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Filip Brusselmans

Filip Brusselmans is a Belgian politician who supports the right-wing Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang. Filip Brusselmans has been in the news for several reasons, most connected to his political involvement, opinions, and positions in the Flemish Parliament and Vlaams Belang Jongeren, the organisation for young people inside Vlaams Belang.Read more
News about Brusselmans frequently centres on his firm opinions on important political matters, including immigration laws, law and order, Flemish independence, and cultural preservation. Filip Brusselmans gained notoriety as a young politician for his candid opinions and proactive planning of demonstrations, such as the March Against Marrakesh, which opposed Belgium's adoption of the UN Global Compact on Migration.

Filip Brusselmans' criticism of specific social and economic policies, which align with his party's populist and nationalist ideologies, has garnered media attention. He worries about how immigration affects education and the need for stronger laws to guarantee immigrants' assimilation into Flemish society. Brusselmans had to deal with issues such as becoming the target of death threats, which required police protection. The news has highlighted one aspect of his public life, emphasising how divisive his political views are and how they provoke strong feelings in people. News about Filip Brusselmans mostly centres on his involvement in the Flemish nationalist movement, his political career, and the difficulties and controversies he faced due to his public activities and ideological stance.


Filip Brusselmans is born in Antwerp, Belgium.


Filip Brusselmans completes his studies in Law at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven).


Filip Brusselmans begins his political career by joining the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) party.


Filip Brusselmans is elected as a member of the Antwerp City Council, representing the N-VA.


Brusselmans becomes a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, representing the province of Antwerp.


Filip Brusselmans is re-elected to the Chamber of Representatives in the federal elections.


Filip Brusselmans takes on a leadership role within the N-VA parliamentary group, advocating for Flemish interests and regional autonomy.


Filip Brusselmans continues to be active in Belgian politics, participating in legislative debates and representing the concerns of his constituents in Antwerp.


Brusselmans remains committed to his political responsibilities, focusing on issues such as immigration, regional development, and economic growth within the Chamber of Representatives.

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Filip Brusselmans, the youngest member of the Flemish Parliament at only 21 years old, continues to support controversial positions on May 27, 2019, in Brussels, Belgium. Read more
Brusselmans is a well-known conservative and Flemish nationalist member of the Vlaams Belang party. He rose to fame as the mastermind of the March against Marrakesh. Brusselmans offers controversial views on transgender problems with fellow KVHV student union member Dries Van Langenhove, saying, "Nothing against transgender people, but it remains abnormal." The statement captures the contentious opinions of certain Flemish Parliament members and the current discussion.

Vlaams Belang, led by Filip Brusselmans, plans a demonstration to support a mother who has to move to the alleged abuser of her daughter on Wednesday, October 4, at Schoenen Molders' parking lot in Sint-Pauwels. A press was released on October 2, 2023. The protest, which was spurred by the story of a mother who is being forced to live near her daughter's accused abuser, aims to demand stronger protection for victims of sexual violence. The protest demonstrates the party's dedication to promoting the safety and rights of individuals impacted by these acts.

The Flemish elections in June 2024 will see Sint-Niklase MP Filip Brusselmans occupy the third spot on Vlaams Belang's electoral ticket, according to the press released on October 14, 2023, in Belgium's Sint-Niklaas. Brusselmans has been projected as the front-runner on the Sint-Niklaas local list for the municipal elections. Brusselmans expressed his happiness with his expected prominent role in East Flanders and his preparations for a significant influence in future elections.

