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Koen Bultinck

Koen Henk Jan Lodewijk Bultinck, born March 21, 1964, in Bruges, is a Belgian politician affiliated with the N-VA party. Bultinck was actively engaged with Vlaams Belang and served as a Member of the Chamber of Representatives before his involvement with the N-VA.Read more
Bultinck pursued his academic endeavours in political science at Ghent University and held the coordinator role within the research department of the former Vlaams Blok and various Flemish nationalist entities before his parliamentary tenure.

Bultinck contributed his expertise to committees focusing on home affairs and health, representing Vlaams Belang in the Chamber of Representatives from June 13, 1999, until 2014. He parted ways with Vlaams Belang in January 2018, citing his commitment to pure Flemish nationalism and expressing discontent with the party's emphasis on crude anti-immigration rhetoric rather than prioritising Flemish independence. He aligned himself with the New Flemish Alliance in June 2018. Bultinck has since assumed the role of municipal councillor for Diksmuide under the banner of the N-VA, beginning in 2019.

Significant shifts and controversies have marked Koen Bultinck's recent political course. Bultinck cited ideological misalignment, particularly discomfort with what he perceived as the party's simplistic anti-Islamic rhetoric, departing from his long-standing affiliation with Vlaams Belang in January 2018. Bultinck’s move underscored his commitment to Flemish nationalism while distancing himself from divisive discourse. He assumed an independent role on the West-Vlaamse Provincieraadslid before aligning with N-VA in June 2018. Bultinck's political ideas have consistently centred around promoting Flemish interests and advocating for transparent governance. His departure from Vlaams Belang highlights broader tensions within Flemish nationalist circles regarding the balance between ideological purity and pragmatic engagement with societal issues. Bultinck's evolving political journey underscores the dynamic nature of Belgian politics, reflecting ongoing debates surrounding identity, multiculturalism, and the future trajectory of the Flemish Movement.


Koen Bultinck was elected as a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. He represented the Vlaams Belang party.


Koen Bultinck continued to serve in the Chamber of Representatives until this year.


Bultinck left Vlaams Belang, citing his strong Flemish nationalist beliefs and the party’s focus on anti-immigration messages rather than Flemish independence.


Koen Bultinck became a municipal councilor of Diksmuide for the N-VA party1.

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A press release dated May 3, 2012, officially announced that Koen Bultinck, serving as a councillor in the Diksmuiden municipal council, is going to assume the role of party leader for Vlaams Belang in the forthcoming municipal elections scheduled for October. Read more
The confirmation solidifies Vlaams Belang's participation in the upcoming electoral process. Bultinck, as party leader, has hinted at including several new candidates on the Vlaams Belang list, although specific details remain undisclosed. Bultinck extended his leadership to the provincial level, spearheading the Vlaams Belang list in the Ostend district. Representation on the provincial Flemish Interest List is going to be entrusted to VB councillor Marleen Vanoverschelde and Johan Desender within the Veurne-Diksmuide district, alongside Bultinck's leadership in Diksmuide.


Koen Bultinck reflected on his 11-year tenure in the federal parliamentary elections on July 20, 2010, during an interview on ActuaTV. Bultinck discussed the challenges and achievements of his political career in the conversation.Read more
He emphasised the importance of practical parliamentary work and expressed his satisfaction with the positive collaboration across party lines. Koen highlighted the need for improved communication of parliamentary activities to the public, citing media limitations and the necessity for a modernised approach. Reflecting on his decision not to seek re-election, Bultinck described it as a moment of crisis after 11 years and an opportunity to step back and explore new challenges. He concluded by expressing his enduring passion for political engagement, indicating a desire to remain politically active in a more subdued capacity. "I want to dare to give the Renault I was elected, I knew about the region Westhoek, certainly the coast. I dare say two armies nature back finally it is social," Bultinck stated during the interview.

Who is Koen Bultinck ?

