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Meyrem Almaci

Meyrem Almaci a former chairwoman of the Flemish Green party Groen, has long pushed for environmental sustainability, social fairness, and animal compassion. Almaci has spoken out on various issues, including the coronavirus epidemic, mental health, and the challenges of the livestock farming business.Read more
Her advocacy has frequently focused on remaining cool during heated discussions and pushing professionals and politicians to avoid sensationalism, highlighting the need for evidence-based decision-making and policies that emphasise the population's well-being.

Meyrem Almaci's leadership has been under scrutiny and criticism despite her commitment to these causes, especially in the aftermath of the Calvo case. Meyrem Almaci remained resilient and positive about the future, admitting her vulnerabilities and wanting to learn from past experiences. Her purposeful decision to step aside from the spotlight at times indicates a thoughtful approach to leadership, affording her time for introspection and strategic preparation. Meyrem Almaci's recent probable return as the leader of the Antwerp parliamentary list demonstrates the Green Party's awareness of her popularity and experience, establishing her as a significant figure in the party's electoral strategy.

Almaci's activism goes beyond party leadership dynamics to address more general societal issues, such as increased focus on mental health and moral considerations in agriculture. Her focus on the population's mental health amid pandemic dangers, as the former "groen voorzitter," shows a compassionate approach to governance and her dedication to addressing society's general needs. Her advocacy is consistent with the concerns of her colleague, "Tinne Van Der Straeten vriend," emphasising the significance of these issues in the party and wider political discourse.


Meyrem Almaci is born in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


Meyrem Almaci Begins her involvement in activism and advocacy, particularly focusing on human rights, diversity, and environmental issues.


Meyrem Almaci Elected as a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives for the Groen party, representing Antwerp.


Meyrem Almaci Re-elected as a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, continuing to represent the interests of Antwerp.


Meyrem Almaci Known for her advocacy on environmental sustainability, social justice, and diversity issues in Belgian politics.

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Press Releases

Press Releases of Meyrem Almaci shed light on significant developments within the Flemish Green party Groen and her leadership tenure. Read more
Meyrem Almaci's re-election as Groen's leader for another term suggested continuing the party's leadership. Almaci was accompanied by her deputy leader, Dany Neudt, and won a competitive race against other major party officials. Meyrem Almaci's appearance at a press conference alongside Ecolo-Groen provided insight into the political scene amidst negotiations with opposition parties following the resignation of N-VA ministers from the government over migration policies.

Meyrem Almaci broke her silence on the administration's creation, calling for immediate action to ensure good governance. Almaci stressed that to overcome political obstacles and allow efficient government in Belgium, proactive engagement from all stakeholders is important, particularly in light of the potential formation of a purple-green coalition backed by CD&V.

Meyrem Almaci's leadership has come under scrutiny internally in the wake of the recent "minister drama," in which the Belgian Green Party Groen and Almaci failed to obtain a ministry position in 2020. Some Groen members have expressed concerns about her capacity to properly manage political talks and gain important positions for the party within the government. It has highlighted deeper issues inside Groen regarding the party's strategic direction and influence in the political scene, prompting demands for introspection and reconsideration as Almaci works to address concerns and repair trust among members.

Meyrem Almaci's resignation as leader of Groen was essential in Belgian politics in 2022. Almaci announced her resignation following her re-election in 2019, which had just partial support. The move signalled a shift in Groen's leadership dynamics as the party managed its status in the Flemish opposition and the federal coalition government led by Prime Minister De Croo.

Meyrem Almaci publicly decided to step down as Groen party chairwoman via a press conference and social media. Meyrem Almaci's interaction with De Zondag raised concerns about mental health in the face of the pandemic, emphasising the significance of avoiding sensationalism in political discourse. Almaci demonstrated her dedication to tackling the complex issues facing Belgium with her ten-point plan for mental health care and her focus on social concerns and green initiatives.


Speeches of Meyrem Almaci serve as platforms to address a diverse range of topics, embodying her commitment to environmental sustainability, social justice, equality, and the upliftment of marginalized communities. Almaci strongly supports initiatives that promote renewable energy and the protection of natural resources.Read more
Her talks align with defending human rights and promoting inclusivity and diversity. Almaci emphasises the need to elevate the voices of underrepresented groups, advocating for increased representation and empowerment in all areas.

Meyrem Almaci has resigned as chairwoman of Groen after nearly eight years. Meyrem Almaci revealed that she had decided several months ago, specifically during the summer. She explained that she had taken stock of her priorities during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meyrem Almaci expressed that it was time for a change in direction but noted that the unpredictable nature of politics meant waiting for the opportune moment. She emphasised the importance of family in her decision-making process, stating, "For my family, the right time was yesterday rather than today." Almaci continued, "I am now going to take more time to care for the people who have carried me over the past years, which are my family, friends, and loved ones." Almaci intends to dedicate more time to caring for those who have supported her throughout her tenure.