The heads of the party's election platform were revealed by party leader and Flemish MP Filip Brusselmans at the well-attended Vlaams Belang branch's De Klavers, Belsele, New Year's reception. A record 250 people showed up to hear Brusselmans speak, and he shared his vision of Vlaams Belang dominating Sint-Niklaas come October's municipal elections. The declaration highlights the party's expanding power and creates the conditions for a close race for office in the area. The press release was published on January 29, 2024, in Belsele, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


Filip Brusselmans' speech about the necessity of modifying the cultural accord to prevent abuse of power includes a debate about the governance of cultural institutions in Flanders. The present configuration of cultural institution boards of directors, according to a publication by Brusselmans dated December 22, 2020, fails to mirror the political equilibrium of the Flemish Parliament.Read more
He points out that since taxpayers fund these organisations, democratic regulation is necessary to ensure they fairly represent the people. Brusselmans emphasises the necessity of proportional representation in ensuring that the Flemish Parliament's social and ideological reflections are transmitted into the management of cultural organisations. He draws attention that while the parliament saw substantial changes following the 2019 elections, many boards of directors stayed the same, creating an imbalance. Brusselmans complains about the delay in making any changes to the makeup of these boards and expresses concern that the proposal to change the decree was turned down not because of its merits but rather because of the person putting it forth. He claims, "If the cultural pact is not amended, it will open the door to abuse of power," emphasising the importance of democracy and good governance in managing cultural organisations.

Filip Brusselmans' speech on ideological divisions within N-VA criticises the party's stance on cultural issues, notably in light of the scandal surrounding the 'Queen Nikkolah' event in Ghent. Brusselmans expressed his concerns on November 29, 2023, about the left-wing creation of 'Queen Nikkolah' as a woke alternative to Sinterklaas, which surfaced on the N-VA-sponsored Intangible Heritage website. He emphasises the duality inside N-VA, saying, "That dichotomy of the N-VA, it's starting to become dramatic and even pathetic." Brusselmans notes that the Flemish government owns the website and criticises the government's funding, headed by N-VA member Jan Jambon, to anti-racism socio-cultural associations such as Kif Kif and Hand in Hand. Brusselmans believes that N-VA weakens parliamentary democracy, and he accuses them of being theoretically against wokeness but practically for it, pointing out that Jan Jambon avoided his questions during the plenary session.

Filip Brusselmans' speech on the falling level of education in Flanders addresses the devastating impacts of migrant policies, particularly on linguistic abilities, which was published on December 6, 2023. Brusselmans highlights the value of teaching Dutch and criticises the government for not doing so. He draws attention to the PISA survey's unfavourable findings and urges a change in emphasis from skills to knowledge. Brusselmans contends that "Migration policy has disastrous effects, including on education," to raise integration and educational standards, he supports mandatory immersion programs and language examinations for non-Dutch speakers. He criticises N-VA's position on education policies, discusses the high dropout rate among new teachers and teacher shortages, and argues that lessening the planning load allows instructors to concentrate more on instruction.

Who is Filip Brusselmans?

Filip Brusselmans is a Belgian politician and political activist most known for his work with the right-wing political party Vlaams Belang. Brusselmans, born in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, on October 30, 1997, has gained recognition as a significant player in Flemish politics. Filip Brusselmans studied political science at the University of Antwerp to continue his studies. Filip Brusselmans got involved in the Katholiek Vlaams Hoogstudentenverbond, a student group with a Flemish and Catholic nationalist bent, while he was an undergraduate. His future political career was paved with his involvement in student politics.

Filip Brusselmans was elected to the Flemish Parliament as a Vlaams Belang MP in 2019, making him the parliament’s youngest member. His victory represented a turning point in his political career and demonstrated the growing power he gained inside the party and in Flanders politics. The youth branch of Vlaams Belang, Vlaams Belang Jongeren, chose Brusselmans as its chairman in 2020, further recognising his leadership abilities. The position allowed him to influence the political beliefs and methods of the party’s younger members and advocate for causes that are important to the younger generation.

Filip Brusselmans has gained popularity over his career for making provocative and opinionated remarks. Filip Brusselmans gained attention in January 2018 after he called the media’s focus on Belgian television host Bo Van Spilbeeck’s gender transition a “surrender to the absurd.” He was a key organiser of the December 2018 March against Marrakesh, a demonstration against Belgium’s adoption of the UN Global Compact on Migration. Several Flemish nationalist organisations sponsored the march, such as Voorpost, the Nationalistische Studentenvereniging, and Vlaams Belang Jongeren.

