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Dirk Claes

Dirk Claes is a politician from Leuven, Belgium, and a member of the CD&V party. Dirk Claes was born on May 27, 1959.Read more
The Flemish Christian-Democratic Party in Belgium is called Christian Democratic and Flemish (Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams). The party has a long history with the Farmer's League, trade associations (UNIZO), and trade unionism (ACV). The Christian People's Party (Christelijke Volkspartij, CVP) was the party's name until 2001. CD&V is affiliated with Centrist Democrat International and the European People's Party (EPP).

The laws he amended were student labour, banned smoking in catering establishments, and toughened the penalties for assaulting law enforcement and public servants. The economic recovery plan in 2011 involved many of his measures concerning student labour and casual work. An hourly wage surcharge is levied on the additional worker's hourly income to fund social security contributions under his proposal. It indicated a 33 percent liberating rate for taxes. His proposal for student work is a 100-half-day scheme, with 50 whole days remaining at present. He believed that he satisfied the demands of the modern labour market.


Dirk Claes was elected as a member of the Belgian Senate.


Dirk Claes continues to be an active member of the CD&V party.

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A press release on August 18, 2012, about the USA needing to follow Europe and delist PMOI after the Iranian resistance sent the sixth convoy of 400 residents from Ashraf to Liberty the following week. Read more
The living conditions in Liberty are terrible, and they begged the Ashraf residents not to send any more individuals there.

Rotselaar's mayor, Dirk Claes (CD&V), responded to inquiries from the public during Radio 2's Mayor's Marathon on August 19, 2018. Claes considered the difficulties facing the upcoming years and the previous legislature. The Mayor's Marathon was attended by 280 mayors.


Dirk Claes stated on October 11, 2012. The Rotselaar mayor does believe that private security companies reduce the workload for the police, “In the past, an explicit decision was made to professionalise a professional force and to tighten volunteer legislation in the security services.Read more
They can easily take over a number of tasks from the police, such as guarding public buildings and embassies, transporting detainees, and so on. This also relieves the burden on police officers so that they can focus more on their core tasks.” CD&V wants to reduce the workload on the police by utilising private security companies. Using volunteers to take over police duties is highly controversial and impractical in the near term.

Dirk Claes said on January 16, 2017. Mayor Dirk Claes is stepping down in 2018, though he doesn't leave local politics immediately, “I will fully support the new leader and candidate mayor. In this way, I want to continue to commit myself to the service of our municipality and its residents for a few more years to further guide several ongoing initiatives.”

Dirk Claes mentioned it on July 5, 2018. Rock Werchter's debut pleased Mayor Dirk Claes, “We now let people drive into the parking lot first and only when they are parked do they have to pay. This way there are no traffic jams. And at the crew parking lot, where we had a long traffic jam in recent years, we now have a kind of péage system where several cars can enter the parking lot at the same time. That system also works.” The Mayor believed that everything was going fine. He was very pleased that there were no prolonged traffic delays upon arrival. The Red Cross has assisted 1,250 people.

Who is Dirk Claes ?

Dirk Claes was born in Leuven, Belgium, on May 27, 1959. Dirk Claes is a member of the CD&V party or the  Flemish Christian-Democratic Party in Belgium. It is sometimes called Christian Democratic and Flemish (Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams). The party has a long history with the Farmer’s League, trade associations (UNIZO), and trade unionism (ACV). The Christian People’s Party (Christelijke Volkspartij, CVP) was the party’s name until 2001. CD&V is affiliated with Centrist Democrat International and the European People’s Party (EPP).

Dirk Claes biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Dirk Claes
Full Name Dirk Claes
Date of Birth May 27, 1959
Place of Birth Leuven, Belgium
Education Social College
Occupation Social Assistant Civil Servant Politician
Political Party CD&V
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Councilor 1989 to 2021
Mayor 1995 to 2018
Member of Parliament 2003 to 2007
Senator 2007 to 2014
Alderman 2019 to 2021

What is Dirk Claes’s Political Party?