The chairwoman of Groen, Meyrem Almaci, highlighted the need to be cool during the heated debate around the coronavirus in 2021. Meyrem Almaci asked professionals and politicians to avoid bidding and sensationalism, citing worry for the public's mental health. Almaci added, "The government must set its route. A chairman should not be the mother-in-law." She stated it was a purposeful decision, implying that the silence gave her a chance to reflect. Meyrem Almaci expressed optimism for the future despite receiving criticism, especially after the Calvo case, saying, "It was a turbulent and gruelling year, also for myself. It's easy for me to admit that I, too, am vulnerable. I needed time to process everything and figure out how to do better. Now I'm thinking about the future." Her statements represent strength and determination as she navigates leadership issues in uncertainty.

Meyrem Almaci spoke in 2022 against the dreadful condition of Flemish livestock farms, claiming, "The situation has become so critical that ridiculous mortality rates before slaughter are considered normal." Meyrem Almaci links the high animal fatality rates to intensive livestock farming practices, which she claims have spun "completely out of control." Almaci's words come as Groen estimates that over 3 million animals die on Flemish cattle farms each year before reaching the slaughterhouse. The party's estimates show worrying data, such as a 6% death rate for chickens and 17% for piglets. Almaci emphasises that such figures contradict the concept of rearing cattle in humane settings and highlight the critical need for industry change to provide higher animal welfare standards.

Who is Meyrem Almaci?

Meyrem Almaci is a Belgian politician who has led the Green Party of Belgium, known as Groen, since 2012. Meyrem Almaci was born August 19, 1976, in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Almaci holds a master’s degree in communication sciences from Ghent University, which she received in 1999.

Meyrem Almaci was a communication consultant and project manager before entering politics. Meyrem Almaci’s political activity began in 2003 when she joined the Green Party. Meyrem Almaci soon ascended through the party ranks, becoming a national board member and ultimately serving as Groen’s spokesman. Meyrem Almaci was elected to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives in 2007 and outspoken supporter of environmental problems, social fairness, and human rights.

Meyrem Almaci was elected head of Groen in 2012, following Wouter Van Besien. Meyrem Almaci’s priorities as party leader have been to increase the party’s reach and forward its program, which includes progressive social policies, climate action, and sustainability. Groen’s leadership has led to improved electoral success and a significant presence in Belgian politics, particularly in coalition negotiations and policy debates.

Meyrem Almaci’s leadership style is defined by her dedication to inclusiveness, teamwork, and grassroots involvement. She has been commended for her ability to foster consensus within the party and collaborate well with other political organisations to achieve shared objectives.

Meyrem Almaci biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Meyrem Almaci
Full Name Meyrem Almaci
Date of Birth February 25, 1976
Place of birth Kozluçay in Yalvaç, Isparta Province
Political Party Groen (Flemish Green Party)
Alma mater University of Ghent
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Councilor 2001 - 2006
District councilor 2007 - 2010
Belgian Chamber of Representatives 2010 - 2014
Groen Party Chairwoman 2014 - 2022

What is the Political Party of Meyrem Almaci?

The political party of Meyrem Almaci is Groen, the Belgian Green Party. Meyrem Almaci has been an active member of Groen for several years, holding various positions within the party. Meyrem Almaci has been involved with the party since 2007, when she was first elected to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. Meyrem Almaci has been a member of Groen for numerous years and has held various positions within the party.

Meyrem Almaci’s time as chair was a huge help in establishing the party’s agenda and strategic direction. Groen’s electoral success increased under her leadership, and Meyrem Almaci rose to prominence in Belgian politics, particularly on themes of environmental sustainability, social fairness, and progressive policies. Meyrem Almaci, as the groen voorzitter, moved from the Belgian Parliament to the Flemish Parliament in 2019, reaffirming her commitment to representing her constituents’ interests within the framework of Groen’s values and goals.

Meyrem Almaci’s decision to retire early from her role as Groen chair marked a shift in the party’s leadership and created openings for new leadership to emerge. Her resignation was greeted with gratitude for her efforts and optimism for the Green Party’s future path under new leadership. Meyrem Almaci announced her early resignation as chair of Groen, Belgium’s Green Party, in March 2022. The decision signalled the end of her time as party leader, which she had held since 2014. Almaci’s declaration marked a shift in Belgian politics since she had been a prominent and influential member of the Green Party. The development highlighted the importance of Groen Party News and its impact on the political environment as the party underwent a leadership transition and laid the groundwork for future developments in Belgian politics.

When did Meyrem Almaci Become the party chairwoman of Groen?