Belgian politician Koen Henk Jan Lodewijk Bultinck was born in Bruges on March 21, 1964. He is a member of the National Democratic Alliance (N-VA) and was formerly involved with the Vlaams Belang party. Bultinck was the study department coordinator for the former Vlaams Blok until he was elected to parliament. He studied political science at Ghent University.

Bultinck served as the representative for Vlaams Belang in the Chamber of Representatives from June 13, 1999, to May 6, 2010. He was a member of the legislature’s social affairs and public health committees. Bultinck served from 2007 to 2013 as a councillor in Diksmuide, his hometown. He served as a councillor for the province of West Flemish from 2012 till 2018. He was elected with 1,905 preference votes in the October 14, 2012, municipal elections.

Being a Flemish nationalist, Bultinck had a hard time with the Vlaams Belang’s oversimplified anti-Islam rhetoric; thus, he left the party in January 2018. He became an independent member of the West Flemish provincial council. The third was when he got involved with N-VA politics in June 2018. He resumed his role as a member of the Diksmuide municipal council for such a political faction in 2019. 

Koen Bultinck biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Koen Bultinck
Full Name Koen Henk Jan Lodewijk Bultinck
Birthday March 21, 1964
Spouse No Information Avaialble
Number of Children No Information Avaialble
Position Municipal Councillor of Diksmuide
Political Party New Flemish Alliance (N-VA)
Education Political Science (Ghent University)
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Vlaams Blok Study Service Coordinator 1999
Member of the Parliament 1999 - 2010
Diksmuide Municipal Councilor 2007 - 2013
West Flanders Provincial Councillor 2013 - 2018
Diksmuide Municipal Councillor 2019 - Present

How did Koen Bultinck start his Political Career?

Koen Henk Jan Lodewijk Bultinck started his political career in Belgium, initially aligning with Vlaams Belang. He transitioned to political engagement after studying political science at Ghent University. Bultinck served as the coordinator of the study department for the then Vlaams Blok. His parliamentary tenure unfolded from June 13, 1999, to May 6, 2010, representing Vlaams Belang in the Chamber of Representatives. He actively contributed to the Public Health and Social Affairs committees within the parliamentary arena. 

Koen Bultinck assumed civic responsibilities as a municipal councillor in his hometown of Diksmuide from 2007 to 2013. Bultinck secured election in 2012 as West Flemish provincial councillor, maintaining the position until 2018. His departure from Vlaams Belang in January 2018 was attributed to his struggle with the party’s simplistic anti-Islam rhetoric, leading him to join the West Flemish provincial council independently. He transitioned to the N-VA in June 2018, where his political commitment endured. Bultinck has resumed his role as a municipal councillor in Diksmuide since 2019, now aligned with the N-VA.

What was the Political Party of Koen Bultinck?

The political party of Koen Bultinck is the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA).  A Flemish nationalist and liberal-conservative political entity, the N-VA boasted a membership exceeding 41,000 individuals by the conclusion of 2014. The party commands the largest share of seats within the Chamber, the European Senate, and the Flemish Parliament. It is noteworthy for its substantial parliamentary presence. The N-VA holds three seats in both the Parliament and the Brussels-Capital Parliament. The N-VA was pivotal in the Michel I federal government from 2014 to 2018, providing Flanders with Prime Minister Jan Jambon. The party’s influence extends to the provincial landscape, where it participates in the administrative coalition in the province of Antwerp and contributes aldermen to the councils of numerous cities and municipalities. The New Flemish Alliance party’s membership had reached 41,500 by 2021, securing its position as the second-largest party in Flanders that year in terms of party members, trailing only behind Open Vld.

Koen Bultinck is actively involved in non-partisan political endeavours, particularly within the Flemish Movement. He holds a directorial position at the Neutral Health Insurance Fund Flanders. Bultinck now aspires to contribute to his hometown of Diksmuide as a municipal councillor with an extensive political background, including roles as the director of the Study Service, a representative, and a provincial councillor. Bultinck is known for providing constructive opposition in the municipal council, recognised for his skills as a proficient debater and dedicated individual who delves into files. His focus revolves around social and community themes, showcasing his commitment to addressing local issues and contributing positively to the city’s development.