Dirk Claes’ political party is CD&V. Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams (CD&V) adheres to the principle of Christian democracy and identifies itself as an extensive movement centred on “solidarity and justice”. The foundation of its philosophy is that the government’s socio-economic policies must protect the family and engage in cultural education to give Flemish inhabitants a high standard of living. CD&V opposes the legalisation of heavy drugs and is in favour of greater penalties for sexual offences. The party advocates for creating a single police zone in Brussels and increased visibility for Flemish voters inside the Belgian state.

The party historically held the largest political position in Flanders, however, it was surpassed by the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) in the 2010s. CD&V served in the majority of governments and had the most mayors.  Flanders’ Ministers-Presidents and Belgian Prime Ministers were CD&V politicians. One of CD&V’s most important politicians is Herman Van Rompuy, who presided over the European Council from 2009 to 2014.

The Christian Social Party (PSC-CVP) and the Flemish Christian People’s Party (Christelijke Volkspartij CVP) are the offspring of the 19th-century Catholic Party, which was the origin of the Flemish political party known as the CD&V. The party held control until 1999 when the Flemish Liberals and Democrats (VLD) defeated it in the federal elections.

Yves Leterme led the CD&V, which became the largest political party in the Flemish Parliament in 2004. Yves Leterme became the head of a new federal administration that resulted from coalition discussions conducted by the CD&V in 2007. The CD&V had the majority in the European Parliament and Flanders in 2009. The Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open VLD) withdrew from the federal coalition in 2010, ending the government. The CD&V was the largest Flemish party when the Di Rupo Government was created in 2011. Christian Democratic and Flemish News contain a lot of interesting information.

What is Dirk Claes’s Educational Background?

Dirk Claes’ educational background started in Social College in Heverlee where he graduated with a diploma in Social Assistance. Dirk Claes worked as a Civil Servant and Social Assistant. The college that led to the social assistant designation was referred to as a social college. The 1995 reform of higher education in Flanders has made the courses part of a wider whole called a “social department” of the University of Applied Sciences. For example, The Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven presently includes the Heverlee Social College (ACW). The Artesis University of Applied Sciences presently houses the socialist-inspired Antwerp Social College.

How did Dirk Claes begin his Political Career?

Dirk Claes began his political career when he served on the Rotselaar municipal council in 1989. Dirk Claes served as the municipality’s mayor from 1995 to 2018. He declared that the 2012 municipal elections marked the end of his term as mayor. The previous legislature forced him to form a coalition with Open Vld after losing the absolute majority. The former cartel partner of Piet De Bruyn, N-VA, favoured him. He was elected as Rotselaar’s first alderman in early 2019 following the last day of his mayoralty, and departed local politics at the end of 2021. Claes served as a provincial councillor for CD&V in Flemish Brabant from 2000 to 2003. He moved to the House of Representatives in 2003 and served as a member there until 2007.

Dirk Claes served as an appointed senator in the Senate from 2007 until 2010. He was chosen to take part in the Dutch electoral college in 2010. Dirk Claes contributes to the Committees on Social Affairs, Home Affairs, and Home Affairs and Administrative Affairs. Claes is the former’s vice-chairman. Claes served as an alternative member of the committees on institutional affairs, justice, finance, and economic affairs. The politician worked as the Senate’s Quaestor from 2010 to 2011. He was overwhelmingly chosen as the leader of the CD&V faction in the Senate on Monday, December 5, 2011. He took over for Rik Torfs in the role. The 2014 elections ended his senatorial term. He ran for the Flemish Parliament, but he failed.

When did Dirk Claes become part of the Belgian Senate?

Dirk Claes became part of the Belgian Senate as a co-opted senator, serving from 2007 to 2010. Co-opted senators are members of the Belgian Senate elected by their language groups. Claes was chosen to serve in the Dutch electoral college in 2010. A significant part of his responsibilities is dedicated to the work of the Committees on Social Affairs, Home Affairs, and Home Affairs and Administrative Affairs. The senator was appointed as an alternative member of the committees on institutional affairs, justice, finance, and economic affairs. The senator served as the Senate’s Quaestor from 2010 to 2011. A unanimous decision was made on December 5, 2011, to elect him as the leader of the CD&V faction in the Senate, and he succeeded Rik Torfs. Claes completed his term as a senator in 2014.

What is the Current Position of Dirk Claes in the Belgian Politics?