Meyrem Almaci became the party chairwoman of Groen on September 21, 2014, after announcing her candidacy for the leadership role within the Belgian Green Party. Meyrem Almaci established a tactical alliance with her running mate, Jeremie Vaneeckhout, to support her candidacy. They went on a competitive journey against Elke Van den Brandt, a prominent member of the Brussels Regional Parliament, to steer Groen into its next era of growth and development.

The election for the party chairwoman was held on November 15, 2014, after intense campaigning and engagement with party members. Meyrem Almaci won the presidency with a commanding 60% of the vote. The strong victory reinforced her position as Groen’s leader and signalled the start of her tenure as head of one of Belgium’s main political parties.

Meyrem Almaci resigned from her role as party chairwoman in March 2022. Meyrem Almaci’s reasons for resigning included wanting to spend more time with her family and facilitating internal party rejuvenation. Her resignation occurred amid growing internal criticism of her leadership style and approach to party leadership.

What is the Official Title of Meyrem Almaci?

Meyrem Almaci’s official title is Chairwoman or Leader of the Green Party in Belgium, known as Groen. Meyrem Almaci held the position from November 15, 2014, until her resignation in March 2022.

Meyrem Almaci’s political journey began in her hometown of Sint-Gillis-Waas in 2001 when she became a councillor, representing the political party Agalev, which later merged into Groen. Meyrem Almaci established a local Agalev branch in Sint-Gillis-Waas and was heavily involved in municipal governance between 2001 and 2006.

Meyrem Almaci moved to Berchem in 2006 and has remained active in local politics. She briefly served on the district council in 2007, contributing to local decision-making. Meyrem Almaci’s later move to Deurne resulted in her resignation from the Berchem district council, demonstrating her commitment to serving her constituents in their towns.

Meyrem Almaci was heavily involved in party events and youth leadership roles throughout her early years in municipal politics and councillor duties. Meyrem Almaci’s political career was elected to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives on June 10, 2007, to represent Groen. Meyrem Almaci was re-elected twice, in 2010 and 2014. Almaci applied for the position of Groen Party Chairwoman on September 21, 2014, in addition to her work as a member of parliament. Meyrem Almaci won 60% of the vote on November 15, 2014, to become the party president after a fierce campaign.

Meyrem Almaci continued to serve in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives until 2019, when she moved to the Flemish Parliament. Meyrem Almaci has long been an outspoken supporter of environmental sustainability, social fairness, and progressive ideas.

Focusing on grassroots activity, inclusivity, and collaboration has defined Meyrem Almaci’s leadership approach. Meyrem Almaci experienced internal criticism within the party for her leadership style, which resulted in her resignation in March 2022.

  • Councilor and Early Political Engagement (2001–2006): Meyrem Almaci began her political journey in her hometown of Sint-Gillis-Waas in 2001, where she became a councillor representing the political party Agalev, which later merged into Groen. Almaci established a local Agalev branch and actively participated in municipal governance until 2006.
  • District Council Service (2006–2007): Meyrem Almaci arrived at Berchem in 2006 and has stayed active in local politics since. Meyrem Almaci temporarily served on the district council in 2007, helping with local decision-making. Almaci’s later relocation to Deurne resulted in her resignation from the Berchem District Council.
  • Belgian Chamber of Representatives and Party Chairmanship (2007–2014): Meyrem Almaci’s political career significantly turned when she was elected to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives in 2007, representing Groen. She was re-elected twice, in 2010 and 2014. Almaci applied for the position of Groen Party Chairwoman in 2014 and won the presidency with 60% of the vote in 2014.
  • Chairwoman or Leader of the Green Party in Belgium (2014 – 2022): Meyrem Almaci held the position of Chairwoman or Leader of the Green Party in Belgium, known as Groen, from 2014 until her resignation in 2022. Almaci played a role in shaping the party’s direction and advocating for its principles.

What Particular Aspect does Meyrem Almaci Specializes?

The particular aspects Meyrem Almaci specialises in are listed below.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Meyrem Almaci is well-known for her commitment to environmental causes, including pushing for legislation and efforts to combat climate change, promote renewable energy sources, and safeguard natural ecosystems.
  • Social Justice: Meyrem Almaci is deeply committed to social justice concerns, especially pushing for equality, diversity, and inclusion. Meyrem Almaci favours policies that reduce inequality, combat discrimination, and promote social cohesion.
  • Human Rights: Meyrem Almaci is an ardent advocate for human rights domestically and abroad. Meyrem Almaci strives to advance human rights values, such as free speech, expression, and assembly, while working to protect the rights of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.
  • Progressive Policies: Progressive initiatives that are meant to make society more just and equal are supported by Almaci. Progressive Policies include advocating for healthcare, education, housing, and labour rights laws that promote all people’s well-being.
  • Grassroots Activism: Meyrem Almaci has extensive experience in grassroots activism and community organising. Meyrem Almaci recognises the significance of public engagement and empowerment in driving social and political change and collaborates with grassroots organisations and movements to raise their voices and concerns.