What is the Official Title of Koen Bultinck?

The official title of Koen Bultinck is the municipal councillor of Diksmuide. Koen Bultinck’s professional trajectory unfolds through significant roles in the Belgian political landscape. Koen transitioned to a pivotal phase as a Member of Parliament from 1999 to 2010, beginning as the Coordinator of the Vlaams Blok Study Service until 1999. Bultinck actively engaged in local governance, serving as a Diksmuide municipal councillor from 2007 to 2013. His influence expanded to the provincial level, where he held the Provincial Councilor of West Flanders position from 2013 to 2018. Resuming his commitment to local governance, Bultinck returned as a Diksmuide municipal councillor in 2019, a position he continues to hold. Koen Bultinck has left an indelible mark on both regional and national political spheres in <a href=””>Belgium</a> across these varied roles.

Koen Bultinck’s official titles are listed below.

  • Vlaams Blok Study Service Coordinator: Bultinck coordinated the Vlaams Blok study department. From June 13, 1999, to May 6, 2010, he represented Vlaams Belang in parliament. 
  • Member of the Parliament: He actively participated in parliamentary Public Health and Social Affairs committees.
  • Diksmuide Municipal Councilor: Bultinck was Diksmuide municipal councillor from 2007 to 2013.
  • Provincial Councilor of West Flanders: Bultinck was elected West Flemish provincial councillor in 2012 and served till 2018. 
  • Diksmuide Municipal Councilor: Bultinck has been a Diksmuide councillor since 2019 after joining the N-VA.

What are the Important News about Koen Bultinck?

The important news about Koen Bultinck is listed below.

