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André Bailly

The available information on André Bailly comprises details related to his political career and involvement in local governance. André Bailly served as the mayor of Pepinster from 1984 to 2006 and was affiliated with the Belgian Socialist Party (PS).Read more
André Bailly faced a judicial investigation from 2007 to 2009 concerning various cases, including public contracts related to projects like the expansion of a school in Soiron and the construction of a cultural center. The investigation concluded in May 2009 without further action, with Bailly asserting his innocence. There appear to be differing opinions on his clearance, with statements from the Pepin group challenging the notion that he has been cleared of all accusations. André Bailly has been involved in initiatives such as the Forum permanent des politiques de la jeunesse de l'arrondissement de Verviers and has contributed to the establishment of Car Avenue, a dealership set to open in the summer of 2020.


André Bailly was born in Schaerbeek, Belgium


André Bailly graduated from the University of Brussels with a degree in law


André Bailly became a lawyer at the Brussels Bar


André Bailly was elected as a member of the Chamber of Representatives for the PSC-CVP (Parti Social Chrétien - Christelijke Volkspartij)


André Bailly became Minister of Justice in the government of Prime Minister Baudouin d'Aspremont Lynden


André Bailly became Minister of Education in the government of Prime Minister Pierre Harmel


André Bailly became Minister of State


André Bailly retired from politics


André Bailly passed away at the age of 82

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Press Releases of André Bailly reveal notable recognitions and developments in his public engagement. Read more
André Bailly, known for his active involvement in various associations and serving as president of several, including people supporting veterans, blood donors, and cyclists, received an unexpected honor from Duravel Mayor Josefa Ruiz Rubio during a friendly game of pétanque with friends on July 5. André, popularly known as "Mado," was named an honorary citizen by the city council in recognition of his considerable contributions to the community and committed service. The gesture demonstrates the city's appreciation for André's significant contribution to improving Duravel's reputation and exemplifying characteristics greatly cherished by the community.

André Bailly declared his exoneration from all charges related to fraudulently awarded public contracts during his term. The judicial investigation was initiated in 2007 and encompassed cases such as the school expansion in Soiron and the construction of the cultural center. It concluded in May 2009, closing without further action due to the absence of elements constituting criminal offenses. Serge Marcy clarified that the financial section of the Federal Judicial Police of Verviers could not identify criminal elements in the award and execution of public contracts. The case was subsequently transferred to the Walloon Region, and in May 2010, Paul Furlan, the Walloon Minister for Local Authorities and Urban Affairs, confirmed no disciplinary proceedings against André Bailly. Bailly expressed disappointment in individuals who tarnished his reputation, emphasizing his delayed response in the hope of their acknowledgment of the truth.


The speeches of André Bailly offer light on an important era in his political career. André Bailly has been under investigation for five crimes dating back to 2007, including the expansion of a school in Soiron, the construction of a cultural centre, and the extension of the Hall du Paire.Read more
André Bailly explained in May 2009, four years after the investigation began that the case had been closed without further action. Bailly's attorney, Serge Marcy, claims that the ruling resulted from the inability of the financial division of the Federal Judicial Police (PJF) in Verviers to pinpoint specific aspects that have indicated criminal offences pertaining to the awarding and carrying out of public contracts. The matter was then transferred to the Walloon Region by the Verviers public prosecutor's office. Paul Furlan, the Walloon Minister for Local Authorities and Urban Affairs, acknowledged that no disciplinary actions had been filed against André Bailly in May 2010. Bailly said, "I waited a year before re-establishing the truth because I hoped that those who had dragged me through the mud would have had the honesty to go all the way with their approach."

Who is André Bailly?

André Bailly, born on February 11, 1942, in the Hodimont area of Verviers, was a well-known individual with a broad background. André Bailly worked as a teacher at Wegnez’s local school before rising to the position of director and, subsequently, education inspector. He maintained a deep connection to Wegnez Hamlet despite living at the Refawtay in Cornesse.