Filip Brusselmans has had difficulties in his political activities. Filip Brusselmans started receiving death threats in 2020, which prompted the police to provide him with protection. He has persisted in supporting Vlaams Belang’s programs and ideals as an engaged and outspoken member of the Flemish Parliament despite these threats.

Filip Brusselmans biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Filip Brusselmans
Full Name Filip Brusselmans
Birth Date October 30, 1997
Birth Place Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Occupation Politician
Family Ian Brusasco (father) Kristine Brunsborg (mother)
Alma mater University of Antwerp
Political Party Vlaams Belang
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
2018 Organiser of the March against Marrakesh
2019 - present Organiser of the March against Marrakesh
2020 - present Chairman of Vlaams Belang Jongeren

What is the Political Party of Filip Brusselmans?

The political party of Filip Brusselmans is the Vlaams Belang political party. Vlaams Belang is a right-wing Flemish nationalist and populist party in Belgium that strongly believes in immigration, Flemish independence, and law enforcement. Filip Brusselmans joined Vlaams Belang and has been an active party member since his undergraduate years when he joined the Katholiek Vlaams Hoogstudentenverbond, a Catholic and Flemish nationalist student group. His political activities align with the party’s beliefs, but it is unclear how long he has been a member of Vlaams Belang.

A significant turning point in Brusselmans’ political career came in 2019 when he was elected to represent Vlaams Belang in the Flemish Parliament. He demonstrated his growing importance within the party by becoming the youngest member serving in the Flemish Parliament then. Filip Brusselmans’ leadership abilities were acknowledged even more in 2020 when he was chosen as head of Vlaams Belang Jongeren, the organisation’s youth branch. The position has allowed him to develop the party’s younger members’ political beliefs and strategies in the Political Party Flemish Parliament and advocate for important causes for the younger generation. 

Filip Brusselmans’ competitors and opponents include members of other political parties in the Flemish Parliament, particularly individuals with opposite views on immigration, Flemish nationalism, and social programs. Voters who share the party’s beliefs and members of Vlaams Belang’s youth wing make up most of his followers. Filip Brusselmans’s organising of the 2018 March against Marrakesh, which protested Belgium’s adoption of the UN Global Compact on Migration, was one of his noteworthy political endeavours. The event demonstrated his immigration policies and capacity to galvanise support for the party’s objectives. 

Filip Brusselmans has been well-known for his strong opinions and divisive remarks during his tenure in Vlaams Belang. These have drawn praise and criticism. His accomplishments include leading the party’s youth section and being elected to the Flemish Parliament. He has encountered obstacles and controversies similar to any politician, including censure over his remarks concerning transgender matters and death threats that required police protection in 2020. 

How did Filip Brusselmans start his political career?

Filip Brusselmans started his political career by being involved in student politics at the University of Antwerp. He joined the Katholiek Vlaams Hoogstudentenverbond (KVHV), a Catholic and Flemish nationalist student organisation. His early involvement established the groundwork for his political career. 

Filip Brusselmans’ formal political debut occurred in 2019 when he was elected to the Flemish Parliament to represent the right-wing party Vlaams Belang. Filip Brusselmans became the Flemish Parliament’s youngest member at the time of his election, a significant turning point in his political career. His success demonstrated his growing clout in the party and in Flanders politics more broadly. 

Filip Brusselmans strengthened his political career in 2020 by winning the position of chairman of Vlaams Belang Jongeren, the organisation’s youth branch, in addition to his position in the Flemish Parliament. He influenced the political beliefs and tactics of the party’s younger members and promoted causes that appealed to the younger demographic. 

Filip Brusselmans has gained popularity throughout his political career for his candid opinions and role in planning protests, such as the 2018 March against Marrakesh against Belgium’s adoption of the UN Global Compact on Migration. His leadership positions in Vlaams Belang and its youth wing, along with his active involvement in these events, show the progression of his political career from student politics to a prominent position in the Flemish Parliament.

When was Filip Brusselmans first elected to the Flemish Parliament?

