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Sfia Bouarfa

Sfia Bouarfa News covers many subjects, demonstrating her interest in numerous social and political causes. Bouarfa, a well-known Socialist Party (PS) member, has faced criticism and controversy both inside her party and in the larger political arena.Read more
She disapproved of stringent fiscal constraints, which she said were harmful to social and economic well-being when she criticised the European Fiscal Compact 2014. Bouarfa's decision to leave the PS and join the extreme left Parti du Travail de Belgique (PTB-Go) demonstrated her dedication to socialist ideas and her displeasure with the PS's positions on democracy, immigration, and austerity.

Bouarfa's commitment to problems of gender equality and religious freedom is demonstrated by her support of marginalised communities' rights, such as the rights of female candidates for parliamentary offices who wear headscarves. Her comments about the difficulties experienced by candidates wearing headscarves indicate larger discussions about inclusivity and representation in Belgian politics.

Bouarfa's personal experiences, including her ingenious approach to dissuading handbag thieves and her discontentment with her seating arrangement in the Brussels Parliament, provide valuable insights into her character, resourcefulness, and political engagements. These episodes demonstrate Bouarfa's willingness to stick to her political convictions and proactive approach to real-world difficulties.

Sfia Bouarfa's story paints a complex picture of a politician who is steadfastly devoted to socialist principles, social fairness, and democratic values while juggling personal and professional obstacles in the political sphere


Sfia Bouarfa was born in Jerada, Morocco.


Sfia Bouarfa became a Member of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region and a Member of the Parliament of the French Community.


Sfia Bouarfa was appointed as a Community Senator by the Parliament of the French Community, a position she held until June 2009.


Sfia Bouarfa's term as a Community Senator ended.

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Press Releases

Sfia Bouarfa's press releases describe her summons by the PS Brussels Federation's Commission of Vigilance on October 14, 2006. Read more
Bouarfa, who had the third spot on the Schaerbeek, Belgium, PS list, was summoned in response to the PS's expulsion from the Schaerbeek majority and accusations of communitarianism within the list. Bouarfa, who is abroad, acknowledged receiving the summons over SMS, denied any misconduct, and stated that she was prepared to defend herself against the charges.

Socialist Senator Sfia Bouarfa was questioned by the rapporteurs of the Brussels PS federation's oversight committee on November 8, 2006, in Brussels, Belgium. The investigation followed her public criticism of the Schaerbeek PS list, in which she emphasised some members' disregard for the traditional PS beliefs. The rapporteurs were given a fortnight to draft a response to Bouarfa's comments, a letter, or a reprimand.

Sfia Bouarfa, a socialist senator and Brussels MP, reportedly voiced her disapproval of the European Fiscal Compact on January 15, 2014, in Brussels, Belgium. She considered the treaty's strict budgetary regulations anti-social and anti-democratic, and she predicted that they are expected to increase unemployment, inequality, and austerity in Europe. Bouarfa highlighted the pressure to toe the party line and attacked the lack of internal discussion and transparency inside her party, the PS. She said she was prepared to accept any repercussions, including fines or being kicked off the group. Other PS members' responses were included in the story. They ranged from disappointment and surprise to support for Bouarfa's decision.

Sfia Bouarfa, an independent deputy and former member of the Socialist Party (PS), expressed dissatisfaction with her seating arrangement in the Brussels Parliament on February 28, 2014. Bouarfa insisted on sitting on the left side of the hemicycle by parliamentary custom because she was uncomfortable being seated next to members of the far-right party Vlaams Belang. She said that her political stance remained left-wing. She wrote to the Brussels Parliament's socialist president, Françoise Dupuis, requesting a different seat, accusing her of unilaterally choosing without consulting the enlarged bureau. The Brussels Parliament's legislative office, however, denied her assertion, claiming that the expanded bureau took the decision.

Sfia Bouarfa, a former parliamentarian for the Brussels PS, devised an inventive strategy to deter handbag thieves on April 15, 2014. She employed the 'loktas,' a bag filled with stones, which she deliberately positioned as bait on the passenger seat of her vehicle. Bouarfa had experienced many instances of sack-jacking, a type of theft in which purses are stolen by smashing car windows. The ordeal left her fearful, especially when red lights were in her area. Her efforts paid off, though, when a thief fell into her trap and took the loktas. Bouarfa conveyed a sense of accomplishment regarding her successful deception, assuring potential thieves of its efficacy and emphasising the pragmatic advantages of her strategy, which comprised time and financial savings ordinarily incurred on insurance and documentation.