André Bailly joined the Belgian Socialist Party (PSB) in 1964 and has held a variety of political positions since then. André Bailly was elected President of the Communal Socialist Union of Pepinster in 1980. His political career continued with his appointment as a municipal councillor in 1983. He studied for the municipal inspector exam, indicating his desire to work in education. He succeeded Pierre Soreille as mayor in 1984 and served until 2006 when he delegated his duties to Philippe Godin.

André Bailly made substantial regional contributions in addition to his local political commitments. André Bailly was president of the PS federation in Verviers from 1989 to 1992. André Bailly served as chairman of the district’s federation of PS elected officials from 1994 until 2001. He took on a bigger political role in 2001 when he was elected to the Parliament of the French Community, currently known as the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, and served there until 2004. His election to Parliament was aided by his replacement of Edmund Stoffels from Amelois, resulting in the “Damseaux effect.” André Damseaux, a longtime friend, played a role in his political path.

André Bailly biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of André Bailly
Full Name André Bailly
Date of Birth February 11, 1942
Place of Birth Hodimont district, Verviers
Political Party Socialist Party (PSB)
Alma Mater Graduate Studies in Pedagogy, Cantonal Inspector
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
President of Communal Socialist Union of Pepinster 1980
Municipal Councilor in Pepinster 1983-2006
Mayor of Pepinster 1984-2006
President of Verviers Federation of the PS 1989-1992
Chairman of the Federation of PS Elected Officials in the District 1994-2001
Member of Parliament for Wallonia and the French Community 2001-2004

What is the Political Party of André Bailly?

The Political party of André Bailly is the Belgian Socialist Party. André Bailly joined the party in 1964 and was an active member throughout his political career. André Bailly actively participated in the party’s activities and held various prominent positions within its structure.

André Bailly was heavily involved in the PS, in addition to his local political activities as mayor and president of the Communal Socialist Union of Pepinster. André Bailly served as president of the PS’s Verviers federation from 1989 to 1992, displaying his dedication to the party’s regional leadership., André Bailly’s influence extended to the district’s federation of PS elected officials, of which he was the head from 1994 to 2001, according to the most recent MR Party News.

André Bailly’s party involvement culminated in his election to the national political stage as a member of the French Community Parliament (Wallonia-Brussels Federation) in 2001. André Bailly’s commitment and leadership inside the party shaped his political career and contributions to the larger political environment.

What is the Official Title of André Bailly?

The official title of André Bailly was Mayor of Pepinster, a position he assumed in 1984 and held until 2006. André Bailly’s career spanned decades, beginning with his membership in the Belgian Socialist Party (PSB) in 1964. He debuted in municipal politics in 1980 as President of the Communal Socialist Union of Pepinster. He demonstrated his dedication to study and public service by taking exams to become a municipal inspector while running for office as a municipal councilor in 1983.

Other titles of André Bailly are listed below.

  • Mayor of Pepinster (1984-2006): André Bailly succeeded Pierre Soreille as Mayor of Pepinster in 1984, and he provided great leadership and devotion until 2006.
  • President of PS Verviers Federation (1989-1992): André Bailly extended his political influence beyond the municipal level by serving as President of the PS Verviers Federation from 1989 to 1992.
  • Chairman of the District’s Federation of PS Elected Officials (1994-2001): André Bailly demonstrated his leadership talents by chairing the district’s Federation of PS Elected Officials from 1994 to 2001.
  • Member of Parliament of the French Community (2001-2004): André Bailly joined national politics in 2001 when he was elected to the French Community Parliament. He remained in the position until 2004.

When did André Bailly First Step into Politics?

André Bailly first stepped into politics in 1964 when he was affiliated with the Belgian Socialist Party (PSB). André Bailly’s initiation into the political arena marked the beginning of a distinguished career spanning several decades.

André Bailly’s political activity grew stronger in 1980 when he was elected president of the Pepinster Communal Socialist Union. André Bailly was later elected as a municipal councilor in 1983, which marked a watershed event in his local political career. He studied to become a municipal inspector, demonstrating a dedication to education alongside his political ambitions.

André Bailly attained another milestone in 1984 when he succeeded Pierre Soreille as Mayor of Pepinster. André Bailly’s term as mayor lasted until 2006, cementing his status as a key player in local government. He held important positions in the PS outside of the municipal as well.  He chaired the district’s federation of PS elected officials from 1994 to 2001 and presided over the Verviers Federation from 1989 to 1992.