Filip Brusselmans was first elected to the Flemish Parliament in 2019. Filip Brusselmans became the youngest member of the Flemish Parliament upon his election, which was a significant turning point in his political career. His achievements demonstrated his growing clout in the Vlaams Belang political party and the larger Flanders political scene. 

Filip Brusselmans has been an engaged member of the Flemish Parliament, sharing his views and supporting Vlaams Belang’s programs and ideals. Filip Brusselmans represents his constituents’ interests in the parliament by participating in debates and voting on legislation. Brusselmans’ election to the position is evidence of his political activism and dedication to the party’s principles. 

Filip Brusselmans has assumed leadership roles within his party and his position in the Flemish Parliament. Filip Brusselmans was chosen to serve as the chairman of Vlaams Belang Jongeren, the organisation’s youth branch, in 2020. The position enables him to influence the party’s direction further and interact with younger members, developing their political beliefs and methods.

What is the Official Title of Filip Brusselmans?

The official title of Filip Brusselmans is Member of the Flemish Parliament for Vlaams Belang since 2019. Filip Brusselmans started his political career as a member of the Flemish Parliament for Vlaams Belang, a right-wing Flemish nationalist and populist party in Belgium. He was elected for the position in 2019, making him the Flemish Parliament’s youngest member. Brusselmans has been a vocal supporter of Vlaams Belang’s principles and goals while serving as a member of the parliament and actively participating in legislative talks on behalf of his constituency. He achieved a central political turning point when elected to the Flemish Parliament, demonstrating his growing clout in the party and Flanders politics more broadly. 

Filip Brusselmans assumed his party’s leadership in 2020 when he was elected Chairman of Vlaams Belang Jongeren, the party’s youth wing, and his post in the Flemish Parliament. His position has allowed him to shape the political beliefs and strategies of the party’s younger members, focusing on problems relevant to the younger generation. Brusselmans has played an essential part in coordinating initiatives, promoting solidarity, and orchestrating events while serving as chairman of the youth wing of Vlaams Belang. His dedication to developing the next wave of political activists and leaders within the party is evident in his leadership in the youth wing.

What are the Important News about Filip Brusselmans?

The important news about Filip Brusselmans are listed below.

  • “The Vlaams Belang Jongeren (VBJ) elected Filip Brusselmans as its new chairman” is news about Filip Brusselmans becoming the new chairman on March 30, 2020, in Brussels, Belgium. The election was done via digital vote, following the postponement of the VBJ chairman’s congress due to anti-corona legislation. The lone candidate, Brusselmans, received 90.1% of the vote to unseat Bart Claes, who oversaw the VBJ for four years, helped it become the biggest youth party on social media, and helped Vlaams Belang gain traction with younger voters. Brusselmans intends to execute a policy plan and hire a full-time staff member to impact the conversation and draw in fresh talent, aiming to match and surpass his predecessor’s accomplishments. The COVID-19 case within the board sparked the online election, which shows the party’s flexibility in times of crisis. Brusselmans vows to hold a physical conference after the crisis to continue engaging with the party’s members and supporters.
  • “Member of Parliament Filip Brusselmans Receives Police Surveillance After Death Threats” is a news article regarding Sint-Niklase MP Filip Brusselmans’ (VB) heightened security measures following several weeks of death threats. The report, released on June 12, 2020, emphasises how seriously the police took the incident and increased their house surveillance. Brusselmans acknowledges the gravity of the threats and says that “as a young man, the experience has come as a bit of a shock.” The news highlights public personalities’ difficulties in preserving their safety in political tensions.
  • “Filip Brusselmans: Youngest Member of the Flemish Parliament Discusses Rising Violence Against Conservatives” is news about far-left extremists, mainly Antifa, targeting conservatives, rightists, and anti-globalists. Voice of Europe spoke with Filip Brusselmans, the youngest member of the Flemish Parliament and the head of the Vlaams Belang youth wing, on June 11, 2023. He draws attention to how right-wing politicians are dehumanised by the mainstream media, which incites physical violence. Brusselmans discusses his own experiences with assault and the harsh techniques utilised by extreme groups. He is still dedicated to tackling social injustice and Europe’s changing demographics despite the obstacles. The conversation sheds light on a young politician’s perspective as they negotiate Belgium’s and Europe’s unstable political environment.
  • “Filip Brusselmans Questions Legitimacy of Flemish Youth Council Elections” is a news about the Vlaams Belang Jongeren (VBJ) led by chairman Filip Brusselmans, challenging the validity of the recent Flemish Youth Council elections due to low voter turnout. The group points to the low voter turnout of only 0.32% of eligible voters. The Flemish Parliament was presented with the names of sixteen new advisors chosen from the results of the elections, which took place between November 4 and November 19, 2023. Brusselmans contends that the 4,700 youth voter turnout is insufficient to consider the representative of the election. The VBJ requests new elections from Minister of Young Benjamin Dalle to guarantee a more authentic representation of the young. The dispute surrounding the election results raises concerns regarding young people’s political participation. The news was released on November 30, 2023.
  • “Filip Brusselmans Advocates for Stronger Measures Against Illegal Immigrants” is a news article published on February 14, 2024, discussing the Flemish MP’s immigration stance and the issues facing the Flemish government. Brusselmans highlights the hardship that various government policies have placed on the middle class while expressing sympathy for the farmers’ protests and criticising the European Union’s nitrogen requirements. He contends that the Belgian government is not doing enough to accommodate asylum seekers and demands that the country take a more aggressive approach to stopping illegal immigration, claiming that 57% of asylum claimants are frauds who ought to be deported. Brusselmans is an advocate for the right to enter the houses of illegal immigrants as a matter of course and feels that the future of Flanders must not be built with criminals, profiteers, and illegal immigrants.

