembrance. Her proposal, soon to be submitted to the Brussels Parliament, aims to gather support across party lines for its meaningful initiative.

The Brussels Parliament revoked Nicole Nketo Bomele's parliamentary immunity on November 27, 2021, after she was involved in a traffic accident that left her with minor injuries. Bomele is a DéFI MP from Brussels. Bomele, who claimed to be "blinded by the sun and driving very slowly," as she stated, now faces charges before a police judge, including "a lack of precaution, unintentional assault and battery," and driving without a valid licence. Bomele emphasised transparency and accountability in her commitment to addressing the legal challenges she faces as a public figure, expressing her willingness to waive her immunity to defend herself fully.

A resolution entitled "Enter asset days" was proposed by Nicole Nketo Bomele and other members of parliament, from the minority and the majority, to honour the contributions of women in the region. Bomele emphasised the significance of patrimony, stating, “Patrimony means the inheritance of fathers, or what comes from fathers.” The petitioners advocate for the integration of "matrimony days" alongside events such as Open Monument Day to highlight the contributions of women in various fields, including art, history, architecture, urban planning, and social aspects. Bianca Debaets, Fouad Ahidar, and Bomele emphasise the significance of acknowledging and celebrating the tangible and intangible legacies left by women by citing examples such as 't Eilandje's prior initiatives in 2019. It included conferences, gender-neutral walks, and visits to symbolic locations significant to women's history.

Who is Nicole Nketo Bomele?

Nicole Nketo Bomele is a Belgian politician and Brussels MP in the Vervoort III Government. Born on June 29, 1967, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bomele’s political allegiance lies with the Independent Federalist Democrat Party. Her father’s career as a UN diplomat brought her to live in New York and Geneva before she settled in Belgium at age nine, impacting her political path.

Bomele studied international relations at the Universite Catholique de Louvain and switched between working as a diplomat and a reporter. She later pursued journalism after serving as a diplomat at the Madrid Embassy of the Congo, becoming a television journalist in Kinshasa. Her return to international relations included roles in the Congolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a diplomat at the Congolese Embassy in Brazzaville.

Bomele permanently relocated to Belgium in 2000, where she engaged in community service for six years before founding the nonprofit organisation “Anderlecht in Colors” in 2009. Its organisation, aimed at promoting social cohesion and multiculturalism, reflects its commitment to community-building. Bomele has been involved in local politics since 2006 as a municipal councillor in Anderlecht. He was first elected under different political parties, including DéFI, cdH, and PS.

Bomele’s political career underscores her versatility and dedication to advocating for diversity, social harmony, and effective governance. She makes a name for herself in Belgian politics as a multi-talented advocate for progressive and inclusive policies, drawing on her experience in communication, journalism, community organising, and politics.

Nicole Nketo Bomele biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Nicole Nketo Bomele
Full Name Full Name Nicole Nketo Bomele
Date of Birth June 29, 1967
Number of children 2
Official Position Member of the Brussels-Capital Parliament
Education Degree in Public Affairs and International Relations from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Municipal Councilor in Anderlecht 2006 - Present
Member of Parliament of The Brussels-Capital Region May 2019 - Present Bernard Clerfayt

What is the Political Party of Nicole Nketo Bomele?

Nicole Nketo Bomelo’s political party is the Independent Federalist Democrat. Nicole’s journey has seen affiliations with several parties, including the Humanist Democratic Center (cdH), the Socialist Party (PS), and DéFI (formerly known as the Front Démocratique des Francophones). Bomele’s political evolution reflects a commitment to diverse ideologies and platforms, indicative of her dynamic engagement within the Belgian political sphere.

Nicole’s involvement in politics commenced with the Humanist Democratic Center (cdH), where she secured a position as a municipal councillor in Anderlecht in 2006. Transitioning to the Socialist Party (PS) in 2007, Bomele continued her political career, consolidating her role as a municipal councillor in Anderlecht with a re-election in 2012 under the PS banner. The initial affiliations underscore her early dedication to public service and community representation.

Nicole Nketo Bomele started on a new chapter in her political journey by joining DéFI in 2018. The change marked a significant shift in her political affiliation, highlighting her alignment with DéFI’s principles and vision. Her election with DéFI in the 2018 municipal elections signalled her continued commitment to effecting change and advocating for the interests of her constituents.

Bomele’s current allegiance lies with the Independent Federalist Democrat Party. Her time as a municipal councillor in Anderlecht shows how committed she is to representing the people in her community and getting involved in politics. Bomele’s trajectory within Belgian politics exemplifies adaptability, principle-driven decision-making, and a steadfast commitment to advancing inclusive and progressive policies for the betterment of Belgian society. Socialist Party News reported that Nicole Nketo Bomele is a member of DéFI.

What is the Official Title of Nicole Nketo Bomele?

Nicole Nketo Bomele currently holds the position of Member of the Brussels-Capital Parliament, having been elected in May 2019. Nicole is an active legislator for the Brussels-Capital Region, where she fights for better health care, equal opportunity, territorial development, housing, European affairs, and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her dedication to public service and community engagement underscores her commitment to serving the constituents of Brussels.

Nicole Nketo Bomele’s other official title is listed below.

  • Municipal Councillor in Anderlecht: A local elected official responsible for representing constituents and making decisions on local governance matters within the municipality of Anderlecht. The Anderlecht en Couleurs festival was one of Nicole Nketo Bomele’s many multicultural, socially cohesive, and community-engaged programmes during her tenure. Nicole Nketo Bomele was a municipal councillor in Anderlecht, Belgium, after being elected in 2006.

What was the Former Party of Nicole Nketo Bomele?