When did Meyrem Almaci Became a Councilor?

Meyrem Almaci became a councilor in her then hometown of Sint-Gillis-Waas in 2001, representing the political party Agalev, which later merged into Groen. Meyrem Almaci founded a local Agalev branch and significantly contributed to Sint-Gillis-Waas municipal governance while serving as a councilor from 2001 to 2006.

Meyrem Almaci moved to Berchem in 2006, where she remained involved in local politics, briefly serving as a district councillor in 2007. Meyrem Almaci was forced to resign from the Berchem district council because of her subsequent relocation to Deurne.

Meyrem Almaci was involved in party events and youth leadership roles in addition to her councillor duties. Meyrem Almaci was the youth wing of Groen’s spokeswoman from 2005 to 2006 and the organisation’s chairperson from 2006 to 2007.

Meyrem Almaci concentrated on putting progressive policies forward and fighting for social fairness, environmental sustainability, and community involvement throughout her early years in municipal politics. Meyrem Almaci’s dedication to these ideas created the groundwork for later success in municipal politics and party leadership.

What are the Important News about Meyrem Almaci?

The important news about Meyrem Almaci is listed below.

  • “Meyrem Almaci quits after almost 8 years as chairwoman of Groen” is the news about significant development surrounding Meyrem Almaci, the former leader of the Flemish Green Party Groen. Almaci’s announcement of her departure from her role as party leader in March 2022 marked a moment in Belgian politics, prompting speculation about the future direction of Groen under new leadership. Almaci remained a prominent figure within the party, reaffirming her standing and support among party members by being elected to a new term as Groen’s leader.
  • “Meyrem Almaci Faces Criticism Over Leadership Style” is news about the internal challenges that emerged during Almaci’s tenure as party leader. Her leadership came under scrutiny following a significant incident dubbed the “minister drama,” where internal concerns were raised regarding her leadership style and the party’s strategic direction. The fallout from the event prompted internal reflection and revision within Groen as members grappled with the consequences of the party’s reduced position within the cabinet and its broader political implications.
  • “Meyrem Almaci, chairman of Groen, on current events and the bickering between politicians and experts” is the news about Almaci’s advocacy on important social issues, particularly mental health, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her efforts to address mental well-being and propose a comprehensive mental health support strategy demonstrated her commitment to tackling societal challenges beyond traditional political boundaries. Almaci’s remarks on the formation of the administration provided insight into her political perspective and priorities, influencing the discourse on governance in Belgium.
  • “Meyrem Almaci’s Lasting Impact on Belgian Politics” is news about her significant influence on Belgian politics and continued relevance in shaping Groen’s future and the broader political landscape. Despite stepping down from her leadership role, Almaci’s continued participation in political discourse and advocacy work ensures that her influence and legacy will endure in Belgian politics for years.

What are the Political Ideas of Meyrem Almaci?

The political ideas of Meyrem Almaci are rooted in environmental sustainability, social justice, and human rights. Almaci is a well-known member of the Green Party who supports programs and policies that attempt to solve urgent environmental and societal issues. Meyrem Almaci’s political stance is based on safeguarding the environment and fostering a more equal and inclusive society.

Environmental sustainability is emphasised as a fundamental tenet of governance in Almaci’s political ideas. Meyrem Almaci is an outspoken supporter of tackling climate change through bold policies that cut carbon emissions, boost renewable energy sources, and safeguard natural habitats. Almaci’s commitment to environmental stewardship includes campaigning for measures to improve air and water quality, increase green space, and encourage sustainable urban growth.

Meyrem Almaci is passionate about achieving social justice, equity, and environmental awareness. Meyrem Almaci believes in decreasing societal inequities and fighting for measures that promote social inclusion and equal opportunity. Almaci supports activities aimed at reducing poverty, providing affordable housing, improving access to education and healthcare, and combating prejudice based on race, gender, and socioeconomic position.

Meyrem Almaci is an outspoken supporter of human rights domestically and abroad. Meyrem Almaci highlights the need to protect fundamental rights and liberties, such as freedom of speech, expression, and assembly. Almaci promotes policies that defend the rights of marginalised and vulnerable groups, such as refugees, migrants, and LGBTQ+ people. Meyrem Almaci’s political principles ensure everyone is treated with decency, respect, and equality before the law.

Meyrem Almaci’s position on foreign problems, including the Ukraine War and other connected issues, represents Groen’s dedication to peace, diplomacy, and international collaboration. Meyrem Almaci hates violence and aggressiveness and promotes peaceful dispute resolution through dialogue and negotiation. Almaci is a global advocate for the observance of human rights and the rule of law, and it encourages initiatives aimed at giving humanitarian aid to persons displaced by conflict.