  • Koen Bultinck, a prominent figure in Belgian politics and provincial councillor from Diksmuide, announced his departure from Vlaams Belang on January 26, 2018. Bultinck expressed his decision to step away from the party at 53 years old, citing his growing discomfort with what he described as the simplistic anti-Islamic rhetoric within Vlaams Belang. Bultinck highlighted his commitment to addressing social problems with substantive solutions, emphasising his dedication to the Flemish Movement as an unpaid idealist as a self-identified “pure Flemish nationalist.” He departed from active politics, having already begun enjoying his parliamentary pension. Bultinck’s political journey encompassed roles as a Flemish representative from 1999 to 2010, a municipal council member from 2006 to 2012, and a provincial councillor since 2012. The news of his departure marked a significant development in the Belgian political landscape, reflecting his moral stance and dedication to Flemish nationalist ideals.
  • The members of N-VA Diksmuide convened to elect a new board for the department on February 8, 2019. Among the newly elected members is Koen Bultinck, who plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and activities of N-VA Diksmuide. The diverse board includes individuals such as Luc Coupillie, Martine Desmet, Joachim Van Opstal, Koen Coupillie, Inge Claeys, Bert Laridon, Mieke Vanrobaeys, Sarah Thieren, Koen Bostyn, Marc Seys, Joke Gaeremyn (vice-chairwoman), Jan Colaert, Marjolein Vanstechelman, Maarten Debruyne, and Julie Vercooren. The gathering featured a celebratory event to welcome the new year, complete with snacks and drinks. Wilfried Vandaele, Flemish Member of Parliament and mayor of De Haan, honoured the occasion as a guest speaker. Koen Bultinck’s involvement in the board underscores his continued commitment to political engagement within N-VA Diksmuide.
  • Diksmuide proposed the construction of a second dog walking area on September 21, 2018, spanning almost 1,200 m² on OLVrouwstraat. The initiative, spearheaded by Alderman Ramboer, faced unexpected resistance from residents who were surprised by the installation of marking posts without prior notification. The residents, irked by the lack of communication and the chosen location near a children’s playground, unanimously protested. The council of aldermen decided to postpone the construction In response to the neighbour’s opposition and reassess the plans, considering the neighbourhood’s input. Alderman Ramboer strongly committed to establishing Diksmuide’s second dog walking area on OLVrouwstraat, albeit not adjacent to the playground. Alternative locations were being considered, and a final decision was communicated to residents in advance. The controversy prompted an information meeting, but local residents remained dissatisfied with the prospect of a dog walking area nearby without prior notice. Koen Bultinck, a resident, hoped that the aldermen were going to reflect on the concerns raised by the locals during such a deliberation. The issue was scheduled for discussion at the upcoming municipal council meeting on September 24, 2018, due to the public outcry, even though the initial investment amount was deemed small.
  • Koen Bultinck, the former Member of Parliament for Vlaams Belang from Diksmuide, made headlines as he announced his departure from the party on January 25, 2018. Bultinck disassociated himself from the Vlaams Belang faction, although he continued to hold a seat on the provincial council, and opted to serve as an independent councillor. Having represented Vlaams Belang in the chamber from 1999 to 2010 and served as a municipal councillor in Diksmuide during the previous legislature, Bultinck’s decision to step away from party politics aimed at redirecting his focus towards the non-partisan Flemish Movement. Bultinck cited his growing discomfort with the simplistic anti-Islam language employed by Vlaams Belang, expressing a preference for meaningful work within the Flemish Movement over the politics of party positions. His departure marked a shift towards addressing social issues with more nuanced and serious solutions.
  • Koen Bultinck, an independent provincial councillor, announced his candidacy for N-VA in the upcoming October municipal elections on June 23, 2018, in Diksmuide. The decision followed his unexpected departure from the Vlaams Belang faction in the provincial council earlier in January. Bultinck expressed a renewed enthusiasm for public service after taking a sabbatical, driven by the encouragement of fellow Diksmuiden residents who urged him to re-enter the political arena. The specific position Bultinck assumed within N-VA remained undisclosed at the time of the announcement. The choice to align with N-VA was described as a natural fit for the classic Flamingant, as he expressed a strong affinity with the party’s values and a desire to contribute actively to the well-being of the people of Diksmuide. Bultinck’s return to local politics marked a new chapter in his political journey. He had previously represented Vlaams Belang in the Chamber of Representatives from 1999 to 2010 and served as a municipal councillor in Diksmuide from 2007 to 2013.

What are Koen Bultinck’s Political Ideas?

Koen Bultinck’s political ideas as a councillor in the Diksmuiden municipal council representing N-VA advocates for transparent and accountable governance, as evident in his stance regarding appointing a centre manager and the subsequent legal disputes. Bultinck supports the notion of a preliminary study for centre management and the appointment of a centre manager, highlighting N-VA’s commitment to efficient administration. He emphasises the importance of ensuring that such initiatives do not serve political agendas at the expense of public interest. Bultinck’s concern for procedural integrity is reflected in his critique of the municipal decision regarding centre management, where he observed deviations from correct procedures during the September session. The scrutiny underscores his dedication to upholding democratic principles within the political landscape of Diksmuide. His involvement in legal disputes surrounding the appointment of Diksmuide’s mayor, Lies Laridon, suggests a broader commitment to ensuring adherence to legal frameworks and procedural fairness within municipal governance.

What are the controversies surrounding Koen Bultinck?

Controversy surrounds Koen Bultinck’s departure from Vlaams Belang, marked by his dissatisfaction with the party’s rhetoric and ideological direction. Bultinck, a prominent figure within Flemish politics, expressed his departure as a consequence of his ideological misalignment with Vlaams Belang’s stance, particularly citing discomfort with what he perceives as simplistic anti-Islamic discourse. His decision to leave the party and assume an independent role on the provincial council reflects broader tensions within the Flemish nationalist movement regarding the balance between ideological purity and pragmatic engagement with social issues. Bultinck’s departure raises questions about the future trajectory of Vlaams Belang and the broader landscape of Flemish nationalist politics, particularly amidst ongoing debates surrounding multiculturalism and identity in Belgium.