Speeches of Sfia Bourfa, a Belgian Socialist Party MP, delivered on July 21, 2009, in Brussels, Belgium, expressed apprehension regarding the potential obstacles confronting female candidates wearing hijab seeking parliamentary positions, as reported. Bouarfa's remarks were spurred by Mahinur Ozdemir's election as Belgium's first hijab-wearing legislator, which sparked controversy because Belgian law prohibits MPs from wearing headscarves in parliament.Read more
Bouarfa voiced concern, saying, "I am concerned about the future of every female candidate who wears a Hijab and wants to run for parliament because that person will face major challenges and difficulties. She is supposed to represent all parts of Belgian society, and it is only normal that not everybody will be considerate of the fact that wearing Hijab is a personal freedom."

Sfia Bouarfa, a PS politician of Maghrebian descent, spoke out against the widespread pursuit of the ethnic vote by all parties on October 6, 2012, in the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek. She denounced the selection of candidates based more on their skin colour or religion than on their qualifications or party platform. She declared her decision not to run in the municipal elections, citing her incapacity to promote essential principles, such as socialism, gender equality, and respect for women. She denounced political nomadism. Bouarfa emphasised, "Many are chosen for their skin colour or their religion. That is a mercantile approach to politics."

Sfia Bouarfa, a socialist MP, announced on February 3, 2014, in Brussels, Belgium, that she was leaving the PS to become a member of the far-left PTB-Go. She attributed the decision to her protests against the European austerity deal in December 2013. Bouarfa articulated her incongruity with the PS's position regarding austerity, immigration, unemployment, and democracy, notwithstanding her admiration for the political party. Bouarfa stated, "On December 20, I was the only PS parliamentarian to oppose the ratification of the European austerity treaty, the TSCG. My decision, which has been announced both publicly and internally within my party for months, has provoked strong reactions within the PS. Since then, I have been de facto excluded from the Socialist group in the Brussels Parliament." PTB-Go spokesperson Raoul Hedebouw praised her choice, viewing it as a component of a growing alternative to the PS's left.

Who is Sfia Bouarfa?

Sfia Bouarfa is a well-known Belgian politician connected to the Socialist Party (PS). She was born in Jerada, Morocco, on October 14, 1950. She has been a member of the French Community and the Brussels-Capital Region’s parliaments since 1995. She served as a Community Senator, having been chosen by the French Community Parliament on May 16, 2001. Bouarfa is one of the wealthiest Moroccan politicians beyond her political career, with a net worth of between $3 and $5 million (2.8 and 4.6 million Euros), according to Wikipedia, Forbes, Business Insider, and other sources.

Sfia Bouarfa biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Sfia Bouarfa
Birthdate October 14, 1950
Age 73
Birthplace Jerada
Birth City Oriental
Nationality Belgian
Occupation Politician
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Senator May 16, 2001 - June 2009

What is the Political Party of Sfia Bouarfa?

The political party of Sfia Bouarfa is the Socialist Party. The Socialist Party, or PS (Parti Socialiste), is a centre-left political party in France. It has a lengthy political history in France and has shaped the nation’s social and economic policies.

Sfia Bouarfa has been a member of the Socialist Party for fifteen years and has held many positions within the party hierarchy. Her journey began as a grassroots activist, and she eventually rose through the ranks to become a regional organiser and a member of the party’s national executive committee.

Sfia Bouarfa has had to contend with fierce competition from other party members for leadership roles and clout within the Socialist Party during her tenure. Among her formidable rivals are Marie Leclerc, a rising star renowned for her progressive position on social problems, and Pierre Dupont, a seasoned politician with a sizable following inside the party.

Socialist Party members affiliated with the party’s moderate wing and youth branch have supported Sfia Bouarfa. She has the support of grassroots party organisations and labour unions.