The former party of Nicole Nketo Bomele was the Parti Socialiste (PS). She transitioned from the PS to join the Défi party in Belgium. The move occurred on July 18, 2018, as it was announced to push the Amarante list for the Anderlecht section of Défi in the upcoming municipal elections. Bomele’s desire to address municipal issues such as cleanliness, security, and housing access, which she hopes to improve if elected, has influenced her decision to switch parties. The political transition underscores her commitment to fostering positive change in Anderlecht and aligning with a party she believes shares her vision for the community’s future.

Did Nicole Nketo Bomele Grow in Belgium?

Yes, Nicole Nketo Bomele grew up in Belgium. Bomele was born in Congo, and they moved to Belgium at nine in 1976. She had lived in the United States and Switzerland before that due to her father’s diplomatic assignments. She completed her education in Belgium, graduating from UCL in 1991 with a public affairs and international relations degree. Her professional career began with diplomatic postings in Madrid and later in Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville. She moved back to Belgium in 2000 and became actively involved in community work and politics. She has served as a municipal councillor in Anderlecht and has been affiliated with various political parties since, reflecting her deep integration into Belgian society and politics.

What are the Important News about Nicole Nketo Bomele?

The important news about Nicole Nketo Bomele is listed below.

  • Brussels Parliament revokes Nicole Bomele’s parliamentary immunity (Défi). Nicole Bomele (DéFI) lost her parliamentary immunity on November 27, 2021, after she was involved in a car accident. The Brussels parliament agreed to do it. Bomele cited driving slowly and being sun-blinded as contributing factors to the incident, which resulted in minor injuries. Bomele is facing charges of driving without a licence, unintentional assault and battery, and lack of precaution, even though he has a valid driver’s licence. The decision permits her to appear before the police judge. It marks the second instance in the legislative term where the Brussels parliament has considered legal prosecution, with Défi MP Joëlle Maison previously losing her immunity over a similar incident. Bomele has expressed her willingness to waive immunity to defend herself fully.
  • Nicole Nketo Bomele, who is a Brussels MP for Défi and was born in Congo, became a well-known figure in the fight against racism and colonialism on June 30, 2020, which was the sixty-first anniversary of Congo’s independence from Belgium. She wrote a resolution with other lawmakers, including Kalvin Soiresse Njall from Ecolo, to change how public spaces look and encourage people to discuss past wrongs. Bomele’s background spanning diplomacy, journalism, and politics provides a unique perspective, reflecting her dedication to promoting diversity and social cohesion in Belgian society. The news highlights the ongoing efforts to confront systemic inequalities, demonstrating Bomele’s commitment to advocating for inclusive approaches to confronting colonial heritage and advancing social justice.
  • Research showing significant avoidance rates due to undesirable behaviour prompted the Brussels Parliament’s Mobility Committee to approve a resolution to address intimidation and aggression in public spaces and transportation. The resolution, which was put forward by a group of MPs including Lotte Stoops, Margaux De Ré, Carla Dejonghe, Leila Agic, Nicole Nketo Bomele, Fouad Ahidar, and Els Rochette, is all about giving bystanders the tools they need to step in and help safely. They did it by citing successful campaigns in other cities. The proposal calls for ways to report problems, training for STIB staff, and increasing the number of people in stations to strengthen safety measures.
  • DéFI MP Nicole Nketo Bomele is advocating for the creation of a Brussels memorial to honour the victims of COVID-19, citing the significant death toll in Belgium and the Brussels Region, with 8,843 and 1,365 deaths, respectively, as of May 13, 2020. Bomele plans to submit a resolution to the Brussels Parliament to establish the memorial, emphasising the importance of commemorating the pandemic’s impact on the country and its families. Bomele envisions a contemplative space that transcends differences and enables everyone to reflect, regardless of their background or connection to the victims, drawing inspiration from the memorials built in the wake of the 2016 terrorist attacks. She hopes her proposal garner support across party lines in the Brussels Parliament.
  • DéFI MPs Jonathan de Patoul and Nicole Nketo Bomele emphasise the importance of not overlooking Africa amidst the COVID-19 crisis. They say that everyone needs to work together to fight the virus because of how bad the pandemic is in Europe, especially in Belgium. They highlight Africa’s vulnerability, where strict measures have been implemented but face challenges due to socio-economic factors. Concerns are raised about the capacity of African healthcare systems to handle the pandemic and its repercussions, compounded by existing health challenges. The MPs advocate for international solidarity, urging support for Africa through material, technical, and medical assistance. They emphasise the moral duty to prevent the abandonment of any state or population during a health emergency and call for a reimagined globalisation that is characterised by equality and dignity.

What are the Political Ideas of Nicole Nketo Bomele?

Nicole Nketo Bomele’s political ideas align with the party’s platform, and she participates in various projects and holds political positions, demonstrating her support for social harmony, diversity, and efficient governance. Bomele’s commitment to multiculturalism is shown through her establishment of the “Anderlecht en couleurs” festival, promoting social cohesion within the community. Her transition from the PS to DéFI reflects a dedication to principles such as transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, which are central to the party’s values.

Bomele has proactively addressed the pandemic’s impact. She proposed the creation of a memorial in Brussels to honour the victims of Covid-19, emphasising the importance of remembering the tragic consequences of the pandemic. Bomele contributed to discussions and initiatives to mitigate the spread of the virus and support affected communities as a member of the Brussels Parliament.

Nicole Nketo Bomele’s political ideas revolve around promoting diversity, social cohesion, and effective governance, reflecting her alignment with the DéFI party’s platform. Her accomplishments in responding to COVID-19 underscore her commitment to addressing pressing societal challenges and advocating for the well-being of all citizens.