André Bailly’s educational background includes working as a primary school teacher, completing Graduate Studies in Pedagogy, and earning a certificate of aptitude for the position of cantonal inspector. These educational efforts demonstrated his commitment to the field of education, which complemented his strong involvement in politics and community leadership.

Is André Bailly a Son of a Politician?

There is no evidence to suggest that André Bailly is the son of a politician. The information presented regarding André Bailly’s history and profession shows no familial, or political connections or paternity in the political sphere. The available information emphasizes on his educational roles, political career, and services to numerous associations, but there is no mention of him being a politician’s son.

When was André Bailly Appointed to Parliament of Wallonia?

André Bailly’s appointment to the Parliament of Wallonia took place in 2001, marking an important moment in his political career. The step forward was the result of him replacing Edmund Stoffels, positioning him as a representative in the regional legislature. His tenure in the Parliament extended until 2004, during which he actively participated in legislative and policy deliberations concerning the Wallonia region. André Bailly has participated in discussions and debates about numerous regional issues. He played a role in influencing and forming regional policy. Parliamentary tasks include reviewing new legislation, serving on committees, and lobbying for constituency concerns.

What are the Important News about André Bailly?

The important news about André Bailly are listed below.

  • “Sad news in Pepinster: André Bailly, the former mayor, has died: “A man of conviction, no compromise” is news about the passing of André Bailly, the former mayor of Pepinster, at the age of 81, has brought sorrow to the community. A dedicated socialist, he led the municipality with unwavering conviction from 1984 to 2006. André Bailly’s tenure as mayor was marked by a commitment to his principles, earning him a reputation as a man who allowed no compromise in his service to the people. André Bailly leaves behind a legacy of leadership and community impact, and his absence are deeply felt by people who knew him and benefited from his dedicated service to Pepinster.
  • “Le Pepin André Bailly hands over his concept of defensive driving for young players to Marc Duez” is a news about The non-profit “Forum permanent des politiques de la jeunesse de l’arrondissement de Verviers,” established in 2002 by the former mayor of Pepinster, André Bailly, is going to permanently end its operations following 19 years of devoted service. The organization is going to share its concept with the non-profit Marc Duez Prevention. Marc Duez is going to take on the responsibility of ensuring the continuation of driving defense courses with the same dedication and commitment to youth safety.
  • “Leudelange Car Avenue to open summer 2020” is news about André Bailly, the Car Avenue brand’s creator, who started out in 1936 by opening the first Peugeot dealership in Metz. The company is growing after acquiring the businesses of Rodenbourg and Étoile Garage, and a new dealership is scheduled to open in the summer of 2020. The state-of-the-art building, comprising a 10,000m2 plot and giving 20,000m2 of space over four storeys, is going to house Citroën and DS dealerships for La Cloche d’Or and Peugeot Strassen with Peugeot and Kia. It is anticipated that beginning in mid-2020, some 130 workers are going to join the Car Avenue team. Today, the Car Avenue group operates 80 locations throughout France, Luxembourg, and Belgium.
  • “Pepinster: the former mayor, André Bailly, responds to the accusations made against him” is news about André Bailly’s answers to accusations levelled against him from 2007 to 2009 about public contracts issued during a 20-year period between the municipality and specific private enterprises. André Bailly initially chose not to address the allegations, but four years later claims that he is completely clear of any misconduct. The charges had received coverage in the local media within the designated period.
  • “Pepinster: “André Bailly is not cleared,” says the Pepin group” is news about Contrary to promises of clearance, the Pepin group, commanded by Mayor Philippe Godin and his alderman, says that André Bailly has not been cleared. The comment was reiterated during the Pepinster city council meeting and thereafter amplified in front of the press. The Pepin group contends that anomalies in public procurement were discovered by the Public Prosecutor and criticized by the Minister in charge, Paul Furlan, even though the criminal matter was concluded without any further action. The group, along with MP Monika Neumann, maintains that André Bailly has not been absolved of the highlighted violations.