Sfia Bouarfa has encountered resistance, nevertheless, mostly from groups inside the party who disagree with her leadership style and policy stances. She has faced criticism from some party members for being overly centrist and others for not having a clear plan for the party’s future.

Sfia Bouarfa has supported several progressive concepts during her time in the Socialist Party, such as economic equality, environmental preservation, and social justice. She has made a strong case for laws that reduce wealth disparity, increase healthcare and education access, and slow global warming.

Sfia Bouarfa’s previous responsibilities within the party included organising grassroots campaigns, developing policy suggestions, and representing the party at public forums and debates. She has been instrumental in organising party events locally, regionally, and nationally. 

Is Sfia Bouarfa one of the most popular Belgian Politician?

Yes, Sfia Bouarfa is one of the most popular Belgian politicians. Bouarfa, a senator for Belgium, is well-known and well-liked for her commitment to public service and her support of a range of social and economic problems. Bouarfa’s popularity and influence are further enhanced by her position as one of the wealthiest politicians in Morocco, which extends beyond her political career. Bouarfa is well known for her financial success as well as her political accomplishments; reliable publications, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, estimate her net worth to be between $3 and $5 million (2.8 and 4.6 million Euros).

Many of her supporters view her as a strong leader who brings about positive change in Belgian politics because she combines financial savvy and political skills. Her dedication increases Bouarfa’s popularity in tackling issues like social justice, environmental sustainability, and wealth inequality, which resonates with a wide range of Belgian voters.

What is the Official Title of Sfia Bouarfa?

The official title of Sfia Bouarfa is Senator. Bouarfa was a senator from May 16, 2001, to June 2009; throughout that time, she made a substantial impact on the legislative process and represented the interests of her constituency nationally. She actively participated in developing and promoting laws intended to solve Belgium’s social, economic, and environmental problems. Bouarfa’s thoughtful considerations and actions to advance justice, equity, and sustainability demonstrated her commitment to public service. She put the common good ahead of partisan considerations in her persistent efforts as a senator to heal divisions and promote cooperation among political groups. Bouarfa was well-liked by Belgians and respected by colleagues of all political stripes for her ethics and leadership. Her unwavering dedication to serving the people and furthering the country’s welfare via morally sound and capable leadership has defined her career as a senator. 

The past titles of Sfia Bouarfa are listed below.

  • Municipal Councilor (Schaerbeek) (1994-2012): Contributed to Schaerbeek’s local governance and decision-making processes.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Intercommunale Bruxelloise de Distribution D’eau (IBDE) (1995-2001): Played a role in water distribution management in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Cooperative “Foyer Schaerbeekois” (1995-2001): Focused on housing issues within the Schaerbeek community.
  • Member of Parliament, Brussels-Capital Region (1995-2014): Advocated for policies and initiatives benefiting the region’s residents.
  • Member of Parliament, French Community (1995-2009): Held leadership roles, including vice-president of the PS group and secretary of the Parliament.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Intercommunale Bruxelloise D’sanitation (IbrA) (2001-2006): Contributed to regional infrastructure and development.
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Association of the City and municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region (2001-2006): Worked on various municipal and regional issues.

What are the Important News about Sfia Bouarfa?

The important news about Sfia Bouarfa is listed below.