Dirk Claes has no current position in Belgian politics. Claes quit politics last 2021 and his last position was Alderman in Rotselaar. Claes was a member of the Christian Democratic and Flemish Party (CD&V). He held the positions in the Parliament and Senate. Student labour laws were amended and smoking was banned in catering establishments. He strengthened the penalties for assaulting law enforcement and public servants made him famous. 

What are the Important News about Dirk Claes?

The important news about Dirk Claes is listed below.

  • “Dirk Claes is the next CD&V faction leader in the Senate” is the news about Dirk Claes on December 6, 2011. Dirk Claes was unanimously chosen by the CD&V senators to lead their faction. He succeeded Rik Torfs, who inherited the group’s chairmanship upon Sabine de Bethune’s election as Senate President at the beginning of the parliamentary year, to hold the position until a new government was formed. The senators from CD&V have designated Dirk Claes as their official faction leader immediately as the new administration has been sworn in and Sabine de Bethune’s appointment as Senate chairperson is verified. Dirk Claes has created a reputation for himself in politics by introducing new legislation for a smoke-free catering business, modernising student labour regulations, and imposing greater penalties for violence against police officers and other government officials holding public office.
  • “Mayor addressed the launch of Rock Werchter” is the news about Dirk Claes on July 25, 2012. He was in favour of making exchanging cash registers a requirement for concerts and festivals. Claes wanted the exchange currency registers to be required at concerts and festivals. The Mayor proposed having a virtual exchange currency register on the internet before events and a physical one during them. The adoption of the exchange cash register was scheduled to be discussed in the upcoming ticket sellers’ meeting, according to Claes, with Minister of Economy Johan Vande Lanotte (SP.A).
  • “Dirk Claes’s last legislative session under CD&V” is the news broadcast on October 20, 2012. The newly-formed council of Alderman was announced by CD&V. The most surprising thing is that it is Dirk Claes’ final term as mayor. The young Jelle Wouters, chairman of CD&V youth, performed admirably on October 14 and became the first alderman. Dirk Jacobs and Carine Goris, the two present aldermen, continued in their positions. Gert Heylen took over Lucia Wouters as OCMW chairman after she served for three years. Guy Van Aerschot swaps the fifth alderman position for the OCMW. A directive that he transfer to Nico Lodewijckx (Open VLD) after three years. Alderman Christel Hendrix represents coalition partner Open VLD.
  • “Dirk Claes resigned as mayor in 2018” is the news broadcast on January 16, 2017. Dirk Claes, who has served as mayor of Rotselaar since 1995, is not running for mayor of CD&V in 2018. The party has elected Jelle Wouters as its new leader. Claes held the House and Senate seats consecutively from 2003 to 2014, advanced the list, and continued to be involved in local politics.
  • “Dirk Claes was stepping down from office” is the news broadcast on December 23, 2021. Dirk Claes (CD&V), the former mayor, attended his final municipal meeting on Tuesday night. Claes’ political career is coming to an end after 33 years. Dirk Claes served as a Rotselaar council member for the final time. The former Mayor bid farewell to the political scene that evening, in which he had been a prominent participant for 33 years. Dirk Claes has a lengthy history of contributing to his municipality.

What is Dirk Claes’s Net Worth?

Dirk Claes’ net worth is estimated at £10,854,718.50 as of March 2024. Claes had an approximate net worth of £9,761,437.50 last year. An individual’s net worth changes constantly due to fluctuations in income, investments, assets, and liabilities. Dirk Claes was born on May 27, 1959, and is a Belgian politician and a CD&V member. The senator was chosen in 2007 for a seat in the Belgian Senate. He joined politics in 1989 until 2021.

What are Dirk Claes’ Political Ideas?

Dirk Claes’ political ideas were banning smoking in catering establishments, updating the laws governing student labour, and toughening up on violence against law enforcement and public personnel made him well-known. Several of his initiatives about student labour and casual work were included in the economic recovery plan in 2011. The plan called for a flat-rate system that pays social security contributions by imposing a fixed tax on the new worker’s hourly wage. It indicated a 33 percent liberating rate for taxes. Student work needs to be scheduled over 100 half-days, according to Clae, currently has 50 whole days left. He argued that it satisfies the demands of the contemporary labour market.