What are the Political Ideas of Filip Brusselmans?

The political ideas of Filip Brusselmans align with the right-wing, Flemish nationalist, and populist ideology of Vlaams Belang, focusing on Flemish independence, strict immigration policies, law and order, cultural preservation, and Euroscepticism. Filip Brusselmans firmly believes in the sovereignty and self-determination of the Flemish people, making him an advocate for Flemish independence. His opinions on immigration and integration are firmly held. He favours tougher immigration laws and emphasises the necessity of newcomers assimilating into the Flemish culture. His political platform strongly emphasises law and order, with Brusselmans supporting severe measures to combat crime and terrorism. 

Filip Brusselmans supports the populist principles of his party in terms of social and economic policy, prioritising social security, workers’ rights, economic development, and the welfare of the Flemish people. Filip Brusselmans supports preserving the Flemish language and culture and opposes laws that weaken Flanders’ sense of national identity. Brusselmans advocates eurosceptic ideas, opposing policies that put Flanders’ and Belgium’s interests ahead of globalism and the EU’s dominance over national sovereignty. His political agenda does not prioritise environmental issues, but he favours measures that balance ecological concerns, economic development, and the interests of the Flemish people. Filip Brusselmans’ political beliefs reflect his adherence to the principles of the Vlaams Belang party and his commitment to tackling the significant political challenges that impact Flanders and Belgium.

What are some facts about Filip Brusselmans?

Some facts about Filip Brusselmans are that he has been chairman of Vlaams Belang Jongeren since 2020 and a member of the Flemish Parliament for Vlaams Belang since 2019. He has received recognition for his work in the Flemish nationalist movement, which aligns with the values of the Prize for Liberty. He was born in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, on October 30, 1997. Brusselmans studied political science at the University of Antwerp and got involved in the Katholiek Vlaams Hoogstudentenverbond, a student organisation with a Catholic and Flemish nationalist focus.

Filip Brusselmans became well-known for his role in planning the 2018 March Against Marrakesh, which was held in protest of Belgium’s adoption of the UN Global Compact on Migration. He received death threats in 2020, which prompted police to provide security. Brusselmans, a young politician, has received recognition for his services to the Flemish nationalist cause. His work aligns with Vlaams Belang’s beliefs, emphasising preserving culture, tight immigration laws, and Flemish independence.