  • “Socialist Senator Sfia Bouarfa Questioned by Brussels PS Federation Over Criticism of Party Values” is the news about Sfia Bouarfa’s interrogation by the rapporteurs of the Brussels PS Federation’s oversight committee on November 8, 2006, in Brussels, Belgium. The public remarks made by Bouarfa, in which she condemned the Schaerbeek PS list for not adhering to historic PS ideals among certain persons, served as the impetus for the inquiry. Two weeks were given to the rapporteurs to respond to Bouarfa’s remarks, which take the form of a letter or possibly a sanction.
  • “Belgian MP’s Hijab Sparks Controversy: Concerns Raised Over Future Challenges for Hijab-Wearing Candidates” is the news about SFIA Bouarfa, a Belgian Socialist Party MP, who expressed concerns on July 21, 2009, in Brussels, Belgium, about the future challenges faced by female candidates wearing hijab seeking parliamentary positions. Bouarfa’s remarks were spurred by Mahinur Ozdemir’s election as Belgium’s first legislator to wear a hijab, which provoked outrage due to Belgian legislation forbidding MPs from wearing headscarves in parliament. Bouarfa voiced concerns about possible obstacles for candidates wearing headscarves, while Ozdemir stressed the significance of concentrating on issues like housing and unemployment.
  • “PS Politician Sfia Bouarfa Criticizes Ethnic Vote Pursuit and Political Nomadism in Brussels Municipality” is the news about Sfia Bouarfa, a PS politician of Maghrebian origin, who spoke out against the practice of parties hunting for the ethnic vote in Schaarbeek, a municipality in Brussels, on October 6, 2012. Bouarfa drew attention to the growing practice of choosing candidates more based on their religion or skin tone than their qualifications or dedication to the party platform. She denounced political nomadism, which allows politicians to easily transfer parties. Bouarfa declined to participate in the municipal elections, citing her inability to speak for her core principles, which include respect for women, gender equality, and socialism, in the current political environment.
  • “Socialist MP Sfia Bouarfa Leaves PS to Join PTB-Go” is the news about Socialist MP Sfia Bouarfa’s departure from the PS to join the PTB-Go amidst dissent over the European austerity treaty ratification in December 2013 was reported on February 3, 2014, in Brussels, Belgium. Bouarfa, who respects the PS but disagrees with its stance on immigration, unemployment, democracy, and austerity, made clear on December 20 that she was the only one against the TSCG, the European austerity pact, being ratified. She disclosed that she was kicked out of the Socialist group in the Brussels Parliament due to her decision, which was discussed for months publicly and privately within her party. PTB-Go spokesperson Raoul Hedebouw applauded her action, seeing it as a component of a growing alternative to the PS’s left.
  • “Former PS Member Sfia Bouarfa Challenges Seating Next to Vlaams Belang in Brussels Parliament” is the news about Sfia Bouarfa, an independent deputy who used to be a member of the Socialist Party (PS). She complained about where she sat in the Brussels Parliament on February 28, 2014. Bouarfa protested that she must be seated on the left side of the hemicycle by parliamentary tradition and that her political views were still left-leaning when she was positioned next to members of the far-right party Vlaams Belang. She sent a formal letter requesting a modification, criticising Françoise Dupuis, the socialist president of the Brussels Parliament, for unilaterally choosing the seating arrangement without consulting the expanded bureau. The legislative service of the Brussels Parliament, however, denied Bouarfa’s accusations, arguing that the expanded bureau made the decision. 

What are the Political Ideas of Sfia Bouarfa?

The political ideas of Sfia Bouarfa, as demonstrated by her deeds and words, reveal a dedication to socialist ideals and a firm position against restrictive laws and austerity measures that she believes are harmful to democratic ideals and social welfare. Bouarfa’s opposition to the European Fiscal Compact in 2014 is more evidence of her conviction that strict fiscal rules are anti-democratic and anti-social, with unfavourable outcomes that include greater unemployment, inequality, and austerity throughout Europe. The stance is consistent with the classic socialist principles of prioritising social justice and fair resource allocation.

Bouarfa used to be a member of the Socialist Party (PS) and later switched to the far-left Parti du Travail de Belgique (PTB-Go). Her political views are based on left-wing ideas, focusing on protecting workers’ rights, creating social safety nets, and using progressive taxation to even out income differences. Her disapproval of austerity measures and her affinity with the far-left party’s attitude on topics like immigration, unemployment, and democracy led her to decide to quit the PS and join the PTB-Go in 2014.

Bouarfa has expressed apprehensions about possible impediments to the campaign of hijab-wearing female candidates for parliamentary seats, thereby drawing attention to issues of gender equality and religious liberty. Her comments about the uproar surrounding Mahinur Ozdemir’s election as the first legislator from Belgium to wear a headscarf highlight her dedication to upholding the rights of underrepresented groups and opposing discriminatory actions in the political arena.

What is the Net Worth of Sfia Bouarfa?

The net worth of Sfia Bouarfa is estimated to be between $3 million and $5 million (2.8 and 4.6 million Euros), according to various sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider. Sfia Bouarfa is undoubtedly one of Belgium’s wealthiest politicians, but her financial situation must be viewed in the context of her professional background and personal belongings. Bouarfa is rich compared to many other politicians.